Good Sam Club, going, going. . .


By Chuck Woodbury
The Good Sam Club was once a quality organization. It was established as a for-profit business but its founding mission was to not only turn a profit but to do so by serving and caring about its members. On occasion, the club lobbied Congress, state legislatures and other organizations about important legislation that affected RVers. It published Highways, a quality magazine. It held wonderful rallies. It encouraged the creation of local chapters and helped the organizers better serve their members.

No more.

The new Good Sam Club, under Marcus Lemonis, has minimized the club to what it is today, a discount club for Camping World, Gander Outdoors and Overton’s stores, and practically nothing else. In an industry interview shortly after acquiring the club Lemonis referred to members as “marketing tools.” If you’re a Good Sam member that’s how much he cares about you. He’s got bigger fish to fry than little ol’ you and me.

The only real benefit left to members is a 10 percent discount at Camping World, Gander Mountain and Overton’s stores, and participating Good Sam RV parks. A park pays a fee to fly the Good Sam flag and is then encouraged to advertise in the fat Good Sam campground directory, which is packed with ads, making it a cash cow for Lemonis.

If you visit the Good Sam Club’s website, you will see almost nothing about the club’s social benefits. There’s no mention of local chapters or national rallies. The reason there’s no mention of national or even regional rallies is because none remain. Marcus cut them out. Local chapters of the club remain but are gradually disappearing as aging members die or become too feeble to participate.

marcus lemonis
Lemonis and Good Sam

The club is about selling you things – RVs, RV parts, and member discounts for roadside assistance, RV insurance, warranties … and anything else that Marcus and his cohorts can concoct to transfer money from your pocket to theirs. Hey, sign up for a Camping World Visa card and Marcus can make a buck off you every time you use it.

Watch the official Good Sam video below. UPDATE: A month after we posted this article and the video below, the video was removed. Coincidence? We don’t think so. The video downplayed RVing, focusing instead on fishing, hunting, cycling, tenting, kayaking and boating. Is that what an RV club is about?

SO THE CLUB THAT WAS FOUNDED BY RVers and once cared about them – and not just their pocketbooks – is on its final legs. It’s morphed into a discount club, that’s it. If you shop enough at Camping World and/or stay at more than a half dozen Good Sam RV parks a year, then a membership is probably worth the $29. If not, save your money.

Why do I even care about all this? Marcus Lemonis, after all, is entitled to every penny he legally earns. I am simply upset that he has destroyed a once-vibrant club and used its members to build an empire that with each passing month has less to do with RVing and more to do with Marcus.

I wish you could watch the video below, but, like I said, Good Sam removed it after we posted this article.

Good Sam Club, going, going. . .

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Sink Jaxon

IMHO …Sammy used to be worth it, not anymore. Back in the 90’s when I first started rv’ing they were a great organization to be a part of, but slowly were destroyed by corporate greed. There are so many more options these days, and I like to search and find the smaller mom and pop rv shops out there when needed… they do still exist. Other options are online outlets (, also, which may not be as feasible to full timers. I guess my point is, the big chains like cramping world and crazy days are NOT the only… Read more »


The video in editorial about camping world is unavailable

RV Staff

Thanks for letting us know, Barry. I think Good Sam pulled their video. I’ve contacted Chuck to see if there’s another video that might replace it for his article. Have a great day. 😀 —Diane at

Kenneth Pratt

Can’t seem to find a place to discontinue subscribing to your weekly newsletter….unfortunately we are no longer RVing.

RV Staff

The place to unsubscribe to our newsletters is at the bottom of the email alert which you receive notifying you that a new newsletter is available. Just look at the bottom of the email and you’ll see “SafeUnsubscribe.” Just click on that and follow the simple instructions. No hassle. Sorry to see you go and that you’re no longer RVing. Take care. —Diane at

Bob and Dee

We were Good Sam members last year. No more. They let us down big time when we needed them the most. Paid for roadside assistance and when we were broken down miles from home on an interstate highway, they conveniently couldn’t find our subscription. Ironically, we received a very nice flyer from Lemonis saying to contact him with any concerns. We did. No response. No surprise. They got our last dime.


It’s easy to criticize, complain and Monday morning quarterback other people’s business decisions from the comfort of a laptop screen. Whatever the Good Sam Club used to be doesn’t matter now. That was then, this is now. One can lament the “good ole’ days” but to what end? Nothing stays the same. Circumstances change. Markets change. Consumer’s buying habits change. The only constant in this world is change. Simply put, Camping World is a business. If you don’t like it or it’s policies, don’t patronize the brand. No one is forcing anyone to buy from them. Vote with your pocket… Read more »

Sink Jaxon

Well well, thanks for the lecture Dad…uh, I mean Brad. is it ok to voice our own opinions now? I happen to agree with Mr. Woodbury.


Well said…

Paul Goldberg

We joined GS in 2001 as we were leaving on our first RV trip. Loved the campground discount, as we didn’t know of any other at the time. Then found a Passport America Membership our dealer had given us for 50% off!!! Wow. GS went through Flying J discount and then moved to Loves – never had a good experience with a gas motorhome at Loves, no separate island etc. Now have Flying J card with GS and enjoy the diesel discount and using the truck lanes. When we first started There were fewer than dozen Camping Worlds and we… Read more »


Hi Marcus. Ey recently extended my membership and Camper World sent me $50.00 worth of cash coupons that were the real deal. Thanks to you and to all the knowledgeable and friendly and helpful people at CW. Don’t worry about all the whiners and snivelers—that’s all they know how to do. (And Chuck, nobody tells you how to run your business, why do you think you should tell anyone how to run theirs).

Charles Wehland

A point of view about Roadside Assistance programs. I have mine with the American Motorcycle Association. It covers cars, motorcycles, boats and RV’s. I once had a blown tire in a small town on a Sunday afternoon. I’m bad–I hadn’t checked my spare (used car and wrong tire) and it was not the size of my other tires so I couldn’t change it myself. I contacted AMA Roadside Assistance and they worked like the Devil to get someone to tow me to a tire shop and/or bring me a tire that was correct. They apologized profusely, but every shop was… Read more »

Captn John

CW cannot “force” any dealer to do anything they do not want to. My 20 year loan was at a rate no one else would touch at 5 years. My loan is NOT with CW but US Bank. Yes, CW got a rebate just as they would have from almost any other lender with any timeframe. CW did not put a gun to my head to take out any loan. Chuck blames Marcus while I believe anyone that NEEDS any loan to buy an RV or boat or any toy is a damn fool to purchase one. In 3 years… Read more »

Chuck Woodbury

Captn John, Okay, the 20 year loan works for you, as it does for many others. But let’s just assume for one minute, that like with many people, five, ten, 12 years into your loan, which you were paying off each month on time, you got really sick and could not work. Or maybe you lost your income for some other reason — got laid off, whatever. In that case, there could go your ability to pay your loan. And if you tried to sell your RV the banker would say, well, you’ll have to write us a check for… Read more »

John Mccarthy

Pledge of Allegiance to Marcus Lemonis

John Mccarthy

Soon after taking ownership of Good Sams International Mr. Lemonis issued his set of rules that basically superseded any existing charters from the prior regime. Each Good Sam Club was to submit a new set of By-Laws to align with the Lemonis rules. One of the more onerous rules obligated each club’s leadership to pledge allegiance to Mr. Lemonis as a component of their submission. As a Past President of our club (which was chartrered in 1989 by the Good Sams International organization) I was asked to prepare and submit our club’s new (and approved) rules/By-Laws. Intentionally excluded from our… Read more »


I guess I am more fortunate than many: I am retired Military and get camping discounts at lots of places. As for CW, we bought are first RV there (CW of Richmond IN), felt we got taken on the financing end, but WE should have taken more time checking on the numbers. When financing thru CW, they offered $5K off the RV, we went outside CW so they didn’t offer is the discount. Had some minor warranty work performed on it, turned out OK. Traded it to a non-CW dealership for a 5th wheeler. Happy now. We are GS members,… Read more »


Sad that it has come to this.

Captn John

Have to ‘log in’ ~ make it easier to find!

Chuck Woodbury

You no longer need to log in

Sherri Eley

We avoid Camping World if at all possible because of their overpriced products. Sometimes that is the only place you can buy an item, that you need for your RV , so we bite the bullet and go in the store. The RV repair service is not top notch either, and we have been disappointed in that. So if possible we avoid Camping World all together. RE: The Good Sam club. WE have the Roadside Assistance and have been disappointed in that as well. When stranded on a major interstate a few years ago we waited for hours for help.… Read more »

Gary Stone

I’m scraping the Good Sam sticker off my RV!


Totally agree with your editorial about the club and it’s CEO. The RV industry as a whole is changing, social media is becoming a key component of many RVers’ lives and – thank goodness – there are new options for discount RV parking. With more and more Digital Nomads venturing out, either full-time, part-time or as often as they can, fresh thoughts and great leaders are emerging. IMHO, that is a good thing. We will all roll on just fine without Mr. Lemonis’ directions, thank you. Now, let’s GO RVing!


RV owners bickering about benefits of a $-30 year GS membership? The purpose of this forum is to share comments and experiences that are helpful to other RV’ers; many of the comments here are not helpful to us at all, just a venue to complain. Some politically motivated against their management? No room for political discourse here. If you don’t like the GS Club, spend your money elsewhere, cheap arses! I don’t particularly care for Camping World prices on some things, just like any other merchant, comparison price shop. BTW I am an unbiased GS Club and AAA RV Club… Read more »

Mark B

AAA RV “club”? Isn’t it just a roadside assistance plan? No secret handshake, no meetings. Oh yeah, 10% discount on overpriced luggage tags. Free passport photo. Maps. A club is an association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity.


That’s what everyone should do as there are better organizations everywhere. Why waste money with Good Sam ,Gander, Camping World and anything else Mickey Mouse Monus manages ?

Douglas Taylor

Don’t complain about complaining

thomas breeden

We { TranQuil Gardens RV Park} are no longer a Good Sam park–But we will honer the discount,for you folks in Texas the T.A.C.O. book is better.Texas Association of Campground Owners is the best way to travel and see Texas.
The cost to be a GS park is no longer affordable for small parks.

John 3

Marcus, you seem to be spending a lot of your time lately on your television show I am fixing small businesses. When are you going to put some more effort into fixing the problems with Camping World? The main problem I speak of is the loss of over 60% of the Value for stockholders. I would think this is a problem he would want to be addressing. Look forward to your answer to this.

Betty Brisbin

We didn’t renew our roadside membership after Harvey. We broke down in Orange, Texas and called them for help. They sent a jakeleg mechanic out who didn’t know sick’um from come here….absolutely no help. Then when we tried to get a wrecker for tow thru them, they said couldn’t help us at same location. ..if we could go couple miles down road, they could assist. We were broke down…no movie.

Arvis Copley

I bought a lifetime membership years ago. It has never been what we thought we were joining. It at one time was kinda worth to get the discount on camp sites, but now to get a discount on camp ground is a joke. Wish i could just get a refund of part of the purchase price. It is now just a card they ask for every now and then at Camping world, which is so outrageous on prices that you pay an arm and leg for what you get. We just order from, have it delivered to the camp… Read more »

Jim Collins

Yes Amazon


Amazon=Skynet (Terminator)


Been a Good Sam’s Club member for many years. The Lemonis “Trump Supporters are not welcome here…” comment pretty much did me in! I’m done and won’t renew.


Same here – I contacted both Camping World & Good Sam after that comment & asked them to discontinue any mailings to my house…..they complied…for a while… and my local Camping World shut it’s doors last week. I found another place to buy my camping supplies a couple years ago, and apparently so did most others


Sounds like a good reason to join, to me!


me too.

Mark B

Just like Trump, you feel facts are not important. Check “Snopes” for thorough explanation of facts. Lemonis was only referring to the Charlottsville incident/rhetoric. Many CEOs public condemned Trump for that.

However, Lemonis seems to be slimy like Trump, However, I don’t think Lemonis is batsh1t crazy.


Just like Pelosi you tailor the “facts” to your bias. You evidently don’t understand what Trump said in his comment… and he is RIGHT ! (ANTIFA, BLM, etc, etc) And if you’re using Snopes for your truth-acid-test then you’ll continue in confusion.

Mark B

Trump is not RIGHT as often as you probably believe! His tweets are written at an 8 year level, with CAPS and he keeps it dumbed down to communicate with his base. Just because it’s in CAPS or he shouts it over and over, doesn’t make it true or right. Many people find him morally repugnant; many people question his sanity; many people do honest fact checking and find Trump really ‘stretches’ the facts, but that has nothing to do with this discussion. The discussion is about what LEMONIS actually said. Just that. You can use Snopes and refer to… Read more »

Mel Feeley

Thank you. Politics will ruin your site. Most of us want some relief. Just like the NFL has forever lost some fans, the same thing will happen here.


Thank you for stopping political discussion on this site. The hatred that flows over politics is beyond terrible, it has become an obsession for some. Chuck, this is one reason some tire of listening about CW over and over again. Critics can not change the world, they have to produce a working alternative. Using a bully pulpit can be counter productive to a growing business.

Jim Collins

Thanks Chuck , my feelings exactly


I hate when people’s me bring politics into everything. This site is about camping and being in the outdoors. Be a grownup and keep it at that!


Per Snopes article, “However, contrary to his own inaccurate descriptions of his CNBC interview, Lemonis did strongly appear to have suggested that anyone who agreed with President Trump’s controversial remarks about the events of 12 August 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, should not shop at his stores.” Trump’s remarks, per Snopes, were …”President Trump’s widely criticized remarks on the rally, in which he said there was “blame on both sides” and that there were “very fine people” on both sides.” I believe Trump was correct. Both sides were to blame and, yes, there were good people on both sides. Both sides… Read more »


Gottcha! We and our friends feel quite the same way.


Just a random thought to ponder…Am I the only one that has noticed that ‘Markus’ is also posting here as ‘Markus Lemonis’? In other words…two of them posting as one! Which one is the real one? Or is either of them the real one and only??


Marcus, your answers here are very similar to those in your depositions of Stetler versus Camping World. Short, informal and irrelative. I doubt you have any real interest in camping, rving or the great outdoors. Your interest is in making money. That’s a good thing, especially for your stockholders. Lots of people love CW, not me. It’s always been overpriced, poor customer service and many times lots of fine print to get all those juicy discounts and benefits. I am looking forward to you and Chuck having a sitdown although I don’t envy Chuck. Based on your show and the… Read more »


I’m not sure how a legal deposition tone and approach has anything to do with how the rv business and industry function. The deposition you are referring to was a shakedown which by the way went no where.
I pride myself on being straight and I’m more than willing to answer any specific questions or take any constitutive criticism as long as it comes with facts and suggestions. I know you can appreciate that.

RV Staff

Mr. Lemonis — I think you meant “constructive” criticism, but I don’t want to edit it unless you approve. Thanks. —Diane at

Sam North

Diane, maybe you should just let people’s illiteracy remain unedited. It helps us get to know them better.


I think it has already been determined that neither of the two posing as Marcus and Marcus Lemonis are the real McCoy…just someone pretending to be him. And if you really do believe they are the real thing, then I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona…real cheap!

RV Staff

😆 That’s very true, Sam. I usually leave things alone, but very occasionally I’ll pretend I’m a built-in spellchecker and correct an obvious error, just to make something understandable, or so the writer isn’t embarrassed by their typo. I’m going to ask at our meeting tomorrow if there’s any way that commentors can go back and edit something they’ve just posted, like can be done on FB. That would be nice, but I don’t know if it’s doable. Have a good night. 😀 —Diane at


Perhaps had eaten too many hamberders.

Gigi Stetler

Shakedown ML is what you call that deposition? If this IS a shakedown I would have taken your offer 8 years ago. Its not about Money its about standing up to bullies and fighting for whats right and I’m right and you were wrong to me


Not that I am a fan of Good Sam club and in fact I just let my road side service lapse in favor of FMCA and AMAC. I also always found it confusing to have so many different sign ins for Goodsam and good sam club and good sam road service. ? However, I do want to point out that if you still have a goodsamclub membership that is paid for, ( I believe I signed up for five years at some point. ) they do have a travel planner that is better than many. It is on their main… Read more »

Linda Wade

We are lifetime members of Good Sam and have been since around 2000. We have a very active local group and Ohio has 3 RV rally’s a year (May, July and Sept). They may not be as big as they used to be, but we still have a grand time. The Ohio Rally’s only cost $65 for camping Thurs, Fri, and Saturday. Includes entertainment, games, a supper (usually hot dogs, sloppy joes, or bean soup, a breakfast (biscuits and gravy), and doughnuts. Lots of socialization and getting to know other RV’ers. And actually, if you come in early, it’s only… Read more »


Linda – We also are fortunate enough to have fairly active state and local chapters, but many are dying out. The question is, if the national organization is doing nothing other than flying the GS flag, can our clubs not continue to have fun, enjoy camping and share that with others WITHOUT having to be a GS national member…or being required to use the GS logo, which is free advertising for corporate? (Club flags, badges, etc. are required to have the GS logo somewhere on them.) There are many social camping clubs based on RV brand (Newmar Club, Winnebago Club,… Read more »


There are two rally’s that are going to be announced in the coming weeks. Many have written to me about it and I agree we are due for a couple.


Marcus, please re-examine your grammar on your next post. it is rallies, not rally’s. It makes you look rather uneducated..Bill Semion, travel/outdoor writer and all-around grammarian.

Bonnie Pence

This simply confirms what I’ve been feeling for the past few years – goodbye Good Sam.

Rick Dorce

I guess it’s time to shred my Good Sam life membership card and my Good Sam credit card also. Marcus can take his 10% and put it where the sun doesn’t shine. I should have done this a long time ago.


Would be happy to discuss with you

Bruce Petway

How about discussing it with the consumers

Daniel Terry

Marcus, how about stocking your shelves, lowering prices, hiring employees that seem like they care, get competent techs. I personally like shopping a well stocked CW and with the discount, prices are not that out of line.


Daniel, and Marcus, if you’ve been following rvtravel, the lack of qualified techs is a serious issue across the board. Helping out my son in CA with a Pleasure-Way Traverse that had a propane leak, we finally found a small father-son-run place near Marin County that finally found and fixed the problem. Having knowledgeable techs at non-rapacious prices is a key to helping owners with issues. I’m glad that at least some in the industry have recently recognized this. Marcus?


…and answer the phone. Agree with every point you made Daniel.

Patrick M D'Annunzio

I would love to see you write an article for this newsletter and really discuss what you see coming down the road (pun intended). There are so many differing opinions on Camping World and would really like to see things from your point of view.


Feel the same! And CW messed our MH up everytime they touched it! Never again!


It’s not just Camping World…but just about every other RV dealership out there these days! Sure, there are lots of great dealerships around the country, but they are few and far between. I bought two brand new RV’s in the last six years from two different dealerships…both promised the world on how their service department would take care of me after the sale…and both failed miserably when that time came for warranty repairs.

Steve Barnes, Kamloops, B.C.

Last month we shopped for parts at a major RV dealer in Fort Meyers, Florida, can’t remember the name. Then went to Camping World as my wife said we get a 10% discount. The CAMPING WORLD PRICE WAS AT LEAST 10% MORE. Watch your prices.
However, CW does publish specials online at their dealers. I have for instance taken advantage of fixed price installations from time to time, e.g. $39 or $89 (don’t recall, was few years ago) for their toilet install. They do make independents competitive at some things.

Michael Callahan

Dear Chuck, Sorry, being a full time RVer for only 3 years, I don’t know what it may have been in the past, but I can’t say enough good things about the Good Sam Club that I know and love today. They very well may have literally saved my life. You say: “The club is about selling you things – RVs, RV parts, and member discounts for roadside assistance, RV insurance, warranties … and anything else that Marcus and his cohorts can concoct to transfer money from your pocket to theirs.” And your point? During my “Journey Across America” in… Read more »

Susan Simpson

We are full time in a Class A Tiffin … we use the fuel discount almost regularly and appreciate the ability to do so … we rarely shop at Camping World but when we have done so, we have found the stores welcoming and the staff helpful … the ability to dump tanks at CW is ,an additional benefit as we dry camp often … Good Sam campgrounds do not offer enough of a discount for us … we prefer Passport America for the times we hook up … but we will continue as members mainly for the fuel benefits… Read more »

William Prough

That is a large complaint I have in addition to many already given. I used to love the fuel discount, with Flying J! When they were bought out, you could apply discount and you’re still paying five to fifteen cents more than stations around, except LOVE’s which prices are also too high!


You had a better experience than we did with GS Roadside Assistance. We broke down in the turning lane off a Hwy exit and could not move. Called GSR Assistance. The agent was helpful but could not get any one to come and help us. Said we would have to contact police and have them get a tow company to come out in rotation. We would have to pay the tow and submit to GSR Assistance for reimbursement with no guarantee of payment. Not very reassuring. We were stranded on Fathers Day. Missed our family gathering and sweltered in 90… Read more »


Anyone seen the camping world stock in the last year? No wonder…


Camping World is another Big Box Store just like Best Buy, Walmart, and the like. They all have problems of one kind or another. GS road service left me hanging for 4 hours and I finally decided to get a tow from a non-GS outfit.l The tow truck was there in 30 minutes! GS said they could not find anyone during that 4 hours. Question: is GS paying the tow outfits? I am investigating others like AAA, and Escapees. All those have their limits. CW stores, the employees simply are not trained like they should be, and in some stores,… Read more »

Carol F

Marcus Lemonis told us to shop elsewhere (won’t go in to that any further). So I will shop elsewhere, mostly Amazon. I have also bought products from the dealer who sold me my trailer.


I actually did not

Ron James

Moot point anyway, I wouldn’t touch any of your CW dealers with a 10 foot pole. All I hear about in my area of SW FL are awful stories about the ineptitude of the employees and the lack of quality with things like repairs. Then I read on line that it’s not much different nationwide.

Chuck Woodbury

So, are you suggesting that what uber liberal Snopes says is to be believed as the absolute truth?

Angelika Osbon

if you don’t like snopes, go to their bibliography at the bottom on where they got their information. I don’t know about you but I learned to use bibliographies when I was in high school.

Brandt H Orme

Typical, bash the truth when it doesn’t support your beliefs.

Ron James

Snopes is not the only source where I’ve seen that information.


Me too!!! Not renewing my membership ??

Carmen Arroyo

The Good Sam logo is being used by Coast to Coast. Which is part of TRA – Travel Resorts of America. would not be at all surprised if they are all owned by the person. We have been Good Sam members for a long time, shop at Camping World and recently joined Coast to coast. Thus far satisfied with all 3.

Joseph Weinstein

I won’t comment on Chuck’s beliefs and feelings regarding Camping World because we only joined the RV community a few years ago. I appreciate the news letter and would enjoy watching a webcast of Chuck and Marcus discussing issues. I am a member of Good Sam and use it where it benefits me, and use other services when they provide a better benefit. I think the GS Trip Planner is a strong product in our RV life (though I wish they could somehow list more campgrounds in outlying areas). I also appreciate their store when I need something in an… Read more »

Dan Varcoe

Good comments Joseph. The “Good Ole Days” are not coming back. Serenity Prayer is in order here.


I have had the Trip PLanner and GPS for several years. Loved it when I first got it. However, the site is spotty and not well maintained. The support is nil. Keep your map books handy for when it freezes in the middle of nowhere!

Ron B

My big problem with camping world is they treat you like a second-class citizen when they find out you have a pop-up or you’re interested in buying a pop-up camper. Also at the Gander Outdoors stores they seem to be high pressure at trying to selli you a Good Sam Membership.

G.M. Amthor

Not only is the GOOD SAM club being re-directed… the Airstream group is too. If you own a new Airstream your in one group… if you own a older one .. your in a different lower class group. It seems that its all about the money these days and not the fellowship that comes from social and enjoyment. We went to one rally and was assigned a parking spot… only to be asked to move so that a newbie (elete new trailer) owner could park next to the others that were the same. We had to hook back up… and… Read more »

Charles Wehland

Chuck is obsessed about Marcus Lemonis. Hardly a week goes by that he doesn’t bad mouth him and Camping World. I’ve had the worst experiences with other RV Dealers and the best experiences with Camping World. I enjoy saving 10% at Good Sam’s Campgrounds and at Camping World Stores. As far as RV financing, Chuck should spread around his ire at all RV dealers who also offer extended loan arrangements and not make it seem that Camping World is the worst. I guess that I am like most campers and am not at all interested in local clubs, so why… Read more »

Darrel Wheeler

Were you a Good Sam member from way back? Used Camping World before money grubbing Marcus took over?

The differences are ASTOUNDING – in a negative way.


I have been a GS member for years…always bought my camping supplies there as CW was always the best selection for the best price. Even without a GS membership! I had two stores within 30 miles of my house and it was always a fun drive to go to either one for stuff and have lunch somewhere nearby. Now, the nearest CW store is 200 miles away and I find that the only time I ever go to a CW store is if I just happen to be in the area. And most of the prices just aren’t that far… Read more »


If you get the Flying J credit card which has no annual fee and links to your GS membership then you can pay at the pump. There is no interest charged but the balance is due upon statement. Also the discount is a few cents more than if you only have the GS membership. Yes, GasBuddy usually shows nearby stations cheaper but every now and then FlyingJ/Pilot is the most convenient also at those times its handy to top off the DEF.

Paul Goldberg

have pulled into those nearby cheaper fuel stops with my 37 foot motorhome with tow’d and took twice as long to pump the diesel and had to sweat the maneuvering required to get in and out, not to mention idiots driving cars blocking us thoughtlessly. Much rather pull into truck bay where everybody (well most everybody) is thoughtful for others and I can fill 60 gal in a few minutes.


In all my years of having GS membership, I have never been asked to prove membership in order to receive a discount at an RV park.

Paul Goldberg

WE have many times


We have, everytime.

Marcus Lemonis

I would love to have an open discussion on this. We can do it any time anywhere but it must be open for all to see and hear.

Charles Wehland

I’m glad you are speaking up, Marcus. Chuck seems to have some sort of vendetta against you, Camping World and Good Sam’s Club. Now, he is off and running against your recent outdoor store acquisitions.

Michael Callahan

Hey Marcus, I just wanted to thank you, and say how much the Good Sam’s Roadside Assistance Membership Program means to me and my family. It quite literally may have saved my life by getting me off the roadside, TWICE! I know this as fact, as I’ve been hit before in the breakdown lane on Rte. 2, Lexington, MA with my left arm being 60% severed. I truly know the value of safety on the road, and how much your services mean to me, my family, and all those who belong to your club. Sleep well my friend, knowing you’ve… Read more »

Darrel Wheeler

FMCA and Coach Net offer better roadside assistance plans – with more knowledgeable operators.

Dan Varcoe

Yes! So glad you two will be talking. We look forward to good ideas resulting from this.

Pat Woodfin

Hold on folks. Chuck said his main concern was that the GS club was not doing what it use to do. I would love to have a GS rally close by sometime. I have a membership and will probably renew, but only because of the fuel discount. That adds up quickly and Chuck did not mention it. I won’t shop at Camping World anymore because the CEO opened his mouth and got political. He said he didn’t want half the country in his stores. So guess what?


Unfortunately it’s not what I said. But I respect your perspective


So what did you say, I missed it?


Not renewing my membership. I’m one of those that are not wanted shopping there??


I have been a GS member for 14 years, and will let my membership lapse after the current subscription, along with my Roadside Assistance. I bought my Class A from CW, their Sales department was awesome, not so much the service dept. All three times I took my coach in for warranty work they messed it up, cut wires instead of fixing the issue, installed a ladder on the wrong side (no support blocks) after I gave them the rear wall block diagram, seems their tech’s can’t read, and installed a steering stabilizer incorrectly. I will NEVER take my coach… Read more »

Ron James

With regard to CW, the lousy service quality is the crux of the matter. People tie up a huge chunk of their resources in an RV (which BTW are of lousy build quality to start with) and very often have to take it back to the dealer so some bumbling tech can make a half-hearted attempt at a repair.


That is true, but I get 5% on gas with my credit card, and many gas stations have their own rebate/discount programs (i.e. can still get those good deals without GS membership).


People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones Chuck. I mean business is business. I’m no fan of Lemonis’s Camping World business model, but I like their selection of items and do shop online occasionally since I moved away from having a store close by. I always have had good service from their shop in my previous area. Sorry to say, but you are describing this newsletter/website as well. I mean (out of your revenue goals) it has evolved into mostly an advertiser’s rag full of money-making splashes, with a few articles smattered around here and there. Hey, you… Read more »

Gail Felicetta

I disagree with your assessment of this newsletter. I’ve subscribed to it for years and have not noticed a decrease in interesting articles. The increase in ads is merely a testament that RVTravel has been getting enough new subscribers to attract the attention of retailers. Chuck deserves more revenue for the years of struggle he put into building this newsletter, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is FREE.


This newsletter is awesome and Chuck and staff do a great job.
Camping World is beyond terrible and Chuck only states what most of us are thinking
At the Indianapolis CW we were told we had to sign z buyers contract before we could test drive a motorhome!

Sandy Perley

It is frustrating what is going on with GS. But I am glad I have a camping world near by to be able to buy rv supplies without having to travel to a major city. We have a active local chapter in GS as well as active state rally’s. That part of the organization is still good in spite of Lemonis!

E Shane

If we were to use the criteria of who is running a corporation is a “scumbag” when choosing which companies we deal with and are loyal to, the list would be very short. We would not be shopping at Walmart or Amazon. We would not be purchasing fuel at most gas stations run by multinational corporations. It is not fair to single out one company because you do not like their business practices. They are all in business to make a profit off us, who are most likely their stockholders. This is no place for hippoccrisy

Carl Geis

Thanks for your article, Good Sam Club, Rest In Peace, it is very informative. The Good Sam insurance cost is shocking to me. They wanted nearly $2000 for one year for a 39′ fifth wheel, but I was able to buy it for under $400 from my auto insurance carrier. Some carriers are far less but, I’ve trusted my guy for over 40 years. I’ve been an RVer for over 15 years and haven’t met one RVer who had an accident where the unit was totaled. The RV fires I’ve seen along the highway are typically older rigs. My guess… Read more »

John Snell

I have a two year membership with GS and have saved some money on park stays. However ,for the most part in booking space ,have been told the discount is already reflected in the published price. So if I weren’t a member I would be getting the same benefit. We do like the big book of RV parks but probably won’t renew. We have a great RV dealer with extensive repair capabilities locally. I can call them with a problem and will get avenues to explore to fix it myself. They are locally owned and not a franchise so they… Read more »

Bill Klaes

Saturday morning and I’m enjoying reading this weeks RV Travel Newsletter when I get an email from Good Sam. Headline is… Get Protected with Good Sam Identity Theft Protection. Perfect timing to support Chuck’s well-pointed article.

Ron James

I have read so many lousy reviews of Good Sam over the past few years that I would never join it. And as they are shills for one of the worst RV dealer chains in the country … Camping World … I’m glad I never joined.

Tom Moeller

My good Sam card more than pays for itself in fuel discounts and camping stays.?I’ve never attended a rally


Tom, have you tried GasBuddy, I have their free card, and get .05 a gallon discount almost everywhere except club stations. They have a great app also….. and did I mention its FREE.


I also use Gas Buddy for the .05 discount. However, it only apples to the first 20 gallons which is fine for the car but the motorhome holds ? gallons. I have been able to run my card twice for the pickup (35 gal) but the card can’t be run a 3rd time and it’s a pain anyway, although one could then use a different card. Up in the cold North of ALASKA the only stations that participate are Shell.


I just tried to sign up for the free GasBuddy but they wanted bank account info. I’m guessing so they could debit gas from my checking acct. Is that what you have as well, to get the 5 cents off?

David Ozanne

Camping World just bought out a good RV dealership in the Tri-Cities, Washington area. Russ Dean RV is gone now. They were always easy to work with and helpful beyond the profit margin. Camping World has never achieved that status with me.


Thanks, Chuck, for continuing to point out the weird, bad and ugly, as well as the wonderfully silly, good and sublime of RVing. Too bad if it bothers those who want continuous happy talk, they can stop reading. Most people prefer facts, even if it means we might have to respond in some productive way, or else suffer from cognitive dissonance. Lemonis is a prime example of a vulture capitalist. Buy a company, cynically take advantage of its prior good reputation, strip it down, then finally sell off to the highest bidder. In the meantime, cut your staff and make… Read more »


Terrible Organization. I purchased towing coverage from them instead of aaa. I broke down in Florida. I called them . i was 80 miles from home. aaa would have towed me 100 miles for free. After speaking and holding for 1 hour in 96 degree weather. They offered to tow me to the nearest RV park. I argued and they said they would tow me to a repair center. The place was in a Tampa ghetto. They were closed. I had to pay 680.00 to get towed home. Never ever would i recommend these Losers. Bye Bye and stay gone.… Read more »


We will not set foot in a Camping World unless we have an emergency need with no other option. That said we’ve been happy with Good Sam’s. We are perhaps not the most sociable of folks so local chapters etc. have never been that big of deal. We have used the GS roadside assistance and let me tell you it is head and shoulders above FMCA, who once left us stranded at a rest area for 24 hours while they were playing two tow companies against each other. We left FMCA completely after that. No doubt that the GS CEO… Read more »

Martin Qualey

Chuck, I have asked Bob Zagami to filter an email to you on my behalf. You have struck the nail on the head in many ways, but at the same time you have insulted a fine group of Samaratins that strive to continue the legacy that made the GS name a valuable commodity. Don’t sell short folks caring for others. I wish NOT to offend you but rather seek your assistance to perpetuate our missions. The Maine Good Sam chapters exemplify what the Samaritan Spirit is all about. We invite all to get to know, and join, us before conclusions… Read more »

Paul Relgne

The Samaritans in the N.T. were not popular with tribe of Judah. Makes one wonder why the GS Club is on its way down.

Goldie Hanson

I have no love for Lemonis or CW – will not shop there – but I am a lifetime GS member. Love my RV Plus/Flying J card and I really like and use the trip planner on the Good Sam website. I’ve tried a few others and find that one easiest to use when planning out routes and stops. The card has more than covered the cost of membership over the years – and we’ve stayed at some nice GS parks. Not costing me anything to maintain the membership so I’ll continue to use what works for me. The man… Read more »

Captn John

I watched 2 episodes of The Profit and no more. We would like to say Lemonis is a crook, but he is not. He is a shyster, no doubt. I’m no fan of his or his show. I never saw him pull a gun and force a deal on anyone. From what I saw it was either terrible business decision or greed that made them take his money. His methods are terrible, but people ask for them. CW ~ I’ve found the best prices and service (warranty and non) at the CW nearest me. There are several dealers in between,… Read more »

George Shafer

Chuck Your continued ranting concerning Camping World Good Sam and Marcus Lemonis is getting old. I know of no RV dealer ship that would not offer 20 year loans to perspective buyers. Camping World offers RV related items that Wal Mart Amazon Costco and others sell. Autimetly the consumer will decide were they want to spend their money. I think as RV buyers we should be more concerned with 2 RV manufacturers building 90% of RV’s. Also Marcus purchasing all the RV dealerships. Seems as if Marcus is offering these dealers enough money since they are selling out in record… Read more »

Frank Teale

I’m in complete agreement. RV Travel could be the next club to do what GS used to do. Go for it!

Kevin Dean



Hello, how do you remove the G/S Club decals off TT ( gel-coat ) ?

RV Staff

Hi, Charlie — Here’s a video from RV With Tito that we shared awhile ago about removing decals: It should help. Good luck! —Diane at

Carl Geis

Use a heat gun or blow dryer to slowly heat the decal until you can peel it off. Heat the area where you want to start first, then continue to move across the decal. Be careful – don’t overheat the gel coat to hurry the job.

Doc Fuddled

Another idea just came to me. I think I’ll put a piece of red electricians tape diagonally across the decal. Kinda like the round “no parking” traffic signs.


Use car wax

Darrel Wheeler

Heat gun and time.

Warren K

The more I learned about Lemonis the more disgusted I became with all aspects of his empire. I no longer shop at CW unless desperate, dropped my GS Roadside Assistance in favor of AAA, and don’t ask for the GS discount at RV Parks.


This is the only reason to remain a member of Good Sam: needs to cut the same deal with FlyingJ and Pilot for a fuel card. Then we can all drop Good Sam and pay for a annual membership with RVTravel instead. Please consider getting this done as a top priority.

Jim Brookshire

Flying J and Pilot Diesel prices are so inflated that the discount is worthless! Maybe ok if you buy gasoline, but 10% to 25% premium to buy diesel at Pilot/Flying J is foolish. And an extra charge for credit. Where is RV Travel at exposing this rip off?

Doc Fuddled

Been traveling since 1997. I used to use the truckstop pumps because I knew there would be room to maneuver my rig through the pumps, but I never saw a competitive fuel price at them. Even using their discount fuel cards the price to me was no great bargain.

Bob Peavey

I used to have the same concerns as you until I had a chance to talk to a senior VP for LOVES last year and I learned some things that put the Big Rig pricing issue in perspective — issues that most regular fuel stations don’t have. State regulations for large dispensers of fuel are required to have differently constructed tanks, more fuel spill safety systems, emergency spill procedures, more inspections, fuel transfer systems between tanks, and contamination procedures. Their tax basis is higher because of the much larger land mass they occupy and they have higher overhead costs to… Read more »

Patrick M

I’ve belonged to Good Sam for decades. I’ve never had a problem or an issue with them. I’ve used their road service and the results were outstanding every time. My daughter bought 2 trailers from Camping World and they were just fine with the whole process including some warranty work. While it’s true they have seemed to back away from much of their social services these aren’t things I ever used or would consider using. Personally, I find my membership cost effective and very worthwhile. As for your constant railing against them, it really gets tiresome. It’s constant and virtually… Read more »


Good Sam Club is no longer good, and the CEO is a true scumbag.


My Wife and I are both Life Members and as of August this year, we will NO LONGER Carry their Road Side Assistance anymore. It was a good club to belong too, until Lemonhead took over. I HOPE LEMON-Man realizes he can’t take it with him on his last day on earth? I guess if he ever decides to Liquidate Camping World and his other properties, he will Burn them down one at a time, and reap the profits. Too bad. I continue to tell people, DO NOT SHOP at CAMPING WORLD! Maybe if sales and stock prices drop enough… Read more »

Jason Epperson

Lemonis may also be bringing the RV industry to its knees this year by “drastically reducing” stock on dealership lots.

John T

McAfee says that link contains malicious code. RV Miles is above board, so the page has probably been hacked.

Bob p

We are life members of Good Sam Club, and since Marx lemon took over I wish I could get my money back. I was an annual member until I was elected as president of a local chapter in AL at which time I decided to become a life member. That was over 25 years ago, it is shameful what 1 man has done to a once good organization. May he forever be cursed with his money!


Just my 2 cents…before Amazon and retailers went on line, we used to have a Camping World store near to us in Faifield, Ca. It was big and convenient. They had a parts counter where you could order many things specific to your brand of rig. Some time just after Marcus bought the company, they built a new facility farther away. It’s much smaller in comparison…the parts portion of it. I don’t think CW can compete on any level anymore. Personally, I don’t understand anyone’s need to go there anymore. If you like to see or touch a product before… Read more »


I’m very surprised that Walmart doesn’t turn their tiny little RV section into a small CW-type store, most especially with the number of RV’s that are using their parking lots as layovers or even RV parks!