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When we saw the bathroom in our 36ft Crusader fifth wheel it was a done deal! Big and comfy, no need to wander over to the campground facilities. We always stay with full hookups and so no problem with keeping the holding tanks clean. Of course, we aren’t camping, we’re sightseeing in our condo and loving every minute of it. But on those rare occasions when we just pull it over for the night we can still take a shower and use our own bathroom. Life is good.


Retired from Naval Air [30 years] and was in many friendly countries and thought I saw the worst of the worst however, American campgrounds have no excuse and mostly have failed terribly..The unsanitary showers & toilets are part of their fee and by not attaining decent clean facilities is dishonest in their representation of their facility and it seems the rates are increasing endlessly thus we don’t feel comfortable using the dirty, smelly bacteria ridden areas..Very sad that the guilty campgrounds don’t feel guilty..I would rather pass up a shower than to expose oneself to an unknown disease..


One look at many RV park shower stalls will determine if you use it or not…some look like South of the Border water troughs for wild donkeys…others are cleaned daily.At any rate prudence rules and shower shoes are a must…along with Lysol. Same with their toilets.


We only use the coach shower and toilet facilities. Didn’t buy it to not use it. We know who has sat on our toilet and who has what in our shower.


if the shower house is a good one i will use it and the wife also but have used the camper shower many times also.


I shower in camper all the time and hubby always uses the campground shower.


Forgot my shower shoes once when tent camping in Green river Wyoming campground. That was 25 years ago, I have carried, treated and battled that foot fungus ever since. Now that we have the 5er, I will use a clean camp shower but never without Mr rafting shoes which I use for shower shoes. I don’t need a new case and no one else needs the Green river plague.

Al & Sharon

Always use our shower & toilet even if we don’t have sewer connections.


My wife and I like to shower together, which we cannot do in our RV shower, too small for two adults. So she sneaks into the men’s shower and we shower together. In all the years we have never had any men complain that have caught us in there together.


Do you have any pictures

RV Staff

Do we need to put a rating on our website, Larry? 😯 Maybe RV-13? 😀 —Diane at


We use our own shower and would never consider using the CG restroom facilities. I generally wonder if the RV shower is too small for those people that I see going to the showers.

Jay French

We generally use our own facilities unless camping at a motorcycle rally in the camping section where part of the fun is co-ed group late night & morning showers. I always carry a 32 gallon Tote-N-Stor wheeled portable waste tank. The problem with these $175 portable containers is cheap axles & plastic wheels which I solved by purchasing a wider axle rod & far superior wheels which makes visits to a dumping station a breeze. Reason for this is it becomes heavy to pick up a storage tank containing 25 gallons or more of water to place on the back… Read more »


Use motorhome only. As we tell everyone who can’t understand why we travel this way….we have our own bed, kitchen and most important, bathroom! We have 100 gallons of water and have dry camped for 10 days at Daytona with one pump out. So, unless there was a major issue, no plans using public services.


We bought our RV because we like to travel and not stay in hotels. Hotels are nasty. Have you ever looked at your feet when you’ve walked across the floor a few times. I know my shower is clean. I’m safe and don’t have to worry about anyone coming in or bothering my things.

Chuck B.

We always use our Motorhome facilities with hookups or dry camping


I hate public restrooms, period!


Yes showers. Toilet off limits. No one uses the toilet. Period. You use the comfort station. Unless extreme emergency. We do use full hook ups for shower and washing dishes. Thats it.


We prefer our coach facilities. No worries about whose been in the bed and whose been on the loo seat! It helps that we have 1.5 baths in our rig. The only time we used shower houses was during winter camping when our lines were filled with antifreeze!


I’ll echo others: I bought and towed a toilet and shower to use them!

I think most folks who dont use onboard equipment are afraid of the dreaded dump station. I dump easily and 100% odorlessly at home 90% of the time, making the prospect of fungal public showers and peed-on public pots 0% appealing. That’s when boondocking and (usually) having to move to dump tanks – with site hookups, public waterworks are even LESS appealing YET.

Diane M

Our RV shower is tiny and we only have a 30-gallon tank. Plus, I like long, leisurely showers. So we have never used the RV shower – always the campground shower.

John Koenig

I started RVing in 2010. I bought an RV so I’d have my own bed, bathroom, and kitchen. To date, I’ve only used a campground shower ONCE and, that was when I had NO hookups and my gray tank was full.

Randy leBlanc

If we are parked close and the restroom is clean then yes,can take a longer shower as well, I prefer to shave while showering That being said, definitely use ours if the weather is nasty or have to walk pretty far to camp showers.


We owned a Roadtrek class B Sprinter van with a tiny and wet bathroom and when we had that, we usually used the campground shower. The problem with our rig’s shower was that there was no space. The shower curtain essentially wrapped around you, but so close it would touch. And the shower head was so low it would blast water into your ear if you weren’t careful. That small bathroom was one of the reasons we upgraded to a Lazy Daze class C and in it, the shower is huge by comparison and way better than a public campground… Read more »


We paid the big bucks so that we would have our own bed, kitchen, and bathroom with us no matter where we go and wouldn’t even consider traveling any other way. If we can’t get there via motorhome we just don’t go. Besides, we have bidet toilets in our home and our coach and I don’t believe that’s a luxury that you would ever find in any RV park restroom outside of Japan. As a matter of fact I have never sat on a public toilet or used a public shower since I got out of the Navy in 1966… Read more »


It depends on the facilities and if they are well maintained.


If we are at the beach, we prefer to rinse off at the campground showers just to get the sand off, I don’t want all that coming into the RV

Fran C.

Definitely prefer to use my own facilities. I know how clean it is, plus convenient and private. My husband has occasionally used camp facilities if they are in nice shape.

Karen Steingarten

If I wanted to use showers (or toilets for that matter) I’d be staying in motels.


Correct! If we must stay in a hotel (which is very rare these days!), I bring our own sheets and that can of Lysol!

Tom G

Ther’s no way of knowing if the previous user has a foot fungus of some type. Why take the risk?

Michael McCracken

So true, but you might carry a small can of Lysol spray. Also good idea to wear water shoes or flip flops.

Jean C

Even if we are boondocking we use our shower. We have a “blue boy” (which is actually gray) tote and a 62 gallon water bladder.


We prefer the camp showers if they are clean. There is more room, and we don’t have to take a navy shower.


I agree with most, I bought a self contained for that reason.
I refuse to use the campground potty or shower when I have my own.

Stacey E Dukes

IF the camp shower is nice, clean, not scary I will use it. Otherwise my trailer shower!


Thank you. That is a common “discussion” at our campfire. I didn’t pay all that money not to use the bathroom. I know people who won’t even use the toilet in their RV.

Eric Devolin

For the life of me I can’t figure out why people spend the money they do on RV’s and do not use the equipment that is in our own units. We have had a recreational unit since the early 70’s and time and again have been left baffled as people will not use their onboard systems. preferring to walk to a bathroom or shower house even though they have full hook ups that they are attached to.


I always prefer to drop a bomb directly into the campground sewer system rather than in my black tank. Shower is different story