Thursday, December 2, 2021


Hilarious Halloween prank is dog-gone scary!

Happy Halloween!

Thanks to one of our readers and friend George Bliss for sending us this video. Our whole staff got a laugh out of it and it’s absolutely perfect to watch on Halloween!

Check out this dog, er… spider, er… tarantula, er… monster, scaring people on the streets! The terrifying prank makes one poor man drop his groceries, and two other girls nearly pass out from fear! We think we might too if we saw this thing (which is actually just a very cute dog) running at us. Wouldn’t you?

Click to watch the video below. We guarantee you’ll laugh… and shudder.


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1 year ago

I went camping once for 2 weeks with 3 women. Wife, mother in law and sister in law. When checking in at several parks I was asked if I needed help and I replied no thanks. This was the only time of the day that I had to myself and knew exactly what I was doing without any advice from my fellow travelers. Lol

Jeff R
1 year ago

The spider video is hysterical. Great job!

1 year ago

Tooooo funny! Shared on Facebook – hope that’s OK with you guys. LOL!!!

Bob P
1 year ago

The “spider” was funny