Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Gail gets silly at a rest area


Gail gets silly at a rest area along i-17 near Camp Verde, Arizona. Beautiful Sedona is on the itinerary later this week. 

Also, coming up, an afternoon exploring the ghost town of Jerome. Last time I was there, the local police car license plate frames said “GHOSTBUSTERS.”

Next week we’ll get into southern Utah. With its beautiful red rock national parks, it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. — Chuck


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Bill and Karen Massicotte
5 years ago

Chuck and Gail,

i looked on line and found that Black Barts Restaurant and RV park is still there. Check it out if you guys get a chance.

Bill and Karen Massicotte
5 years ago

Gail= beautiful lady.
Haven’t been to Sedona in a long time and still think about the beauty in that area. The 1st time we traveled there it took us all day to enjoy Oak Creek Canyon on our way to Flagstaff to eat at “Black Bart’s” restaurant. Another must see and to appreciate the food and entertainment by N.A. U. students

Jean Moran
5 years ago

We are starting our 2nd year full time RVING. We concluded that if we were both still alive at this time (not having killed each other ) this would be our swan song. Will be leaving the beautiful Colorado River at Big River and head home to tie things up and 4 Jacks up and off.