Saturday, September 24, 2022


Don’t settle for the “runt” when buying an RV

In his monologue airing on radio stations across the USA this weekend, host Alan Warren of The RV Show USA tells a story about how getting the pick of the litter instead of the runt is not just important when buying a dog, but also an RV. His tips about how to get the best RV instead of “the runt” are well worth hearing for anyone thinking of buying a recreational vehicle.

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3 years ago

Seriously, comparing the last dog or cat to the last RV. We’ve had several rescue pets and they have all been wonderfully loved by our family. The best thing you can tell people if they’re looking at a new or used RV is to check the date the tires were manufactured. That doesn’t lie. If a deal looks too good to be true, this is one mechanism the dealer cannot hide. Also, I would imagine every dealership will take a part off of a lot unit to get someone in their RV and out the door. Also, there’s a great deal of theft from good citizens coming onto the lot and helping themselves. Having recently retired, I worked my last three years selling RVs, the dealers are not always the bad guy. Can they be better, yes sir, but theft is an issue.

Mary E. James
3 years ago
Reply to  Will

I voted up on this, but the vote counter went down?

Primo Ruy's Roadhouse
3 years ago

Making a comparrison between puppies and RV’s is rediculous. Your agrument about a “runt” Rv may be on point. Dogs, puppies are another story. I am have 10 dogs and they have all been rescued in one way or another. Most had been abandoned by their previous owners and, I am sure, more than one were a “runt.” All have turned out to be good dogs and great pets. They are not working dogs but family members. As a matter of fact I have two legged family members who could have been called “runts” in one way or another and have grown to be good kids (adults, now). Rv’s are not like puppies. I agree when you said, buy used. With puppies and dogs, also, used is good!

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