Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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12 ways to support your favorite campground

By Gail Marsh Do you have a favorite campground? Maybe it’s a state or national park. Or maybe it’s an RV park close to home...

A quick, easy way to make sure your RV stays cool at the next...

By Nanci Dixon Whew! It seems that the last several campgrounds my husband and I have stayed at have been closer to solar ovens than...

Don’t skimp on sleep! Tips to get better sleep in your RV

By Gail Marsh You’re away from home and surrounded by the wonders of nature. The only thing you don’t particularly love is the fact that...

Do you end up paying more for less? These hints might help

By Kate Doherty Do you fall for those advertising teasers and end up paying more for less? When shopping for groceries do you estimate per...

9 helpful ways to use pool noodles while RVing

By Gail Marsh RVers put pool (aka "swim") noodles on slide-out corners and awning braces to protect our noggins from hard knocks. But did you...

Simple ways to keep RV pipes fresh and clean

By Gail Marsh “Away go troubles, down the drain!” This old Roto-Rooter advertising jingle has been looping through my brain lately, as we’ve recently experienced...

Hot weather? Prevent food from spoiling and melting with this trick

Kate Doherty Here I go again, learning the hard way. A couple of summers ago we spent time exploring Utah. Many days, the afternoon temperatures...

20,000 RV fires occur each year. Here’s how to prevent one

By Gail Marsh What is the word that brings fear and trepidation to RVers worldwide? FIRE. And no wonder! The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA)...

Create a cozy “entryway” by transforming your RV’s dash

By Kate Doherty Do you have that special picture or piece of art that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere in your RV, but you want...

Dirty RV? Forget cleaning supplies – all you need is this kitchen item

By Gail Marsh As an RVer, storage is limited. This tip will help you free up storage space by eliminating the need for several cleaning...
Tangled charging wires

Cables in a tangle? Use this quick tip to tame them

By Nanci Dixon The multitude of thin power and charging cords for phones, tablets and computers need to be accessible, of course, but they can...

7 tips for keeping a happy marriage while RVing

Imagine that you and your partner just got married. You dated for three years, got married, and have now decided to buy an RV...