Thursday, July 7, 2022


Do you take naps? I do


I like to take naps. I’ve taken naps for most of my life. But I have noticed lately that I now take them more frequently. I think it’s because I’m getting older. As a rule I do not like getting older. But taking more naps is okay: it’s a good thing related to old age. The other good thing is not being dead yet.


nap530Of all my pleasures in life, taking a nap is among the best. Sometimes my naps last 10 minutes, sometimes an hour. Most of the time I feel no guilt when napping. But sometimes I think, “I really should be working.” I feel guilty for maybe five seconds, then I realize that napping is more important than guilt. I have been self-employed all my life, in part because no employer would permit me to nap whenever I wanted.

My very favorite place to nap is on the couch in my motorhome or on the overhead bunk on a warm summer day. Heat rises, making a nap up there toasty warm. When everything is right — and that means a slight breeze blowing in from the window, the feeling is heavenly. The very best nap is when the temperature is warm enough that I can nap without my shirt, with the breeze flowing over my back like a gentle back scratch. As I have written before, I love my back scratched (not rubbed). So when the breeze does it for me, it’s one of life’s little bonuses.

I MADE SURE when I bought my current motorhome that it had a couch. My last one had only a chair — inadequate for quality napping. With my couch, if I am feeling a little tired while driving, I pull over at a rest area. Within one or two minutes I will be on my couch and ready to nod off. I don’t care about outside noise. If a truck is idling next to me I don’t hear it. I will fall right to sleep no matter what. These naps usually last only 10-20 minutes. That’s all I need. When I awake, I feel refreshed and am ready to drive another 200 miles.

Many people are not nappers, maybe even you. The non-nappers I know tell me they wake up groggy, just the opposite of me. I feel bad for them. They are missing one of life’s joys.

Do you take naps? Answer our poll (and see if other RVers are nappers). And please feel free to leave a comment.



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