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    Last week (March 11), to enter our contest we required only that entrants tell us the funniest pet name they had ever heard. Enjoy reading some of those we liked the best. (Note: Some people sent in an email but left off a pet name. So, if you don’t see your name here that’s probably why.)

    From editor Chuck Woodbury: This is not a contest entry, but my favorite pet names: My sister had a hamster named Film Projector (go figure). She has two dogs, Mini and Cooper (get it, MiniCooper, the car?). She once rescued a baby Swallow, which subsequently lived happily for a year (without ever growing feathers) in her bathtub. His name was Clark. In a long line of schnauzers, one was named Baron Von Halbourg (long story). My daughter’s dog, a hyperactive rescue from the streets of Puerto Rico, is named Astor, but he is formally known as Astor the Disaster.


    I had a Siamese cat, a breed known to be fairly vocal, so I named her Wailin’ Jenny (Jenny for short) after the country singer. —Martine Flory

    Field Marshal Von Clucker  (My pet Arcana rooster) —Curt L Coffee

    Dog – Abner Doubledoodle. Cat – Butch Catsidy. Pig – Chris P. Bacon. —Guy George

    The funniest pet name I heard was for a small dog named Pita. It was an acronym for Pain In The. . . well you know. —Tom Wilson

    My current Maltese’s name is Tricky Woo which we think is pretty funny. He loves our motorhome trips! —Thomas Bender

    Ninja, our black pug who is very sneaky when eating lunch or dinner; Snoopy our fawn pug who used to sit on top of her house at the breeders and hang out. —Eric C Ramey

    Fizzle Fits —Leo Sharpe

    Funny pet name:  No Name (pronounced Nonamie) —Jerri Wiley

    Anderson Pooper. —Mark S. Shields

    Funniest name of a pet – “Hey You” – The family could not come up with a name for the dog so he was called Hey You until a name was accepted by everyone. Once a name was chosen the dog had gotten use to Hey You and would only respond to that name. —John Staba

    Many years ago, I had a White Capuchin Monkey named Cricket. —Jerry Roberts

    Albecrombie Magilicutty. —Ed Dmochowski

    My son named his dog Chump because he always wanted to call him with “Come here Chump”. —Don and Connie Peterson

    Purrypurrycharliepadpad —Lydia Bishop

    Dufus —Al Yates

    We met a couple camping in Tennessee; they had a Dachshund named King KongEd Lanyon

    Doodler —Robert Murphy

    Lovely Trudy —Rik Brackett

    A dog named “NO” —Sylvia Robinson

    Funniest pet name “Stinkfoot” the dog —Ed Cronin

    Pets Name “Fresca—Jack McClaren

    Funniest Pet name : Horse named Bunny —Steve & Keri Partee

    The funniest pet name I’ve heard is : Chief Tater Tot. —Bob Dunn

    Dog was named “Cat—Virginia Nehring

    My dog’s name when I was a kid was Bubbles. —Jim Lyon

    Dog named “Stay“….. Come here, Stay. —Paul W Sternett

    Our little kitty was named Radar. His ears were too big for his head! —Greg Cravens

    The cat name I am entering is not the funniest. But it was funny how he got the name “Taboo.” He found us as a lost stray. My husband said, “No cats in the house! Cats are taboo in this house — we’re planning a move!” as we were, indeed. —Laurie Otto

    Stephanie —Dale Kekelis

    We had two dogs when I was a kid named Scoots and Squeaks. —Don Davis

    Our first dog was named “Ting”. Our 2-3 year boy had an imaginary puppy he led around by pulling a length of string calling out, “Here ting, here ting”. His effort to pronounce the word string turned into the name of his first dog, Ting. —Lavelle Ward

    Dixie —Jim, Dolly and Dixie Webster

    ARVEE (Editor: Get it?) —Bob Zagami

    We named our sweet little dog Cricket because he jumps around like a cricket. —Ken and Patsy Palmour

    I had a cat once and her name was Nosebags. Named so because she was so nosey, after a dog that was in a movie that always caught socks with his nose. —Joanne Staples

    Pet name: Stay —James Ogle

    A female Dachshund by the name of T.O.D.D. (the other dachshund dog) —Nelson Needham

    Funniest: Two come to mind. My aunt’s bulldog was named Mucus. My cousins beagle was named Scrounge. —J. J. Bradshaw

    Bark… and every time you called or mentioned his name, that’s what he would do. He was our 3-year old’s first dog and he named it. —Mike Fox

    Twinky. —Mrs. Angela Lee

    My brother has a chihuahua named Ricky Bobby. —Justin Arneson

    My cousin named his dog, Stupid, because it was. We had a cat we named Velcro, because it would leap at and stick to the window curtains. —Randy K. Walker

    Funny Pet Name – Barkazink. Named by our young daughter; he was generally known as Barky or Zinky. —John Carlson

    My pet goat growing up we named Ishkabibble. Completely contrived by a 10-year-old boy. —Frank Gum III

    Porkchop —John R. Rose

    Toots. —Cliff Day

    Funny. —Ed Grondona (Editor: We think Ed’s pulling our leg with his “funny” pet name.)

    Marshmellow. —Jerry Griffin

    My vote for a funny pet name is Pandemonium. —Sharon Potere

    I like Chew Barka and Winnie the Poodle. —Diane Yauney

    Staying at Golden Village palms in Hemet, Ca., this winter and the dog next door is a Basset hound named Mudflat. —Bill Moore

    Checkers. —Walt Van Leer

    Dog – Franco.; Dog – Troubles; Gibbit the Gerbil. —Jerry Johnson

    Funniest name: Miyahoo. —Marilyn Maxwell-Roosen

    My wife had a cat named Rover. —LeRoy Heath

    Funny pet name – Mitzi. Dog was named for Mitzi Gaynor because the all-black dog was born with white paws – dancing shoes. —David Grall

    S**t for brains —Glenn Dickens

    The name of our beagle hound dog was Eatso. Translated, EATSO means ELVIS. —Steve Matthias

    Dog name:  Theory. —Lincoln A, Brown

    Cricket —F. Brent Betenson

    PeePee —Kay Havig

    Winkles —Warren Gress

    James Thurber’s dog was named “Thanks For The Home Run Clyde—John Jamieson

    Zipper —Robert Wojtas

    This is a list of names suggested for adopted strays, sent in by Judd Sills:
    Impulse – dog was love at first sight, an impulse; Journey (dog was on a journey that led to you); Keeper; Kisa – an acronym for Knight In Shining Armour; Kayle – means faithful dog in Hebrew; Kismet, which means fate; Lucky.

    A dog named Cat. Poor doggie. —Vickie Ames

    The funniest pet name I’ve heard, or maybe it’s just my favorite, was a dog named Dawg. —Edie Thomas

    We have two dogs: Harper Lee (female lab) and Truman Capote (male Shih-Tzu, Cavalier King Charles mix) —Bob Schneider

    Dog name is Sproutz, a Brussels Griffon. The name Sproutz is for Brussel sprouts. —Gary, Barb & Sproutz Born

    We had two Shelty dogs: Panther and Tiger —Joe Huston

    Funniest dog name: Baron Von Furrrypants. —Dick Hilde

    Lottafur was a Samoyed. Lots of fur. I called him Lucifer because that dog sure didn’t like me sitting next to his owner (my girlfriend at the time). —Dan Tafoya

    Dog’s name: 2Bits —John J Callahan

    Pet’s Name (Dog): Pickles —David Hunter

    Funniest pet name : Waffles —Tim Nelson

    Bumper. —Bill Shane

    My uncle called his beagle “Sooner,” because he’d sooner go on the floor than outside. —Frank Chickilly

    Byte. —Earl Deslippe

    Knew a guy that found a stray and named him “Son.” Another that named his dog “Brother.” —Albert Hall

    I’d heard of an owner whose dog had lost a leg to cancer, named his dog “Tripod” and another who had 2 dogs, one named “Donald” and the other was named “Duck” so when he’d want them to come he just hollered “Donald Duck”! —Ken Gerding

    Possum Lips. —Jerry Smith

    Funny pet name: Rat, Rat, the neighbor’s cat —Gary Sandberg

    Chew Barka. —Dave Scheeler

    Bubba Dog. —Jack Averyt

    The funniest pet name was for a trick dog: Skidboot. —Diane Siracusa

    Hop-along (a 3-Legged Dog) —Steve Becker

    Funniest Pet Name I ever heard of was Sir Arthur Wriggles. It was a Chizou (SheeZoo) mix. Cutest little guy. —Fran Pearson

    Scheherazade. —Tony Madia*

    Ballsy. —Lucy Madia* (*Editor: Don’t forget — only one entry per household per contest.)

    Pickles. —Terry Bachi

    Our dog is named: “Marleysaurus Rex“because he was totally uncontrollable when we first picked him up after someone dumped him on a highway when he was a pup. After his first camping trip (of 18 weeks), he was a totally different dog. But his name stuck. —Craig Hall

    Fluffy was the name chosen by our 4-year-old daughter when we lived in Bedford, England. Fluffy was a short-haired, coal black cat! —Kathryn Hall Allahyari (Editor: We’re glad you love our newsletter, Kathryn! 😀 )

    One of the best animal names ever is Gladys – given to a full-sized Great Dane. “Gladys” just doesn’t fit her size! —John Daynes

    Maybe not the funniest names, but certainly the cutest we have heard in a long while.  While camping at Denali National Park a couple years ago, we met a couple who had two darling Pomeranian dogs.  When we asked their names, the owner said, “ The larger dog is Pokee and the smaller one is Mon!” For the next couple days, until they left the park, we would walk by their motor home and say, “Good day, Pokee Mon!” It certainly sounded funny then! —Steve and Idris Van Sant

    Chump Change” for my next one, because that is all I’ll have. —Beverley Fitch

    Dammit.” Given to a dog, as in “Come here, Dammit!” —Tren Alford

    Funniest pet name: Mortimer. —Maxcy Hall

    My niece has two cats: Sandy Claws and my fav: Ann Chovy. Hope you publish all the entries next Sat. 🙂 —Pam Piazza (Editor: Yep. They’re all here. 😀 )

    Funniest or maybe stupidest pet name: Pork Chop —Susan Kaltenbach

    Phideaux —Jim Knoch

    Butch Cat-sidy —Edward Zogg

    Igloo – (nicknamed IGGY) – belongs to an adult male Olde English Bulldog. —Ken Lailer

    Pet’s name, Frou Frou. —Charles MacMahon

    Funniest pet name, Bozo. —Dave Laton

    Then there is the mutt called “Phydeau.” —Gene Bjerke

    The funniest pet name I have heard was “Dioji” (phonetic spelling of d.o.g.) The cat’s name was “Seeati” (phonetic spelling of c.a.t) —Debi Pitzer

    My entry is “Spot” on a dog that had none. —Ronald Schulz

    Dufus. —Frank A Mengel

    D o g” prounounced Diogi. —Bill Legant

    A French Bulldog named Porkpie. —Fred D. Peters

    Funny pet name  — Floyd. This was our dog’s name (we inherited Floyd, and kept the name he’d been given). —Tim and Julie Anderson

    We had a dog. It was a white poodle cocker mix. Her name was Spooky. —Bethene Denman

    We had two cats, a Critter and a Varmint. —Leslie Ostyn

    Flbll” —Judy Jarvis (Editor: Is that short for “fleaball”? Sorry. 😉 )

    Dog named Barkley. —Kenneth Fuller

    Someone. — My husband and I named our first cat “Someone,” so if either of us were at home alone, we would always have “Someone” with us. —Debbie Harding

    Not sure if this is the funniest but it is unusual. Our cat’s name is Nickolardie or Nick for short. Our grandson named him. —Ron and Nancy Vanderhoof

    TooGo (a beagle that always did have “to go a lot”); D.O.G. (Pronounced Deeogee) —Connie C. Hatch

    The funny name for a dog I heard was Ravenous and they called him RV for short. —Lyn Frankland

    A small fat brown puppy named Spud, because he looked like a large potato. —Pat Gerard

    Funnest cat name – Dagger —Dan Quast

    (Not ME) and (Me Too) —Stanley Talbert

    Kokomo Doughty—Jeff Jarrett

    Name: Sara —Bonnie Dettmer

    Neighbor had a dog he named: Meatfart. Didn’t holler the name out too loudly at the doggie park for obvious reasons. —Alex Vira

    The funniest pet name we ever heard is from our neighbor who named his big black lab Machine. When we asked him how he came up with that name, he replied, “Because he is a pooping machine!” —Kathy Burke

    A dog we rescued from a trap, couldn’t save the leg so we made a ‘peg-leg’ for her. Which led to us calling her Peg. Peg soon learned to get around just as well on three legs as she had on four and very sweetly let her ‘kids’ know she didn’t need that wood thing anymore. So we took off the laboriously crafted leather harness and used the stick to play fetch with her instead. —Carla Coleman

    Zipper. Ron’s first childhood pet. To choose a name, four siblings (Ronnie was the youngest, at 5) put names on slips of paper and they were put into a hat. Ron’s slip of paper, on which he had written Zipper, was picked. He chose that because it was the dog’s name in a book from his reading class. —Ron & Sherri Barnes

    Mia Ferret —Pam Harsch

    God —Clark (Editor: Dog spelled backward?)

    Funniest pet name — Snafu—Debby Deskin

    Cat named Doc which stood for damned ole cat. —Roland Ballow

    Artie – short for “Artichoke” — a gigantic St. Bernard puppy seen frolicking on a beach near Seattle decades ago. His owner was calling, “Artie … Artie.” As he walked passed me, he said, quietly (not sure why), “It’s short for Artichoke.” I’ve never forgotten that. —Diane at (No, I didn’t enter the contest. 😉 )










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    James Almand
    4 years ago

    We had a squirrel as a indoor pet and his name was “Splat”. We found him one day when we noticed our 3 big dogs in a circle looking very intently at something on the ground. We disbursed the dogs and found the tiniest squirrel. His eyes were still closed and he could only be a day or even a few hours old. We named him “Splat”, because he was kicked out of a nest at least 30 feet high and survived.

    4 years ago

    Too late for the contest, but we named a cat that found us and moved in with us Squirrel. He had a bushy tail and nuts.

    Dan Bakke
    4 years ago

    I laughed hard when I saw the dogs name “NO”. I thought …how original! Good one Sylvia!

    Kathy Payne
    4 years ago

    Should have sent it in but ….Our cat was called TC for Tom cat.

    Mary Ihla
    4 years ago

    Love all these clever names, but the name “Ishkabibble” wasn’t unique. It was a word both my grandmother and mother used quite often when they referred to something they considered trivial. “Oh, ishkabibble!” my mother would say when I would come to her complaining about something my younger brothers had done. Here’s a full explanation of the term and its roots:

    4 years ago

    My son has a 14″ long “bearded dragon” lizard named ‘Fluffy.’

    A friend has a Bassett Hound called ‘Stretch’

    Douglas Traverson
    4 years ago

    My daughter had a Dalmation named Arson her original name for him was Door knob He liked Arson better