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Do you dream of your parents after they’re gone?


I couldn’t find a good photo of my parents right now, but I found this photo of their headstone in Grass Valley, California

My father died just a little over nine years ago. My mother died five months later.

I was thinking about them last night, and I realized that I hardly ever dream about them. When I have, most often they have made cameo appearances. They were just part of the scene, not really involved.

The only exception is that I have had several nightmares about my father dying. It’s always a heart attack. He had heart problems in his later years and two bypass surgeries. In my dream, I am with him, frightened. Actually, I think it is the same dream over and over. I think in the dream he dies, but then comes back to life later. Then he dies again. It’s a horrible dream.

After my parents died, I had hoped they would return to me in my dreams. I expected it. Maybe talk to me — say things that helped me better understand them, or me. I guess that was asking a lot. I am surprised and saddened that nothing like that has never happened. Why don’t I have more dreams about two people who were so important to my life?  

If one or both your parents are gone, do you dream about them? Are they good dreams? Bad? Do they talk to you? I just wonder what you think. — Chuck


Chuck Woodbury
Chuck Woodbury
I'm the founder and publisher of I've been a writer and publisher for most of my adult life, and spent a total of at least a half-dozen years of that time traveling the USA and Canada in a motorhome.



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Darrell Knowles (@guest_4880)
6 years ago

My mom died in 1984 and we were very close. I had many dreams about her for a few years after that, but now cannot remember the last time it happened..
My dad died in 1959 and I had never had a dream about him until 1 1/2 years ago when I dreamt of him sitting next to me on a bench, but he didn’t say anything to me.
I’ve since dreamt of him two more times and the second time he spoke briefly to me and I remember telling him that I was so happy to hear him speak and remember what his voice sounded like. I’m really not sure of why it took 56 years for me to have a dream about him, but I now think it might have something to do with me getting older, and hoping to see him and mom again soon.

Randi Goodnight (@guest_4879)
6 years ago

My father died at 79 following many years of poor health. Just prior to his death, he told me he was terrified of dying. I tried to reassure him with a few personal revelations about spirituality and life after death but he wasn’t at all open to the suggestion. A few months after his death, he did come to visit and told me not to worry about him anymore because he was doing fine!

Lorin (@guest_4867)
6 years ago

My Mom in Law passed away in Nov. My Father in law passed 5 years ago. I’ve dreamed more about him since she died. Both had serious lung disease and died struggling for air and in agony. When I dream of them, which has been often recently, they are always healthy amd the people that they were before lung disease trapped them. So I don’t know why I’m dreaming of them but I am so thankful, they are the family I fell for.

Jerry Merrifield (@guest_4866)
6 years ago

I have dreamt about family and friends that have passed on and awoke scratching my head trying to analyze each dream. Later I can’t remember the details of the dream, this leads me to believe dreams are a way of cleansing the mind. Dreams are a great way to resolve things you just can’t seem to answer I recently had an issue with my garage door opener and got up one morning with the answer. After my mother passed I dreamt about her each night until I knew exactly what I would say when I eulogized her, I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t dream.

jan (@guest_4855)
6 years ago

both of my parents died in 2008 just six months apart. they were born in the same year and died in the same year. i dream about them often. I have special items that they owned which i keep in a small chest that i like to look at and touch every once in a while.

Tony Hall (@guest_4851)
6 years ago

My Mom passed in 1996 and my Dad in 2000. I actually dream about them quite often and I’m a firm believer in an afterlife. My Dad has told me to look out for things in my dreams that have happened. I’ve told many people about this and for the most part folks just look at me like I’m a nut

Beverley (@guest_4823)
6 years ago

My mother died in 1989 and father died in 1980. I think about them in some way almost every day. I do have dreams at times, no long conversations, and I relate them to something I did recently. From what I have heard from others a lot of others do too. Nothing to be scared of or embarrassed about. Here’s to your pleasant dreams.

Teri in Arizona (@guest_4806)
6 years ago

Seems that every dream I do have, it involves my parents. My dad passed away 5.5 years ago, my mom 3.5 years ago. I took care of both of them all my life but especially the last few years at their ends. I miss them terribly. They truly were, even for all our arguments and ups and downs, my everything. I may be 51 years old but gosh I miss them. We used to travel all the time with my dad’s Airstream back and forth from MIchigan to Florida and all over Michigan. Even though I have 7 siblings, I was always the one with them. I now live in a motorhome in the middle of nowhere with my husband and two dogs. I know dad is with me every day wondering WHEN because WHERE didn’t matter. Mom is here too wondering when we’re going to stop. They both are in a place of honor on a shelf that looks out the front window. I know they are happy because we are ‘on the road’.

Lew Larson (@guest_4797)
6 years ago

I used to have long conversations in my dreams with my marine corps flight instructor who was killed in Vietnam, Brook Shadburn. We were in the same squadron, VMO-2.

Calvin Rittenhouse (@guest_4789)
6 years ago

My parents have both passed on, Dad in 1981 and Mom in 2006. As far as I remember, I’ve never seen either of them in a dream. Dad showed up in a guided meditation once, and that event helped my spiritual growth quite a bit. Other than that, my oldest brother, who passed about a month ago, sent a dog that I knew was his to me in a dream a few weeks later. (It was one of those times I was between asleep and awake.) A few times, I have been aware of one person or another’s presence but without a sensory experience.

Carolyn (@guest_4786)
6 years ago

My mother died of cancer when I was 13. She was home with us to care for her, (thank goodness) the last 3 1/2 months of her life. I wasn’t told she was dying until 2 weeks before. What a heart breaking experience at that age. She went into a coma early one morning and died maybe an hour later. The next morning I woke up early, to the sound of someone breathing. My sister and I shared a bed at the time and I looked to see if it was her, it was not. The sound was coming from next to her side of the bed. When I woke up my sister to hear the sound, it had stopped. I hadn’t been dreaming, I was awake when I heard the sound. I was sure at the time, and I still am, it was my mother’s spirit leaving and going to wherever spirits go. She was trying to give me comfort, knowing I would have the most difficulty dealing with her death, my 2 sisters were a few years older than I was.

When I shared that story one time with co-workers, one of my co-workers said he had a very similar experience after his mother died. Maybe more people out there can say the same.

Mitzi Agnew Giles (@guest_4772)
6 years ago

After 24 years as a Hospice nurse I and almost all my coworkers are convinced that there is *something else* after death. My father came back to check on us 3 years after his death and I was quite sure it was him because my grandson had a slightly different name. My father had always wanted a namesake and I woke up knowing he was very pleased with his great grandson even if we had gotten the name wrong. I took in 2 cats for a hospice patient who had no one to care for them and I received a visitation from her 3 weeks after her death and she was so irate about certain things it actually scared me. And some of our cats have returned to us after their deaths, and one of my patients was visited by her dog a week before she died- that her family had never told her had died six months prior. My “almost daughter”- the best friend of your child that you wind up partially raising because they spend so much time at your pace- woke to her mother’s specialty perfume two years after her death, a week after I had helped “almost daughter” celebrate her graduation from nursing school. The main thread between my and my friends experiences is it usually happens between sleeping and waking- when you are sort of a n man’s land- and it can involve any sense, hearing, touching, smell-mine just come into mind like a knowledge. The other thing is they occur to need- either on the part of the departed, or an your part- a very, very, great need. So maybe, you didn’t NEED your parents badly enough (semi suicidal in some instances I’ve heard of) or your parents didn’t have that great need to contact you. As I said, my father contacted me, he was a real control freak, and as I said he always wanted a namesake. The cat’s’ owner was another control freak who had to let me know she disapproved of some of my caregiving of “her” cats- she couldn’t accept that she had to move on and leave me to care for them.
I hope that my experiences have been of some help to you. Maybe the fact there’s been no real obvious contact means that everybody is doing quite well on the plane of existence they are currently on??

Vic Mazzaro (@guest_4771)
6 years ago

Never think about them anymore for me my mom died Jan 1952 and my dad died but I never saw him the last 25 years of his life before he died in 2006

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