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The “other Grand Canyons” are worth a stop too. Check these out

While researching for an extended trip we hope to take in 2023, I Googled “Grand Canyon.” I’d hoped to find information about the Grand Canyon in Arizona. (The only Grand Canyon I thought existed!) Imagine my surprise when I found a map of the U.S. dotted with more Grand Canyons than I could count! Suddenly I’m not planning a trip for 2023. I’m working on mapping out a route that includes many of the lesser-known “other Grand Canyons.” And we plan to see them soon!

Each Grand Canyon has its own special features. You might just have one in your home state ‘cause these beauties are in places from Maine to California and Louisiana to North Dakota! They’re (almost) everywhere!

Let’s look at just a few of the “other Grand Canyons” in the Midwest:

The Little Grand Canyon. Located in my current state of residence, Missouri! Grand Gulf State Park’s canyon was formed by a system of collapsed caves in the Ozark mountains. Located near the Missouri/Arkansas state line, this canyon extends for almost a mile in length and features walls as high as 130 feet. I’m hoping to hike the trails at the top, but Hubby (the more adventurous of our dynamic duo) may want to trek to the bottom.

Little Grand Canyon, Illinois. Located right smack dab in the middle of the Mississippi River’s floodplain is this Grand Canyon. A 365-foot climb will take you from the canyon floor to the top of this unexpected sight, and you’ll see sandstone cliffs all along the way. Looks good to me!

Arkansas’ Grand Canyon. Hoping to visit this Grand Canyon via motorcycle! Located in the northwestern part of Arkansas, this gem is in the heart of the Ozark National Forest. Formed by the Buffalo River, the canyon ranges from 3,500 to 6,000 feet from the rim to the bottom. The distance across the gorge is as wide as 15.5 miles in some spots, so there’s a lot to explore. I can’t wait!

Check out this Google Map to find even more “other Grand Canyons.” You just might find one near you! Happy exploring!


It’s a great time to visit “the Grand Canyon of the Mojave”



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Mark Nelsen
4 months ago

You forgot to mention the second largest canyon in America, Palo Duro Canyon. Palo Duro Canyon is a canyon system of the Caprock Escarpment located in the Texas Panhandle near the cities of Amarillo and Canyon. As the second-largest canyon in the United States, it is roughly 120 mi long and has an average width of 6 mi, but reaches a width of 20 mi at places.

4 months ago

I lived in Western New York State until I moved to the SW in my 30s. We visited Letchworth SP (near the Finger Lakes) a lot, so it gave me a love of big holes in the ground. I’ve visited others, Grand Canyon NP is an annual visit, spending most of a week at each Rim, minimum.

Charles Howard
4 months ago

There’s a nice little Canyon on OLD Route 6 just northwest of Wauneta NE (Southwest NE) known as “The Little Canyon” or formally the Frenchman Creek Valley. Has a small overlook and parking area.

4 months ago

Oh, thank you for this article, I like to save these links in a folder, for when we are on the road and looking for interesting places and things to do. More Articles like this please, where there is a collection of similar places of interest across the US or regional. Museums, natural wonders, baseball stadiums, local museums of interest, Made in the USA, the list is endless. Would make a great weekly column.

Bob M
10 months ago

They forgot The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, also referred to as the Pine Creek Gorge, stretches for over 45 miles with depths of nearly 1500 feet. The dynamic topography of the PA Grand Canyon creates many scenic wonders, including steep canyon walls and waterfalls.

The PA Grand Canyon is part of the Tioga State Forest, beginning just south of Ansonia, PA, near Wellsboro. One of the most popular attractions to the canyon is the Pine Creek Rail Trail, a converted railroad bed that travels along the Pine Creek Gorge at the floor of the canyon.

USA Today cites the Pine Creek Rail Trail as one of the 10 great places to take a bike tour in the world. Because of the gentle grade, the trail offers easy pedaling, hence it can be experienced with minimal physical impact and basic biking gear. And of course it also makes for good hiking and running.

4 months ago
Reply to  Bob M

Thanks for adding our local Grand Canyon. I’d like to also add that it is accessible off historic Rte 6 that runs across NoPA and has some very nice small towns with Victorian era architecture. A beautiful ride, especially during leaf peeper season!

Jeff Signorini
10 months ago

Grand Canyon of the Pacific on Kauai. Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks – Letchworth State Park, Upstate New York. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Many others.

Mel Jones
10 months ago

You left out one of the nicest state parks in Texas. Palo Duro State Park. Located southeast of Amarillo Tx and east of Canyon Tx. Beautiful scenery, nice RV spots, and the world famous Texas Play every summer. Check it out.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mel Jones

This place is awesome and everyone should see the play!

Joe Allen
10 months ago

Utah’s Grand Canyon! Near Price, Utah!

1 year ago

Red Bluff is Mississippi’s Little Grand Canyon.

1 year ago

If you’re in the East be sure to visit the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania,

steve jensen
1 year ago

Johnson Canyon in Banff

1 year ago

Definitely Canyonlands in Utah!

Glenda Alexander
1 year ago

Another pretty one is Providence Canyon State Park near Florence, Georgia.

1 year ago

Canyons are marvels of geology and erosion. The Grand Canyon is so immense it is hard to truly comprehend. Another one not mentioned in the comments would be the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. An amazing example of erosion so narrow and so deep that there are places within it that the sun supposedly never shines, hence the name. A wonder for sure and narrow enough to comprehend its immensity when viewed from its many overlooks.

10 months ago
Reply to  Ray

We just saw Black Canyon of the Gunnison last week. It was spectacular! And on a scale that is easier to comprehend than “the Grand Canyon”.

Lisa Adcox
4 months ago
Reply to  Christine

We were there almost 5 years ago. What a beautiful place.

Judith Castle
1 year ago

Thanks to DPHooper for the nice comment about our brand new New River Gorge National Park here in southern WV. Beautiful!!!

Jeff Signorini
10 months ago
Reply to  Judith Castle

We visited New River Gorge area last fall for two weeks. Truly a spectacular area. Beautiful.

1 year ago

New River Gorge Ntl Park in WV , we just left, totally amazing country
Palo Duro Canyon outside Amarillo TX
Canyon de Chelyabinsk AZ

Rick V
1 year ago

Another Grand Canyon in AZ, Canyon De Chelly (pronounced “d shay”). Located in northeastern AZ, near the town of Chinle. On the Navajo reservation.

Joe Allen
1 year ago

You missed one of the best to see in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone! Absolutely beautiful and spectacular! Well worth the visit while here in Yellowstone NP!

Randy Bitner
1 year ago

Pine Creek Grand Canyon in north-central Pennsylvania Quite the view, all trees, you can hike down to the base and walk the Little Pine trail, old railroad bed, through the canyon. I usually bike parts of this 52 mile path. Only class 1 electric bikes are allowed.

1 year ago

Little River Canyon, Fort Payne, Alabama. Just off I-65. Deepest and Biggest East of the Mighty Mississippi.

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