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GEN-Y Hitch releases new Torsion Gooseneck Surge Coupler



GEN-Y hitch

GEN-Y introduces its first coupler offering, the all new GEN-Y Torsion Gooseneck Surge Coupler.

“We’ve been asked by so many to get a torsion solution for goosenecks,” said GEN-Y President Carl Borkholder. “Until now it has been hitches only, but this coupler is going to change the way things are done with goosenecks. Our proprietary torsion technology mitigates 90 percent of the inertia between truck and trailer, which, if you’ve ever hauled a gooseneck, you know is a big deal.”

The GEN-Y Torsion Gooseneck Surge Coupler offers the same type of specs you have seen in the industry from other gooseneck couplers (25,000 pound towing, 5000 pound tongue weight), but with the added benefit of torsion, which leaves you and your cargo feeling less beat up over time. GEN-Y plans to offer it on their website as well as through its dealer network, which currently stands at over 160 dealers across the U.S., plus a dealership in Australia and in Canada.

“We have been so excited for so long about this,” said National Sales Manager Joel Helmuth. “We know what this will do for folks who use a gooseneck, and we are so happy to bring another solution to the table that has been missing for so many decades.”

Watch the GEN-Y Gooseneck Surge Coupler in action in this video.

Information obtained from press release.

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