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How to safely hide valuables in your RV


By Peggi McDonald and Chuck Woodbury
There are many places to create ‘out of sight’ hiding places in your RV. It’s difficult to steal something quickly when a burglar doesn’t know where to look. One common ‘hideout’ is a small container buried inside food packages such as coffee, cereal, sugar, rice etc.

Another is to buy a product that looks like a common household item, but is actually a safe. BrickHouse Security, for example, has a simple and affordable solution that’s as discreet as it is clever. Its hairbrush/safe is the last place someone would look for your valuables. It looks like a normal hairbrush. But, instead, the brush opens up to a hollow compartment. It’s a good place for a valuable ring, or maybe a few $50 bills for an emergency.

Other ideas:

Screw bottle lids to the hidden underside of a cupboard, place valuables in bottles and attach to the lids. This method is time-consuming to find when in a hurry.

•Install, hide or camouflage a fire-resistant safe, or use a hollow ‘California style safe’ that resembles cleaning products/spray cans with a false bottom. When stored with other cleaning supplies, finding the ‘safe’ takes too long.

•Store valuable papers in the freezer – it’s the last place to burn.

•Attach a storage tray behind the plate of an electric plug-in socket assembly. Install to resemble a ‘plug-in.’

•Areas behind a false panel, or under a drawer make a great large secret hide-away.

But the bottom line: use caution and common sense to keep your RV secure.

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