Monday, December 5, 2022


It costs less on the Internet — but you may pay dearly later


by Steve Savage, Mobility RV Service

I got a call from the owner of an RV whose air conditioner had failed. He was traveling into the area, heading to some drag races, and requested warranty coverage work when he arrived. Houston, here is the problem:

As RV owners have increasingly relied on purchasing components and appliances on the Internet rather than from dealerships and service centers, we sales folk – like so many others – no longer maintain stock like we did in the past. Normally this time of year, we would have a dozen air conditioners in stock. This year we’re not stocking any. That means in order to provide warranty service, we first have to verify a replacement air conditioner is required, then we have to order one from the manufacturer, wait for it to arrive, then remove the old one, install the new one and ship the old one back to the manufacturer.

In a case like the one above, we would not even have an air conditioner to install until after the drag races the RVer came up for were over and the owner was back on the road. We suspect this scenario will be repeated many times across the country. Like everything else, buying at the lowest price on eBay or similar Internet sites not only increases the likelihood warranty service will not be available for the person doing the buying, but also it increases the likelihood warranty service will not be available for others. There just never is a “free lunch,” unfortunately. So, caveat emptor — “Let the buyer beware.”

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