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Get money back on your Camping World extended warranty

If you bought an RV from Camping World, there’s an excellent chance you financed it for 15 or 20 years, bundled into the RV loan itself. Camping World may have low RV prices, but the company will seldom let get you get away without selling you a host of add ons, especially extended warranties, where it makes gobs of money.

What many Camping World buyers do not realize because of Camping World’s aggressive sales tactics and high pressure is that those extended warranties, which will likely be good for six years, will end up being financed along with the RV for years after they expire, ultimately costing the buyer far more than what they should pay.

But there is a way to get out of those warranties, and often get a lot of money back, which can be used to buy a less expensive, probably superior policy.

We urge you to watch this video from The RV Show USA which explains exactly how to file a claim to get some or even much of your money back. Camping World will do all it can to discourage such claims, but if done properly, by law the company must refund what is due to the buyer.

Watch the video below and then get your money back. And remember, if Camping World should go bankrupt, which some financial experts believe could happen at any time, if you have an extended warranty through the company, it will be worthless.


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Tania James-Quarles
2 months ago

Paid $16,500 for a 7 year warranty can I get most of that back I’ve only had my RV 6 months and I like it but not camping world company. Paid 165,070 for my 2022 Thor then 16500 for the warranty cash I want my money back for I can go buy another one from people that care about their customers after the SALE✓

Maria M Velez
1 year ago

Purchase price was $19,998. and the contract is $2,574, however, I owe over $27,000 and I gave $5000 down payment but instead of subtracting this amount, it was added because I still owe $27,000.

Maria M Velez
1 year ago

I wish I had seen this video first, but I just purchased on the 16th of April, 2021. They charged too much money, over $6000.

Maria M Velez
1 year ago

They made so many mistakes on my contract. It was originally Huntingon National Bank, but he changed it later on and never wrote it in on the paperwork I was given. How am I supposed to work with this? I keep calling, We’ll see what happens. I am so stressed, I’m an elderly person, please just give me the attorney’s number just in case.

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
1 year ago
Reply to  Maria M Velez

Hi, Maria. I’m not sure what attorney you’re referring to. However, I just glanced at Alan Warren’s video linked in this article and below the video on the YouTube page is this link to a pdf on how to get a refund on your extended warranty: It looks very thorough. We hope it helps you in your situation with Camping World. Good luck! 🙂 —Diane at

Maria M Velez
1 year ago

I paid a total of $6,066. total on all of the extended services. I’m not happy at all. They should have priority for customer service, and they should be transparent. It seems customer service is their number one issue. Can I get that lawyers information? 

1 year ago

We got the paint warranty as well and they already sealed our RV with that, has anyone had an issue there for refund? Do we need to account for that?

Deb Matthews
3 years ago
Deb Matthews
3 years ago

Hello…I cannot locate the pdf link. Can someone please provide it? Thanks…

Tom Moeller
3 years ago

The finance part is correct.Good Sam ESP is the administrator and it is underwritten by United Service Protection Corp,and governed by Florida law.You will not loose your protection if camping world goes bankrupt.So let’s be fair in what you and Alan are saying.No I’n not a fan of CW.

Lori Jarosz
3 years ago

I will watch the video later but can you provide the alternatives to the Camping World coverage? Our extended warranty will expire in Jan of next year and we are considering the options.

Robert Mastro
3 years ago

Where do you get the PDF for the steps to cancel the ESP

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