Sunday, October 2, 2022


Finding space for the traveling cat litter box

By Sandy Burns

Much has been written on the topic of traveling with dogs, but what about our feline friends? Most importantly, where do you find the space in your RV to store the litter box?

RVs aren’t known for having unused space, particularly nooks and crannies sized just right for a cat box. Many cat owners I know simply store it under the dining room table. But an ill-timed use of the box by your furry friend could quickly rob you of your appetite.

My parents found a creative solution to this problem. They removed the door from an unused closet and put the box on the floor inside. In their previous RV, they took off the door from under the bathroom vanity and placed the box there, but this only works if there is no plumbing in the way. Removing the door from a low cupboard and putting the box inside is another solution. It keeps the box and its mess out of the way and the odors at bay.

Another relative, who owns a fifth wheel bunkhouse with outside storage access at the bottom bunk, found another solution. He cut a cat-sized, square hole in the panel under the bottom bunk, sectioned the storage area off with a piece of wood to secure the box in place, and stores the litter box under the bunk. The best part of this solution is that he is able to scoop the litter from outside the trailer.

Another solution would be to use the storage areas under the bench seating at the dinette table. Take out the drawer, or take off the door, or cut a hole in the panel, depending on the style of bench storage your RV has, and place the box inside.

Just a note though: If you plan to cut any holes in the panels of your storage areas, it might be best to remove the panel that came with the RV, have a new one made to size, and cut that. This way, should you decide to sell your RV, you can replace the cut panel with the original.

Traveling with your cat can be a lot of fun, but finding a way to store the litter box where you’re not tripping over it, or smelling it at dinner time, will make your travel experiences that much better.



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