Thursday, December 8, 2022


Dump station showers


By Dave Helgeson

My wife and I love boondocking.  We enjoy the solitude, freedom and unobstructed views— and the price is right, too.

However, after days or weeks of no hookups (conserving precious water and holding tank space), we miss being able to take a long, hot shower.

Now, many of you might be put off by this tip, but it’s really quite splendid. When you find a remote dump station that has more than one lane or the odds of someone else arriving is improbable, why not stay “hooked-up” and enjoy a nice, long shower while you’re there (be sure you have a good supply of fresh water onboard as you won’t want to use the non-potable water at the dump station)? It’s like having free hookups! You can use all the water you want, it runs straight into the RV dump, and you leave freshly showered with a full water tank and empty holding tanks, ready to enjoy your next boondocking campsite.

Editor’s note: Just be careful that you are in a remote area where it’s highly unlikely another RVer will pull in line behind you!

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