Tuesday, September 27, 2022


How to easily remove old, ugly decals from your RV

If your RV is getting up there in age, there’s a good chance its decals are not looking so good — faded out, cracked, even peeling. Here’s an easy way to remove them using a blow dryer and WD-40. Easy! Watch the short video for a demonstration.

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Cliff Thomson
2 years ago

It was a two year project. We tried the eraser in the drill that left a bunch of goop and decal pile up. We did the heat gun, but the decals came off in pieces and it burned. The best was Walmart’s lacquer thinner and the plastic razor blades.We went through a number of spray bottles as the thinner dissolved some of them, but it worked and left little residue.

2 years ago

I’m hoping the hair dryer will work on my 3 year old MH. The dealer put a sizable decal with their name and website on the rear upper area. I paid them for my motor home but they aren’t paying me for advertising. If I ever decide to trade it in on something else and purchase from them again… I will have them add to the contract that they will be removing the decal.

1 year ago
Reply to  cee

The non-stick cooking spray works great to get those off. Just be careful it doesn’t get on one you don’t want to remove.

Chuck B
2 years ago

I can say from personal experience that a hair dryer will do nothing to remove decals from a 1999 Fleetwood Bounder. Chuck

4 years ago

It works if the decal is still essentially in one piece, but if the decal is badly crazed & split into a thousand pieces, it doesn’t come off that easily. Then it’s best to use a plastic razor blade in a long handled scraper to scrape off the heat softened tiny pieces. An that process tends to leave a lot more residue behind, which means more rubbing with WD40 or denatured alcohol to clean it up.

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