Saturday, November 27, 2021


Is this fifth wheel towing setup legal? Is it even safe?

When you see this photo you’ll say, no way can this setup work safely, much less can it be legal! That’s what we think anyway.

But the fact is, IT IS real and it was photographed at an Alberta gas station. If you own a fifth wheel, please leave a comment with your thoughts. Is the driver cruisin’ for a bruisin’? Hey, no disrespect to our Canadian readers, but is this some sort of secret towing trick you have up there?

Thanks to reader Wayne Ratzlaff for sending this.


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Bill Braniff
4 days ago

Cnadian Ingenuity. Really. Obviously it is working , but for how far it would work is anyones guess.

10 days ago

July 2020.

Bob M
10 days ago

My opinion a disaster waiting to happend. Another Red Neck idea.

Dangerous dave
10 days ago

It’s perfectly safe. Think about car Dollie’s. Same mechanical advantages

Bill Fisher
11 days ago

I would like to see this person try to back that rig into a campsite. LOL

Dr. Michael
11 days ago

Good morning all

I have only had my class A and have never driven a fifth-wheel, but I do have a question.

Using the current set-up as a guide, could a fifth-wheel tow dolly be created and used with vehicles (like the one in the photo) that do not have a fifth-wheel hitch?

11 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Michael

These tow dolly’s have been in use for years. They also have two brakes minus the pickup box you see here. They advertised the heavily about eight to ten years ago. I have never seen one in use.

11 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Michael

Yes, and the ones I know of are called The RV safety hitch. It’s classified as a drop hitch trailer and comes with many features. The hitch makes it possible to tow a 5th wheel trailer with a heavy SUV. They sell for between 20 and thirty thousand depending on how it’s ordered.

11 days ago

I’d say it’s a disaster waiting to happen. The home made dolly appears to be severely out of balance and poised to lift off the ball hitch at the next good bump. I’d say he’ll get some good use out of those trailer chains sooner than he expects.

Thomas D
11 days ago

Bill Enval said heres your sigh.
Is that any different than a semi truck pulling a double or triple. Those dollies are used all the time. He hasn’t a dolly but same difference. Brakes? Another story!

11 days ago

All I see is a disaster. Wait for the trailer to fish tail followed by the 5er. Think of a blow out in either 3 and wait for the ride. Definately not the faint of heart. As Jeff Foxworthy would say, Here’s you Sign”

11 days ago

Not an Alberta plate, not even a Canadian one. Doesn’t matter though, not safe at all.

11 days ago

This setup is nothing more than an homemade Hitch Buddy Tow Dolly for fifth-wheels providing that it was installed correctly with the weight over the axle.

Bob p
11 days ago

Just goes to prove rednecks are everywhere not just in the south.

Wayne C
9 months ago

I suspect we can agree the optics are bad.

1 year ago

I see a lot of half ton towing fifth wheels that are over their GVW. I don’t think most people even know they are illegal. Because somebody at a dealership says it’s half ton towable. The pin weight on most fifth wheels would be greater than most half tons total allowable payload.

Paul Funston
1 year ago

How many of these Alberta towing regulations does this rig brake?

Lead trailer must be 5th wheel (AB specifies “pin & plate 5th wheel coupling mounted over the rear axle”); must have two or more tandem axles; and must be longer than following unit

AB: A 5th wheel does not require a secondary means of attachment. Other trailers: AB: 2 separate means of attachment required, SAE recommends chains crossing under the hitch and able to keep the unit substantially following the towing vehicle. Each chain must be able to tow the unit if the other fails and keep hitch off the road.

belmon lanning
1 year ago

yea same me too i do it sometime  up to right way to hook up hitch two way

Jim Prideaux
1 year ago

Hope he has a pull through site, would hate to back that rig in.

Robert L Castonguay
1 year ago

That is not legal In the state

1 year ago

[Ford trailer back assist has left the chat.]

1 year ago

This set up may be a jury-rig version, but keep in mind there is a commercially available version of this where the “dolly” carries the weight of the 5th wheel pin and the tow vehicle pulls. The dolly also has brakes. However as Louie noted, you need to be within your TV weight ratings for towing.