How to blast away accumulated crud from RV holding tanks


Ever thought of having your gray and black holding tanks power flushed? “Why would you?” To get out all the nasty crud that accumulates over time, that’s why! And all that crud can cause a lot of problems including faulty sensor readings, not to mention producing foul odors that find their way into your RV (and your nose!). 

In this video, see what happens when RVer David Bott’s tanks are flushed out with a whopping force of 4,000 PSI of water pressure. It ain’t pretty!

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Can I power flush my tanks with a standard home pressure washer? Is the special nozzle available online?

Mari Harvey

We had this done while in Colorado. Had been having a problem in the sensors in a 5th wheel we recently purchased used. Totally worth it!! Haven’t had any problems since and as long as we rinse well after dumping the tanks they have still been coming back clear when finished.