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How did 2018 treat you?


How can it be 2019? Wasn’t it just yesterday most of us were staring at the clock at midnight in the final moment of 1999, waiting for the power across America and the world to shut down, sending the planet into chaos?

The power didn’t even flicker, of course (whew!), which was good enough reason to slap down another mind-altering beverage!

Well, now 2018 has come and gone. How was the year for you? Was it a good one, or one you’re prefer to forget? We’re hoping the results show it was good for most of you, but let’s see how the numbers go.

Please feel free to leave a comment. Tell us about your evening back on December 31, 1999, when the clock struck midnight.

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Jane Rimmer
3 years ago

We had a great year. Weekend trips with our local Coachmen Owners Association in April through October, camping, food, and friendship. A rally to Great Smoky Mountains National Park in April with National COA; rainy, but that made the waterfalls beautiful. And a Fall Foliage Festival – Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. We added some activities in the White Mountains National Forest, and in New York on the way home.
We spent a week at Christmas with my parents, brother & SIL, at my brother’s farm in North Carolina.

Sarah Karnes
3 years ago

We sold our home to move closer to family. Hauled our RV back first and then flew back to pick up goods and once again drove back . Blew a tire 30 miles from destination with 2400 dollars in damage but at least we could live in it until we found a house. That took 2.5 months by the time we closed on a home. Finally settled and hoping everyone has a better 2019.

Sarah Karnes
3 years ago

2018 could have been better but overall it was good.

3 years ago

We had our last RV trip in 2018. After 58 years of RVing, we decided to give it up for good. We are now in our 80s, and have arthritis and other age related problems. But the real reason is crowded RV parks and a younger, different group of folks at the RV parks. We just don’t fit in anymore. For years we would go to the north coast shortly after Labor Day, and stay for a week or so at one of our favorite parks. This year we called Bodega Bay RV park, and could only get three nights in the last week of September. They were booked solid through October. Olema Ranch was the same. Chuck, you said this was going to happen. So, we took the three nights at Bodega. Our little R-pod looked so silly between a 30 ft 5th wheel and a diesel pusher. Anyway, we enjoyed the day we had, and then pack up and drive back home. The conclusion was that this just isn’t any fun anymore. The trailer sold three weeks later.

Heather Gebbia
3 years ago

2018 was our 4th year of fulltime travel and unfortunately the worst due to our Heartland RV horror story: But we choose to keep a good attitude and are hopeful that 2019 will be better. As I worked on our 4th Nomadiversary video, I was reminded that 2018 wasn’t all bad. We did have plenty of good experiences and I don’t want our horror story to be the only thing we remember about that year.

Captn John
3 years ago

Few complaints on 2018. We stayed as healthy as older people can expect and be thankful for. We took the 5er on a 8 day trip as Hurricane Florence decided to visit. Returned from the trip and found only slight damage. We spent nearly 200 nights while traveling the SE US. Financially, 2018 was fantastic. Have been looking for a new near coastal FL to winter 2019/2020 and not having much luck. Just looking for a change of scenery.

Diane Mc
3 years ago

2018 started out terribly. First time in 14 years we missed our trip to the Daytona 500 & Florida due to medical issue with husband. In Dec 2016 he had a pulse of 160 due to an infection…which they didn’t know until about the 7 day of 10 day hospital stay. They put him on a drug for 3 months that started a nightmare that finally ended in May 2018. He was a healthy man, arteries as clean as a teenagers. The drug gave him caused congestive heart failure, skin cance on his legs,, hypothyrodism, the big 3, there were other issues. The drug has a long half life, takes 1yr to 18mos or longer to leave your system. Great cancer surgeon, wound care doctors & 6 months fixed that. Thyroid meds took care of thyroid problems. The dose has been decreased 3 times and husband is close to having normal thyroid back and going off medication entirely. Drug did a number on his heart valve, which was fine in January 2017 and eventually started failing. End of April he was probably a couple months from leaving this earth. Fortunately there is a relatively new procedure (14 yrs) call a TAVR (trans aortic valve replacement). They insert thru groin like a angiogram. He was out of surgery in 35 minutes & home in 2 days. Took him very little time to return to his pre Dec 2016 self. Lost all the fluid (had gained 20 lbs), thyroid improving, blue skin disappearing, has energy. Only thing left is to get off thyroid meds. So, we are getting ready to leave for Florida in a week and get back to golfing. Can not say enough about what a miracle it was in May and how blessed he/we are. So 2018 was bad & good….fortunately the good came in the last half.

3 years ago
Reply to  Diane Mc

What was the drug they put him on for his infection? If you don’t mind telling…

Paul Goldberg
3 years ago

We had our share of medical problems, especially my wife, ending the year with a fall breaking her non dominant wrist followed by a faint induced by low sodium, both in December. Can’t really complain as we enjoyed travel to Ireland in the Spring and Spain and Portugal in the Fall as wet as a grand RV trip up the West coast as far as Anacortes from our fulltimers home base in Jojoba Hills SKP Resort near Temecula CA. I say “our share as being in our mid 70’s some medical problems are to be expected. We are planning on attending my 55th College Reunion in May and celebrating 55 years of marriage in June at Rochester International Jazz Festival and have two more foreign travel excursions booked.

Randy Bitner
3 years ago

It was a terrible year. Camping wise, we had over 70 inches of rain, everytime we went out on east coast it rained. My brother had an operation that should have been two days, ended up being 39 days in Intensive care this summer (June and July). My mother passed away December 11th. So many business I had to deal with end of December were closed or low on staff. I was sleeping at midnight at home at the pass through time. 2019 Will be better!

Jerry Glazman
3 years ago

It was a terrible year. Lost my wife of almost 55 years. At least I can be thankful for the 12 wonderful years of full timing seeing things that we never dreamed we would get to see. Do have some great memories but they don’t replace having her with me.

Mike Booker
3 years ago

2018 started out on a bad note. In late 2017 I developed afib and sleep apnea. So my start to 2018 started with visits to the Dr. and hospital for treatment and tests. Finding the right medication and adjusting the doses. Many tests and lots of blood draws. All this living in northern Minnesota where the winters are not the best. I had to use a step ladder to get up into the truck. Thank God for my wife, my angel. They tried to get my heart back in rhythm in Jan. with out any luck. So more meds and tests. Finally on March they zapped it back into rhythm. But it wasn’t over yet. In August I had a procedure called Aorta Ablation. It was a success. So 2018 ended on a good note. It is now mid January and the old ticker is ticking like it should. Spending the winter in Texas but never far from any medical facility, just to be on the safe side. 2019 is going to be a better year.

Elizabeth Carter
3 years ago

Lots of ups and downs in 2018. It was our worst year ever for medical problems. I had rotator cuff surgery in March, broke my right arm in Sept. My husband had a knee replacement in June and a shoulder replacement in late November. The constant physicians and physical therapy appointments kept us in Florida for almost the entire year….including an unusually hot summer. We had a mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Michael and returned to find our seawall heavily damaged and a large tree down in the yard. That said, we are so fortunate that all of these issues were minor in the overall scheme of things. We have good health insurance, we have a comfortable cottage in Florida with family just across the street, the seawall can be repaired and the tree didn’t hit anything. We got away to the Missouri Ozarks for a week of camping and paddling with friends and we made several long weekend camping trips. We are looking forward to more adventures this year…my 80th!

Patti Lounsbury
3 years ago

We had a lovely 2018. Oh it had its ups and downs, all years do, but by and large, it was pretty good. We spent mid-Spring through late Fall up in Chama, NM working on restoring rail cars with Friends of the Cumbres and Toltec, staying in a wonderful campground. Every late afternoon everyone wanders down to the trestle over the river to wave at the train as it pulls into town, stand and chat a bit and then just enjoy the evening. We just began our 6th year of doing this when my husband was hired by the railroad to work as a Dispatcher and train painter, plus all sorts of other interesting jobs. We love the railroad so this was a great event for us. As our campground closed on the first of October, we just moved down the road to another beautiful campground to finish our season. We got everything packed up in sunny weather to head back to the sticks-n-bricks for the winter, had the fiver unpacked and in safe storage before the rain and snow hit. We only live about 80 miles south of our “other home” and so can check on the garden and play with our grandson whenever we lik e. Come December and it’s north again for my husband to play Santa on the train, put up in a very nice hotel for free, sponsored by the owners, for the Chama runs and in a fun bed and breakfast in Antonito, CO for the Colorado runs. Yep, another great year, I can hardly wait for Spring.

3 years ago

We are happy to see 2018 in the rearview mirror. We had multiple truck breakdowns with thousands of dollars in damage. I had a serious leg injury and eye problems. We had a failed work assignment in AZ with a hail storm capping off our disastrous trip, to the tune of $7,800 damage to our nearly new trailer. We are happily back hosting for Oregon State Parks and once again enjoying the beautiful Oregon Coast.

Frank Dajnowicz
3 years ago

Camping wise, 2018 sucked. Due to health issues, I had to cancel all my camping/travel plans in 2018. The Docs still won’t allow me to fly, which is okay with me, since I can no longer fly in the cattle car section, even while medicated. Having to travel 1st or business can eat up your travel budget real quick. I can drive up to 5 hours a day, but I have to stop at least hourly to walk around. The Docs want to do a procedure, but I am going to do my camping/traveling 1st priority. Life’s a {bleeped} and then you die. I’m changing that line to: “Life’s a {bleeped}, but I am going to enjoy the {bleeped} part, then die”

Janeen McGinn
3 years ago

2018 was an amazing year for us. We celebrated 40 years of marriage in Jan, we both retired in May, bought a new 40′ motorhome and traveled for 5 months, our daughter got married, and we both turned 60. Lots of celebrating and we are looking forward to a calmer 2019!

3 years ago

It was my year for physical breaks – first I shattered my left wrist when I fell upstairs inside my fiver while putting things away. I was a full month late returning to my Workamping position in New York, and my daughter was kind enough to drive me back. In August – same thing in reverse – I fell downstairs at work, slipping on a piece of plastic I could not see as I had my hands full, banged my right knee into the door frame, split my scalp open and hit my left shoulder so hard that it fractured in two places. It was two weeks before I could even attempt to leave New York. My daughter and her best friend drove over with my daughter’s truck to bring me back to Michigan. We had two trucks as one of our seasonal campers built me a beautiful, non-portable set of wooden steps for outside my door, which we wanted to bring back with us.

During all the activity of doctor visits, x-rays, MRIs and PT, I was totally going unaware my Florida Driver’s License was up for renewal – thinking I had one more year, like my truck and RV. In the past, online renewal was no issue – one of the Florida perks with being full-time and traveling.

Well, it appears that we are in for a major shake-up which goes into effect on October 1, 2020. Women who have been married more than once, and those who have legally changed their names or genders for other reasons, could find a few hurdles, as the whole USA is forced into ‘Real ID’ or whatever term your state uses.

My renewal notification required me to return to Florida to renew my license – with added documentation. Using a mail forwarding service – about twice a year, as I do most of my banking, etc online – I had sent for it in order to get my updated truck/RV insurance card. It arrived on Friday – two days before my license expired, with the new, required paperwork requested.

With all my messed up body parts, there was NO way to return to Florida in time. I was unable to fly as my right knee is too stiff to sit in a coach airline seat, and getting up and down from a low seat was almost impossible with only one good arm. Then there was the fear of being jostled. The fractures in my left shoulder were compromised, and any bang could break it. With only one good arm, carrying anything was too much strain.

My only recourse was to give up my Florida residency and become a Michigander once again, after 14 years.

On my birthday, my son-in-law drove me to the Secretary if State office to register my truck, fiver and get my new driver’s license. I also had to switch my insurance to Michigan, which I did on the way, totally in shock over the higher Michigan rate.

The truck and fiver switches were no problem, and Michigan’s low, one-time-only fee for a permanent towable license, was a nice surprise.

I was unable to get my Driver’s License that day. Being unable to drive without pain yet, that part wasn’t the issue – having no legal ID was.

I did not have a copy of my marriage certificate, which showed my name change. Long divorced, I stopped at the courthouse for a copy of my divorce decree – but it was not acceptable as my name was listed with a middle initial and not spelled out. I had to contact Las Vegas for a certified copy of my marriage certificate, showing my name in full – which took about two weeks. ( I was traveling when my divorce was finalized and had never received a copy and was unaware my name had not reverted to my maiden name, or there would have been no issues).

On a brighter note, I was able to get an enhanced Michigan DL, which works like a Passport Card. Without the Real ID card, US Citizens will not be allowed to fly within the US or anywhere else. A YS Passport is still required for any overseas flights – and a US Passport is accepted for updating to the RealID-compliant driver’s license.

With a Passport Card or Muchigan’s Enhanced Driver’s License, you can FLY to any US State or country, and go to Canada or Mexico only by driving. You would still need a passport to fly into either country.

It’s now mid-January, I am a legal resident of Michigan once again, and can drive short distances. My home is still my cherished fiver, but the brakes are still set as I am still unable to hook up and unhook on my own to travel. I have to decide within the next two months if I will stay put and continue my recovery through 2019, or hang up my Workamping keys permanently. For years I have Workamper for 6 months and traveled for 6 months, which I love as Workamping supports my travel months. I am healing, but don’t have my full strength back – yet – shoulders don’t mend quickly – especially at 72.

3 years ago

2018 turned out to be an expensive year for us… The year started out with our ‘toad’ having mechanical trouble, and it became evident it was time for it to be replaced. In addition to the vehicle cost, as RVers know, you then have to add on the new tow-plate, wiring harness, InvisiBrake, parts & install… Next, the campground we normally ‘summer’ in, which previously dedicated a section for affordable monthly sites for the area summer ‘workcampers’, decided to eliminate that support, increasing our summer camping costs a good bit. And finally, hurricane Florence saw fit to hang out for a bit near our income property on the coast of NC. Needless to say, this cancelled our Fall travel plans, as we had to head to the NC coast. We’ve been camped in a campground near the property since October as we work through all the efforts of reconstruction.

Einar Hansen
3 years ago

2018 Was a pretty good for us camping wise. It was our second year at a seasonal site. It is only 45 minutes away from home and closer to work for my wife. So we made it to the campsite more then the year before for vacations and long weekends and just weekends. We had some great times with the friends we met at the campgrounds and made some new ones. We also made our yearly two week camping trip to Maine this was our 20th. year doing so. We always have a great time there with family and friends.
We are looking forward to this year and are planning for it already!

3 years ago

Every year is a great year when you are still kicking and RVing!

Tommy Molnar
3 years ago
Reply to  Dr4Film

I would have hit the “+” but it won’t let me. You’re right Dr, every year on the right side of the grass is a great year.

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