How to easily remove old, ugly decals from your RV


If your RV is getting up there in age, there’s a good chance its decals are not looking so good — faded out, cracked, even peeling. Here’s an easy way to remove them using a blow dryer and WD-40. Easy! Watch the short video for a demonstration.

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Chuck B
2 hours ago

I can say from personal experience that a hair dryer will do nothing to remove decals from a 1999 Fleetwood Bounder. Chuck

2 years ago

It works if the decal is still essentially in one piece, but if the decal is badly crazed & split into a thousand pieces, it doesn’t come off that easily. Then it’s best to use a plastic razor blade in a long handled scraper to scrape off the heat softened tiny pieces. An that process tends to leave a lot more residue behind, which means more rubbing with WD40 or denatured alcohol to clean it up.