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Take an RV break and stay at the historic Red Bay Hotel in Red Bay, AL

Our motorhome is in the shop in Red Bay, Alabama, getting repaired from a disastrous mistake. We could have stayed with it in the shop, but the paint and fiberglass dust was too much for my husband.

Red Bay, Alabama, is a small town and home of Tiffin motorhomes. There is one hotel, two small grocery stores, one McDonald’s, a Jack’s, a Subway and a dollar store. Oh, and a dog food plant.

The Hotel Red Bay sign outside the building
Hotel Red Bay. Photo credit: Nanci Dixon

Where to go?

Not being sure where we would go, we sat down at McDonald’s for coffee (no yogurt parfaits here) and I looked through reviews of nearby hotels. Hotel Red Bay had stellar reviews! Most were 5 star! One 3 star, but he seemed like kind of a grouch anyway.

Never having been to an “off-brand” hotel, we decided to take the risk. We didn’t have a lot of choices in the area anyway, and this was right across the street from the Tiffin Owners’ waiting lounge.

Franklin County Historic Landmark

Wow! It is a Franklin County historic landmark. The property dates back to 1838 and the first hotel was built in 1900. The tiny frame structure was replaced by a brick building in 1924. Through the years it has had different owners and managers, opened and closed.

In November 2020 it reopened (during COVID) with Sherri and Jody Ferris pouring their hearts into making it a welcoming and unique boutique hotel.

The hotel has been thoroughly updated with modern bathrooms, air conditioning, paint and electricity but still retains the historic ambiance. All the rooms are unique, furnished with antiques, and mixed with modern touches. This is the Bible Belt so there is an open Bible in every room and open area.

Each Hotel Red Bay room is unique

A bed at the Hotel Red Bay A bathroom at Hotel Red Bay A bible sits in most rooms at Hotel Red Bay

It’s so clean!

It is beautiful! Best of all, it is clean, clean, clean! It is the cleanest hotel I have ever been to. Thank you, Sheri!

This is still an old hotel and in 1924 they did not put in an elevator so we needed to be able to navigate the stairway up to the rooms. That is the point my husband asked me, “What did you pack? Bricks?”

BelHaven Heights Gifts

Sheri and Jody maintain and manage this beautiful hotel with a little help from their sons and an occasional college student. In the lobby, Sheri has created a lovely gift shop, BelHaven Heights Gifts, with items of a southern flavor. Light lunches are available in the lobby during the week and everything is served with a hearty dose of Southern Hospitality.

Of course, I would rather be in our motorhome, but this was a wonderful alternative. And as Bob and Judy Tiffin wish us all, “Happy Trails.”

If you have a Tiffin motorhome and need a place to stay in Red Bay, AL, check out Hotel Red Bay. You won’t regret it! Plus, it’s nice to get away from the RV every now and again, isn’t it?




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9 days ago

Sheri is a sweet little ball of fire! I wish I had an ounce of her energy! 😄 If you go across the street from the Red Bay Hotel and visit the pet friendly side of the Downtown Tiffin Customer Lounge, you will see a giant print of our dogs on the wall. We love being able to use the lounge while we wait for service.

9 days ago
Reply to  Kristine

Sounds like you visit the Tiffin service center quite a bit…is there something we should know?

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