Tuesday, September 28, 2021


Alas, another RV burns to a crisp. How to avoid this happening to you

Here’s another example of an RV that has traveled its last mile, at least on its own power. We present this photo (that we spotted on Facebook) for our newbie RVer readers who are not aware that RVs burn about as fast as any product on earth, a perfect fuel.

RV manufacturers and dealers don’t talk about this because it might scare some buyers away.

To help ensure your own RV does not make its final trip atop a tow truck or trailer, remember a few things:

• Keep your RV in top mechanical condition.
• Be sure you have at least a couple of good fire extinguishers.
• Be sure those fire extinguishers work. Have them inspected every few years. Talk to your favorite firefighter for his or her advice.
• Be extra safe with propane. It’s best to turn it off at the source when you are driving or towing the RV.  Many RVers travel with it on, but it’s safer to keep it off.
• And be sure to have an exit plan should your RV catch fire. And that includes practicing a departure out your emergency exit window or door. The first step in this process is to be sure it actually opens, and is not stuck shut.



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Craig T
3 months ago

Maybe keep an element fire stick, elementfire.com, along with a traditional fire extinguisher. Another option is to install a Blazecut fire suppression tube. I have classic Aircooled VWs and have the aforementioned items in them.

Lorraine A Gehring
3 months ago

In our old Itasca class A, once the escape window was opened, it had to be reinstalled by a pro. Don’t tell people to practice opening the window. Not everyone reads their manual.

3 months ago

In conversation with a fellow RVer, she was told by a safety officer to spray yourself with extinguisher foam and head out the door. This has a higher success rate then anything else. It make sense to me especially after seeing some exit windows in new rigs.

3 months ago
Reply to  Cheryl

Must have been April 1st when the ‘safety officer’ said that.

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