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Downsizing RV pros and cons. Is it now or never?

By Gail Marsh
I never thought we’d have this conversation. At least not for a few more years. My hubby and I are talking about downsizing our RV. I agree that our needs have changed and our reasons for RVing have shifted. But downsizing? Now? Really? How can you know the right time to downsize?

Here are some of our “positives to downsizing” now:

  • Resale values for used RVs are really high right now. That’s because lots of people have entered the RV lifestyle. This past year’s pandemic proved that it is possible to work from home, attend school virtually, and purchase a “home” that has all the amenities you need at an affordable price. Finding a private buyer for our RV would no doubt be easier than ever. In addition, many RV dealerships are so low on new RV inventory that they are paying top dollar for pre-owned units that are in good condition.
  • Owning a smaller RV would enable us to park and work on it on our own property. No more monthly storage fees! The ease of packing for our next trip would be wonderfully convenient, too.
  • Our kids have grown and gone. Sure, we take the grandkids camping, but only once or twice a year. We no longer require the sleeping space we have in our current rig.
  • Our lifestyle is changing, too. We no longer need the huge storage space in our current RV basement. In the past, hubby stored his construction tools in big boxes under our rig. Because we are easing out of construction-type work camping, we no longer need to haul around all those tools. A smaller unit with less underbelly storage would work just fine.
  • The cost of gasoline keeps going up and up. It takes more fuel to pull a big fifth wheel RV than a smaller one that weighs much less. Maybe we could travel more for less expense if we had a smaller RV.

Some of our “negatives to downsizing” include:

  • RVs are in high demand. That means a new RV may cost more, even if it’s smaller in size.
  • Dealership inventory is down. Would we find a quality-made, smaller RV that we really like? Or would we need to settle for a lesser-quality rig?
  • Would we be satisfied living in a smaller space for extended periods of time? Think smaller shower, smaller bed, less inside storage, smaller fridge, and more.

How about you?

Have you thought about downsizing this year or within the next couple of years? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.



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Micheal Whelan (@guest_216054)
11 months ago

We downsized to a 31 foot motorhome in 2017. We hated to see our Winnebago go but “Winnie” was a 2003 and the market was just right to get top dollar. Our reasons ….. easier to get around, easier to find a camping spot, no longer restricted in many of the state and county parks that we wanted to camp at. Those were all upsides. The down side? Smaller bedroom, a lot smaller bath and less storage. As it turned out we didn’t need all that storage anymore as we retired. The floor plan did have a smaller bed and bath area but the living area and kitchen grew tremendously. Yes diesel went up in price and that hurt a little. The new coach had a few issues that multiple pre purchase inspections missed. We no longer had a solar array that was on our old coach. All in all the jury is still out but we think it was the best choice.
Merry Christmas!

Last edited 11 months ago by Micheal Whelan
BillMFl (@guest_195905)
1 year ago

Wow, just realized how old this thread is! Anybody still out there? 🙂

Carolyn Sharp (@guest_199475)
1 year ago
Reply to  BillMFl


BillMFl (@guest_195890)
1 year ago

Haha, well it’s been a roller coaster ride over many years. When we were young we tent camped. A very small pop up. Then we got a nice big L L Bean wall tent that had a floor and attached screen room. Traveled much of the country with a pickup with a topper and our tent camping gear. Then came a Ford F350 diesel and a 30 ft very basic 5th wheel that visited every state west of the Missisppi and also the NE to Maine and the Canadian Maritimes. Then came a much bigger 5ver with 4 slides, fireplace, king size bed and 3 tvs. Then came a modest Class A that was too limited. Next year we moved up to a 38ft gasser with all the bells and whistles. Full bath and a half bath. Huge kitchen with house sized refrig/freezer. Then after 5 years of big bulky excess we downsized to a hightop extended van that I converted to a camper that could go anywhere including tent sites and remote mountain rustic sites with zero amenities. But now as old age arrived we are back to a loaded 32ft Class A !

Herb & Kathy Baldwin (@guest_128138)
2 years ago

Gail, … first off let me say that I enjoy reading your posts. I admire that you can always seem to come up with pertinent topics and I like that your posts are an easy short read. I’ve found that if a post or article in a newspaper or online is more than a few paragraphs, or a video is more than about 10 minutes, I just move on.

Yes, we are in the very same situation as you. That is to say that we are starting to “think” about downsizing. For the last five years we have been workamping or volunteering in exchange for our site and utilities. The last couple of years, we have actually taken a “vacation” from that and stayed 3-4 months in an Escapees RV park in Arizona. But now we’re starting to look at a “no work” lifestyle and we’re toying with the idea of selling the diesel 36′ Airstream motorhome we have, buying a smaller towable, and the towing it back and forth from summers in Ohio and winter in AZ. Same concerns as you.

Gail (@guest_129884)
2 years ago

Let me know what and how you decide. It’s a challenge knowing what’s best.

Gideon Carl Turner (@guest_128067)
2 years ago

Already sold our 30 foot Class A, much more space than we needed. Could not
fine a replacement that that we liked. So we purchased a high roof extended van and it is currently being converted into a small motor home that fills all of our needs. All for under $100k. We will be hitting the road next month for a needed summer vacation.

ratetaco (@guest_131968)
2 years ago

Are you converting the high top or did you find someone else to do it? And what van did you buy?

rvgrandma (@guest_127990)
2 years ago

I would love to sell/trade my 2000 34ft motorhome for something a little smaller like 28 ft but I can’t afford it. So I will make due with the one I have. I live fulltime in it and now that my husband has passed hope to go back to traveling and possibly workamp.

Ellen (@guest_127962)
2 years ago

We’re in our thirteenth year of full-timing and on our second RV. We ended up parking our 38-foot fifth wheel and purchasing a 30-foot Class C for travel. We spend 8-10 months out of the year in the smaller rig and though it can feel a little tight when we catch several days of rainy, indoor weather, we generally love that we can get it in and out of places pretty easily, fuel up in more gas stations, and still have all the luxuries of home 🙂 I believe it’s all a matter of how you like to travel: do you you mind checking the heights of overpasses? Making sure you can get out of a parking lot? Limiting your choice of overnight campgrounds or RV sites? If so, going big (or keeping the larger RV) is no issue.

Dave (@guest_127959)
2 years ago

We take long, extended trips. A 5th wheel is great now, but in 8 years or so our age will dictate shorter trips and more simple RV lifestyle. Probably look at Class Cs.

Carson Axtell (@guest_127955)
2 years ago

The size of the rig chosen seems to be inversely proportional to the number of years of experience camping in a tent, or camping at all for that matter. Folks who get into RVing with years of camping experience realize that the size and capacity of the vehicle is not really determinative of the quality of the experience, whereas people who approach RVing with less experience seem to think everything including not only a kitchen sink but a bathroom sink are mandatory so they bring their entire house or condo with them…

Glenda Alexander (@guest_127951)
2 years ago

I’ve downsized twice: From a 1600 sq. ft. house to a 31-foot Bounder in 1992 and in 2006 from a 36-foot HitchHiker to a 26-foot Lazy Daze (which I still live in). Downsizing seemed only a little painful at the time but I don’t regret it. Of course, times were a lot different then. I think that making such a change now would be more difficult because of the higher prices and the quality issues.

Gary Gruber (@guest_127950)
2 years ago

We downsized a couple of times, upsized a couple and like Goldilocks, we think we&#8 217;ve got it just right and hit on the ideal size for the two of us and our dog. We had the biggest, with 4 slide-outs, all electric and a 47&#8 242;, yes forty-seven, the two extra feet added on by the original owner when it was built. It was a Newell with a 550 HP diesel. and we towed a truck. We had two other Class A&#8 217;s a Class B, a Class C and a Lance travel trailer. We are now on RV #8 , a 2019 Leisure Travel Van MB24. Downsizing is a good move. Be sure you have or can add whatever you want or need such as solar panels and with a travel trailer, probably a generator. Comfort, convenience, ease of towing, economy, and other variables need to go into the equation. Happy Camping!

Edd (@guest_127941)
2 years ago

Be sure to check all the regulations, deed restrictions, and HOA restrictions before planning on using a lot for an RV. It is getting harder and harder to find property where anything that is classified as mobile or temporary can be lived in for more than a week or two. It is getting more restrictive every year. I’ve never heard of a community changing the regulation to allow RVs in but plenty of counties are starting to restrict them.

Last edited 2 years ago by Edd
Martha Goudey (@guest_127928)
2 years ago

We started out small. Been living in a 17ft casita for 4-1/2 years. I love it…great little trailer with all we need. But I must admit, I’m chafing a bit. I want a more room. And then I ask why. Other than to store more stuff, we love towing it. We get into all the small spaces. Does great in the wind. Lots of light. It’s easy to maintain although we have had some bad luck. Water pump broke first year, then heating element in fridge, then converter. All outside vendors for Casita that should have lasted.
But Ben, being a very handy man, replaced them all. It’s a hard choice going either direction — smaller or bigger.

Vickie McClellan-Benson (@guest_127922)
2 years ago

Already downsized. It’s just me and the dog. I have no need to tow around a monster toy hauler any longer. Nor do I need more clothes than a second hand store. Same goes for shoes. Basic cooking necessities, plus a Wonder Pot since my little camper does not have an oven. Refrigerator? If it isn’t big enough, I have plenty of coolers to supplement that. I’m okay with a small bathroom as I’m small. Shampoo, conditioner, soap, air freshener and toilet paper is all I need there. I spend most of my time outside, so with an awning and a Clam shell for shade, I’m good. I don’t really miss the toy hauler. My little Skyline Boomer M2010 suits me fine and my truck doesn’t mind it either. Less cost for gasoline/diesel (I have one each) plus smaller campsites that I can get into/out of without taking out the trees.

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