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Jane Cripps
3 years ago

Chuck, I’m looking for a good hitch mount 2 bicycle platform bicycle rack for a 24′ C class Motorhome. Too much conflicting info on the web. Can it be done for under/near $200. Do your readers have any suggestions?

John Hiler
3 years ago

The current thrust to take away all funding from any public service will of course make America Great — Again…
Possibly a donation bottle at the entrances to Yellowstone will do the trick. Or maybe we let corporations sponsor our National Parks.
Tax money cannot be wasted on ordinary folks. It’s only for the specials…

Bob Robinson
3 years ago

Please keep up the great work on exposing the faulty quality RV industry especially and including Travel Trailers as we will not get bitten again by junk that looks good and a warranty that ts useless to recover . Last purchase was a Travel Lite Truck Camper and we even toured the factory but what most buyers including us is that you never know what they will do during manufacturing ..ours had a 18″ overhang past the rear of the truck and they installed the wrong materials that didn’t fit our model under the rear overhang. The hole cutouts for the pipes and protection weren’t even close thus in less than 3 years the water rotted out the wood and our steel step bumper fell off the rear of our camper and of course the 12 month warranty had expired and no assistance from Travel Lite of Paris,IN. I should have sued them because the repairs were over $1,000 due to negligence and our local District Court would have surely ruled in favor of us because we took photos and then they would had to pay or I would have put a lien on the buildings and reversed the irritation..Lousy company quality control is a major factor..Likely will go with “Livin-Lite/Camp Lite for a New TT due to “All aluminum construction” an I mean the whole TT.. No more water damage again ..this was the second time we had spent in excess of $1,000 so never again for us.. Beware of quality where most of us never look ..Keep pounding them ‘Chuck” are our warrior..

Jerry X Shea
3 years ago

RE: Senior Park Pass. Got mine in 2008. I asked the park ranger “When does it expire?” She looked at me, smiled and said “When you do.”

Mary Ihla
3 years ago

I was fortunate enough to use a pre-release copy of Photoshop 1.0 on a Mac II back in 1989 when I was working in the creative department of a large printing company. I remember being blown away by being able to select and move a street light in a photo, then use the cloning tool to mend the background. We didn’t get much chance to do all that image manipulation stuff because most of the time we were using Photoshop to create color separations. I ended up starting my own creative services company in 1991 and used Photoshop extensively until Adobe went to the subscription cloud version. Then I started using various image editing programs, including Pixelmator, Affinity Photo, and Sketch, plus some specialty programs such as Snapheal, Image Smith, and iSplash. Now that I’m retired, I still use them to adjust personal photos, create images for social media, and for websites I create.

Ron Bunge
3 years ago

You keep talking about how scarce camping spaces are these days. We are camp hosts at Blackfoot Reservoir in Idaho. We found this gig from a posting on and it is a great BLM campground with electric/water, 16 huge open sites, and dump station. 16 We are amazed that it is so little used even on weekends. This weekend two campers. It is on HW30 near Hot Lava Spring on the way to Jackson Hole. This is one of only a few BLM campgrounds that have power and on a reservoir. Link to pictures

Fred Gordon
3 years ago

One of the best things I bought because of your e-mail is the “Next Exit”. I don’t understand why it’s not highly publicized, not only for campers but anyone who travels. Thanks for keeping up with items that make our travels a lot easier


Bill Semion
3 years ago

HI, I THINK needs to investigate the rise of biodiesel and how it effects owners of diesel-powered RVs of all types. Apparently in several states, the agri-lobby has been so strong that all you can find is up-to 20 percent biodiesel, which is generally not a good idea to run through an RV

Robert N. Cordy
3 years ago


Format “Improvements”?
I look forward to your newsletter everyweek and now that I said that, maybe it’s time to make another donation! FYI. On my Mac there is excess white space in the left and right margins and as a result text on the sides of photos gets squeezed to make it almost imposible to decipher. This is a link back to your website but I doubt it will show what I am talking about. If I could figure out how to send you a screen shot, I would.

Safe travels!


Roger Bassett
3 years ago

The photo editing program looks great. Only thing is you forgot to mention it was for MAC users only

3 years ago
Reply to  Roger Bassett

Another program that I use called InPixio Photo Clip 7.0 does the same thing, and does a great job. Check it out here,

3 years ago

Have a safe trip to Pa. Here’s something you may want to look at…..I recently posted a message on a Facebook page about the high price of a campsite in Pa. I’m talking normal campground, not a resort, although the campground might call themselves that. It seems that, by far, Pa campgrounds are the most expensive in the country. They average $60-$65 a night, Holidays being much more. There a a handful cheaper, but few and far between. The response on that FB post really blew me away. I never expected the response I got, and the price difference. Even the responses from neighboring Maryland and Delaware posted much lower prices. It’s getting very expensive to be packed in like sardines. Interested to see if you notice the difference as you head here.

Frank D
3 years ago

As you and Gail head East on I90, go to Manitowoc, WI and catch the SS Badger, a car ferry, Across Lake Michigan and land at Ludington, MI. From there head to Monroe, MI on the shore of Lake Erie, where there is the River Raisin National Battlefield, and the home of Gen. Geo. Custer. ( Sterling State Park would be the place to stay for a day or two on your way to Hersey, PA.

If you want to drive instead of sail, stay on I90 (Ohio Turnpike) and catch I75 North for about 40 miles to Monroe, MI. Taking any of the Great Lake Circle Routes are great.

3 years ago
Reply to  Frank D

I second this plan We took the Badger in the other direction Michigan to Wisconsin thus avoiding the expressway mess around southern Lake Michigan, It was a little pricey but time is money and we saved ourselves a day of horrible driving by taking the Badger short cut. At one time the Badger carried rail cars so your big rig will not be a problem for them

Phyllis Hudson
3 years ago

Two things came to mind while reading this weeks newsletter. On more towel space in the bathroom, I have found hooks with a large suction cup back on them. The hook part actually folds down to make the suction part work. These are handy strong and movable. I simply take the towels down to shower and rehang in the shower when done.

The other is keeping things from moving in the cupboards when on the road. I place my throw pillows in plastic bags to keep them clean and stuff them into the cupboards to keep things from moving. Small throw blankets work well also.