Thursday, November 30, 2023


Four tips for conserving phone battery when you’re off-grid

When you travel in remote areas, you likely will not have cell service, and you may not have electricity. If using your devices and connecting to Internet is important to you, we have some tips about how you can prepare before you go, and some tips about what to do and not do when you’re there.

  • Use Airplane mode to conserve battery: Your phone uses a lot of battery as it searches for cell signal. When you know that it’s not going to find any, you can tell it to stop searching by turning off all communications – that’s Airplane mode.
  • Use downloaded maps
    – A free app that stores all map data on your device, no need for a connection.
    Google Maps – When you have connectivity, open your Google Maps app, tap the 3-line menu and choose Offline Maps. You can “select your own map” to define your area, then download.
  • Take photos but don’t look – If you use your phone to take pictures, conserve battery by resisting the temptation to look at the photos you’ve taken.
  • Carry a battery pack – You really don’t want your phone to die. You need it to stay safe when you’re in the boonies! We recommend Anker brand battery pack, which is available on

Geeks on Tour produce a regular show on YouTube. We will be live this Sunday, 9/29/19, at 2 p.m. Eastern with Episode 176: How to make your own map with Google My Maps



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