How an automated RV dumping system works



Doug Swarts, the inventor of the Drain Master electric sewer valve, explains how the system permits an RVer to dump his or her holding tanks remotely from inside the RV. This is the same system that editor Chuck Woodbury installed in his motorhome. Read Chuck’s essay about his system here and/or watch the video below to see its developer explain how it works. The electronic valve demonstrated is the Drain Master S2VT Pro-Series Valve.

More information is available at or by contacting Doug at or (877) 787-8833.




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It there a safety measure in case the go button is pressed and the hose is not connected?


Does it have a heater on it so the valves will not freeze up?

John Jamieson

I guess I’m too thick to get it. The “automated” part of the automated dumping system is the powered valve? One still has to go outside to hook up the hoses to the black and grey water tanks, right? And one still has to unhook the hoses from the tanks and flush them and put them away, right…? So the one part of the job that is usually the cleanest (pulling the handle to open the valve) and easiest is the powered part of the process? Whatever happened to the K.I.S.S. principle?

Fred Hebb

Sitting in Wilkes Barre, PA waiting out snow storm to the south.

Fred Hebb

I enjoyed your short video very much. I have been fifth wheeling for a number of years and knew about not leaving dump valves open all of the time so pulling the handle now and then is no problem. Quality control of newer RVs is however. A fellow told me a long time ago that they are all junk and I have a tendency to believe him. In 1972 I built a slide in camper and it was the best of all. I purchase a new fifth wheel in December 2015 and had and still have it’s issues. When I got it the stickers for the grey and black dump handles were reversed. So you can appreciate how it was when I went to dump the grey water in a grey water disposal area. Closet doors do not stay closed when travelling, in fact many times they fall in the closet. Drawers not staying closed when travelling. Slide not sliding properly and other annoying things. However the dealer said everything was checked and was fine. The manufacturers have to pay more attention to detail and the dealers have to pay more attention to their predelivery checks. For example it took many phone calls, emails, and visits to the dealer to try to find out how to turn the light on over the fifth wheel king pin. No one knew, the customer service at Keystone or the dealer. And the owners manual is a generic one that is useless so I finally found it by accident when I turned on the scare lights with the remote and I was outside. If I were younger I would buy a truck and chassis and build one myself. I built an office unit from a construction trailer some seventeen years ago and it still being used by a company and he loves it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ramble on also.

Mel Goddard

Re: The ‘remote controlled’ RV tank dump valves.

I would prefer to see what comes out of the tanks, especially black, so that I can see if any TP wads are still coming when I flush
I forsee that one can close a valve not knowing that there is a wad of TP trapped in the slide.