Saturday, March 25, 2023


How to choose the right sealant for your RV



RV sealants are essential for keeping out moisture and maintaining a firm bond between the components of your RV. In this four-minute video from RV Repair Club, learn what sealant is right for your job. They are not all created equal, as you will learn.

It’s very important for the lifespan of your RV that you complete regular inspections to ensure your RV sealants don’t have any cracks or gaps that might lead to leaks in your unit.

Depending on the type of roof material, such as rubber membrane or fiberglass, and the component it is sealed to, such as a roof cap or antenna base, it’s extremely important to select the right sealant for each part of your unit. Certain types of RV sealants are best suited for specific jobs, and you should take care to choose the right type. 

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Al Florida
5 years ago

I never ever use Silicon Sealant! When (not if) you ever need to reapply a sealant to a joint sealed with Silicone, you can’t unless you get every little bit of the silicone sealant off. (extremely difficult to get the old silicone off) Nothing sticks to the old silicone, not even new silicone sealant.

5 years ago

Pretty worthless video as most manufacturers don’t have sealant location diagrams available to RV’ers. I’ve never seen anyone recommend any silicone based sealant on a typical EPDM or RPO roof.

5 years ago

I’ve used every other caulk made and am now peeling it off and replacing with Dicor self leveling or non-leveling depending on where it is needed.

Carl Bradford
5 years ago

This video is not accurate with regards to Dicor rubber roofs To seal the vents, skylights and other items you should use Dicor Self Leveling Caulk, and nothing else.

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