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Have an RV mod to share with the rest of us?

Calling all handymen (and handywomen)! We want to see the modifications you’ve made to your RV, AND, we want to share them with our readers.

Have you found a way to make hitching up your trailer a little easier? Have you designed and made your own leveling jack blocks? How did you maximize your basement storage? Inquiring minds want to know how to do them too.

We look forward to seeing your RV modifications! Please follow these guidelines when submitting your how-to instructions for your project.

• Brief title of what you did (Example: I found a way to tie down my awning for transport).

• What kind of RV (Motorhome, Fifth Wheel, Travel trailer, etc)

• List of all tools and supplies needed to complete the project 

Photos, preferably step-by-step

Instructions (Step 1….Step 2…..etc.)

Cost. Please be specific; don’t estimate.

Conclusion (What would you have done differently? Is it still working after __ months?)

Send submissions and/or questions to :

Russ (at)



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Wayne Caldwell
5 years ago

To add extra storage behind our sofa-sleeper, I pulled it away from the wall about 6 inches and built a shelf from a couple of 1 x 6 x 72″ . I added a 45° angle cut from the 1 x 6 and four shelf supports to hold it to the wall then stained it to almost match the wood in our interior. Now we have a great window sill, and an out-of-sight storage area for a folding table, stool, chair, sleeping for and other flat items. Cost was maybe $15 and about an hour time. And my bride can set various decorations along the window.

Wayne Caldwell
5 years ago
Reply to  Wayne Caldwell

Supposed to be ‘sleeping cot’…

5 years ago

●Counter extension. My friend took a big cutting board I had that was the right size and put it on a hinge at the edge of my sink. Pop it up when you need it. It’s awesome when you need more room and your sinks and stove are in use.
●Shoe racks cut up and tacked to the wall. I’ve got them in a few places: inside a closet door, at the entrance for things you need in a hurry, and on the wall the bed is up against -in lieu of a night stand.
●magnetic flag for hitching up. Pop it on the tongue of the trailer and it’s super easy to hook up to the trailer. I bought mine at Canadian Tire.

5 years ago

To keep the shelves looking new and from scratches I bought baskets from Wal Mart. I think 15 high and 12 wide. I put all my food cans and other food groups in there. I also use them on all the shelves except under the sink. The baskets also hold all my utensils as well. I want the cabinets to look new and stay new and be able to find things. They are wicket plastic material. Go check it out. Thats my mod.

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