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Does your insurance policy offer vacation liability coverage?



By staff

rv-family-outingDoes your RV insurance policy provide vacation liability coverage? Vacation liability coverage, sometimes called “campsite” liability coverage, protects you if someone (other than a family member) is hurt at your campsite, or in your RV, while it’s parked.

If you travel with pets, this coverage can be especially important in case Fido gets out and injures a neighbor, or a visitor trips over a piece of your firewood and breaks an arm. Even if you have done nothing wrong, someone may accuse you of negligence leading to their injury. This can result in costs to defend yourself, and a financial settlement if a jury agrees with your accuser.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not extend coverage and, since most standard car insurance policies do not include this coverage for RVs, contact your agent to see if you are properly covered.

You want to enjoy the RV lifestyle, so don’t let the wrong or inadequate coverage add stress to your life. The time to learn what coverages and options are available is before a claim. For more tips on what to look for in RV Insurance, download Explorer RV’s report, “Ten Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent.”

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