Sunday, October 2, 2022


How many of your groceries do you buy at Walmart?

As of January 31, 2022, there were 4,742 Walmart stores across the United States. That makes it pretty easy to find one near you, which means it’s an easy place to buy your groceries from. And if you’re staying overnight in their parking lot, as many RVers do, it’s even easier.

When you’re out on the road in your RV, how often do you buy your groceries at Walmart? All the time? Sometimes? Never?

Please answer in the poll below. We’re curious to see how the majority of you answer. Thanks for voting!


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Micheal Whelan
5 months ago

Most give us free overnight parking, we return the favor and purchase supplies and sometimes fuel when we can fit in the Murphy station lot.

5 months ago

On the road we shop at Walmart because they are everywhere, they usually have sufficient parking for an RV, their Murphy’s gas stations generally have the cheapest fuel in town, and all have an RV section with RV toilet paper, black tank chemicals, in-line water filters, potable water hoses and sewer hoses, DEF, etc. When at home, it’s more like 75% Kroger’s, 15% Walmart, and 10% Costco.

Rod B
5 months ago

We try to carry enough groceries with to reach our destination then shop at locally owned grocery stores if possible. Sometimes we can’t find a locally owned store then we go to one of the other chain grocery stores but very seldom to walmart.

Sharon N
5 months ago

When I’m home I rarely shop for groceries at Walmart… I like the prices, selection and quality of the (Safeway and Bashas in NE Arizona) grocery stores better. However if we’re RVing, we do a lot of shopping there just because of the size and ease of their parking lot when pulling a trailer.

Rosalie Magistro
5 months ago

I go out of my way to do my shopping any where else but Walmart. My local Walmart only has self checkouts, they keep on raising prices and expect me to do my own check out !
Frys is my favorite. Super meats and fantastic sale prices on their meats.

Seann Fox
5 months ago

I gave up shopping at Walmart in 2019. I also have never used “camp Walmart” even though I boondock 100% of the time

Leonard Rempel
5 months ago

Not my first choice when I am on the road, but will go there if no other option. We prefer to explore local grocery stores that we don’t have back home. Sounds boring I know, but Walmart is a small business killer in many communities. We like local, and will pay a little more.

5 months ago

When I’m out camping, I will use Walmart frequently. When at home, not so much because of location. When I read comments like Walmart ‘never’ has good produce or meats I just laugh.

Bob Harker
5 months ago

Walmart supports RV’ers. Rv’ers should support Walmart. What has Amazon done for you lately? Do you spend a free night in their parking lots? Will they transfer your prescriptions around the country? Most importantly, when was the last time Walmart tried to tell you how to vote? NEVER buy from Amazon!

L Beal
5 months ago

These polls seldom show up for me, doesn’t matter which browser I use. Anyway, as a full time rv’er I end up shopping Walmart about 75% of the time. I am not a Walmart fan but no matter where we go there is always a Walmart within 30 min of our rv park. Nicer stores like Whole foods for example, are always located within big cities, as we avoid big cities. There are also very few Costcos compared to Sam’s clubs, so another plus for Walmart. We can travel for months without seeing a Kroger, or Kroger affiliated store. Most small towns have itty-bitty markets, pretty expensive and with less than fresh produce, so the 30 min travel to Walmart is worth it.

John Olson
5 months ago

If you are full-time, part time or a weekend Rv’er it will make a big difference in your response to this question. Obviously if you live 35 miles from the nearest Walmart you probably dont buy groceries there. As Full-timers we shop at Walmart almost exclusively for 2 reasons… Easy to Find… and the products we are used to buying can be found at almost all Walmart’s. And… prices… We did our comparison pricing on 20 of our most staple items this winter and nobody was close in low prices.

Sharon B
5 months ago

I don’t find Walmart to be a bad place to shop, but I prefer Whole Foods. Big difference in price but when traveling you can’t go wrong with Walmart. When living in a large city I used to stick my nose up at Walmart, but now being a full time RVer Walmart is fine.

Bob p
5 months ago

About 70-30% Winn Dixie is less than a mile away, Walmart is 6.5 miles away, prices are not that much different when you factor in a 13 mile round trip at 14 mpg with todays price of gas.

Gary Byler
5 months ago

We never ever shop at Walmart for groceries or anything else.

5 months ago

When traveling the USA we shop almost exclusively at Walmart. Why? Because we know we can find what we need at a reasonable price. We’ve shopped at local grocery stores when Walmart wasn’t available and spent almost twice as much. Our budget doesn’t allow that on a regular basis. Those that can, more power to you.

5 months ago

We don’t have a “super” Wally here; the closest one is 35 miles away. Local grocery stores (four) offer great selection at fair prices. Wally quality (limited selection in local WalMart) is only fair, and it can be six weeks or never before out-of-stock items are restocked. This has become a common situation with them. So we don’t depend on them for our needs.

James LaGasse
5 months ago

At home we only occasionally shop at Walmart, their meats and vegetables don’t seem to be of the best quality. When traveling though they are the easiest stores to find and we usually shop there but avoid their meats

5 months ago

Shop at local grocery chain or market. Produce at Wal-Mart is never good. The same way with Target. And I’ve never tried COSTCOs.

5 months ago
Reply to  Skip

Local CostCo (35 miles away in Burlington, WA) is excellent for quality, especially their house brands, but item sizes are a problem for one or two people. That said, it’s great for stocking the pantry to anticipate shortages. Our trips there are usually to get an SUV load for re-stocking our shelves.

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