Thursday, December 2, 2021


Email alerts not going to readers with Charter and Cox addresses

Our email alerts with links to our newest newsletters are not always getting to our readers who use and email addresses. Charter and Cox are bouncing a large number of our email alerts. If this happens a couple of times our email company stops sending out emails to affected email addresses.

Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons: full inbox, deleted email address, deletion of account, etc. This is a normal part of life when you’re sending out tens of thousands of emails a day.

We’ve reactivated all of our readers’ Charter and Cox email addresses, and we’re working with Charter, Cox and Active Campaign (our email company) to resolve these issues.

We apologize for the hassle in getting your alerts. As a gentle reminder, our newsletters are posted regularly to our website. You can ALWAYS find all of our latest newsletters and stories right on our home page.

If you want to change the email address your subscription is going to to Gmail or Microsoft, you can do that and more with the links at the bottom of our email alerts. Here’s how:

If you are still are not getting our email alerts, please fill out this form and we’ll make sure we add you to our “needs to be fixed” list.

Thanks, and stay safe out there!

Kim Christiansen IT Wrangler



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1 year ago

I don’t receive an email, but instead I receive every new post in my Feedly feed reader. It is easy to read the posts from there. And, it keeps track of what I have / have not read, and syncs that among devices. I use it for all of the blogs that I read. Oh, and it is free. Maybe Feedly will be a good alternative for those having notification troubles.