Friday, December 9, 2022


Lizard hunting at Camp Verde, Arizona



This is just of the reptiles that got away.

I’ve been hunting lizards this afternoon. There’s a bunch of them in a tree by my campsite. I watched them scurry about for awhile and then decided I needed to catch one. It could be a pet for maybe 30 minutes.

It was sunny and about 85 degrees. I tried every trick I know to catch one of the little buggers. But they were screaming fast and the best I could do was get about a foot away.

What must it be like to be a reptile on a hot, sunny day? They can move so fast! I don’t know how another creature could catch one! But it wouldn’t be much much fun on a cold day, when they could barely move, if at all.

It’s a good thing that you and I did not evolve from reptiles. If we did, nothing at all would get done all winter. I guess, being humans and being so smart we’d all wear heated, electric clothing. That would be great until the batteries died. A good business would be supplying stranded humans with fresh batteries.

A lizard needs a fraction of the food we humans need to survive. That’s why they can live in deserts where there’s little food and water. Most of what you and I eat goes toward keeping our bodies warm. When a lizard’s temperature drops, it just freezes up. It ain’t goin’ nowhere until the mercury starts  climbin’. I have caught a lot of lizards in cold weather. It’s easy.

When it’s cold, lizards, snakes and other reptiles just stay still and hope a bird or hungry coyote doesn’t comes along.

I am glad I am not a lizard.


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5 years ago

Chuck,, have you ever thought of just watching lizards and not trying to catch them. Animals are not there for our personal enjoyment other than watching or photographing.

Cyndie Sands
5 years ago

Hey! We are in Camp Verde, also. Are you going to the Pecan & Wine Festival today? Might see you there!