Friday, May 14, 2021
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Stay overnight on lava fields in Grants, New Mexico

By Nanci Dixon A fun and informative stop on our recent travels was the lava fields in Grants, New Mexico. The huge rocks and slabs...

Is traveling to Alaska with your RV on your bucket list?

A couple of weeks ago we asked our readers, "Tell us: What is your dream RV trip?" Can you guess what the number one...

In the last 20 years have you visited a California redwood grove?

Oh, the beautiful redwood forests! Have you ever been to any of the beautiful, mysterious groves in California? If so, when was the last...

What is your favorite part of the U.S.?

We know this is a hard question (trust us, we knooooow). But if you had to pick one part of the U.S. that's your...

Meet our newest National Park: New River Gorge National Park and Preserve

By Gail Marsh The COVID-19 virus brought us many new and unique experiences: face mask fashion, months-long isolation, work-from-home, social distancing, and even schooling via...

RVing the U.S. Civil Rights Trail: Top destinations

By Nanci Dixon Expand a National Parks bucket list by traveling the U.S. Civil Rights Trail. This has been an unprecedented year of social and...
Heuco Tanks

Find 12,000-year-old pictographs at this Texas campground

By Nanci Dixon Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site is a magical destination just east of El Paso, Texas. It's named for the rock...
Roadside America

RV App Reviews: Roadside America – Don’t miss a thing!

By Tony Barthel Have you ever come home from a journey and told friends about your prior destination and they then turned around and asked...

How many U.S. states in the “Lower 48” have you visited with an RV?

For those of us who own an RV, our "home on wheels," it's entirely possible to spend time in a different state every day...

Do you have a current passport? 

In one of our polls we asked you if, when traveling, you'd rather leave the country or stay in the U.S. By far, the...

Hot, hotter, too hot… The snowbird migration is changing

By Barry Zander With temperatures in the Southern Belt of America rising rapidly, the effect on snowbirds is already a fact. It’s a sign of...

Is a trip with your RV on Route 66 on your bucket list?

Ah, the open road, quirky roadside attractions, ol' mom 'n pop diners, saguaro-studded sunsets... doesn't that sound nice? That's Route 66, and it's disappearing...