Thursday, March 30, 2023


How would you rate your Thor Ace motorhome?

In this new feature, we ask readers to rate their RVs — their overall satisfaction with the vehicle.


We ask on all surveys to respond only if you own such a vehicle, and that the model is no older than six years. The idea is to provide a resource for buyers about how owners of a particular vehicle feel about it.

If you do not own a Thor Ace, to see the results without voting click the bottom left corner of the poll question where it says “View results.” Be sure to check back later as the number of votes increases.

Please leave a comment to provide insights into your opinion of the RV.

95 Thor Ace owners responded to this poll.



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4 years ago

“If you do not own a Thor Ace, to see the results without voting click the bottom left corner of the poll question where it says “View results.” Be sure to check back later as the number of votes increases.”

I don’t see the view results tab in the bottom left corner? What am I doing wrong?

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  Don

Sorry, Don. I don’t work on the polls very much, but it looks to me that the “View results” button doesn’t appear once the voting is closed. You should just be able to see the results now even without that button. Each response option shows the percentage of voters, but if you hover your cursor over the line, it shows the actual number of votes. I hope this helps. 😀 —Diane at

Michael Galvin
4 years ago

Past poll results fail to give the number of votes.

RV Staff
4 years ago
Reply to  Michael Galvin

If you hover your cursor over each line where the options and percentages are, it should show the number of votes on that line, Michael. Thanks for writing. 😀 —Diane at

Phil Smith
4 years ago

I can’t wait until you get to asking about Leisure Travel Vans!

marty chambers
4 years ago

I won’t even look at a Thor owned RV make, Thor is making what was once leaders in the industry into crap.

For example, that brand new Airstream is not your father’s Airstream that was known for quality of materials and workmanship. Now they are made toward maximum profits. And even though they are saving themselves money they are not lowering the price! They raised them instead!

Susan Leonard
4 years ago

Our Thor Ace is four years old and we have had lots of fun in it. It is our second RV the other one was a Gulfstream which we used for 15 years.

In general RVs are made to be lightweight and as inexpensive as possible. As such the quality of material used is poor. But we have found the Thor to be particularly and really inexcusably poorly made. Silly stuff is poorly made. If the husband was not very handy we would have gotten rid of it by now.

Currently we are dealing with all upholstery peeling which is going to be pretty expensive to fix. This is not just on heavy usage areas but ALL upholstery just starting to come apart at one time. Like a notice sent out secretly from headquarters to all the upholstery saying “start to peel”. We keep it covered when in storage so this is not sun damage.

We have also had major problems with
*A/C (took camping world 6 months to get this fixed)

*leaking plumbing in the kitchen sink several times (husband has been able to fix this but he HATES plumbing)

*toilet (husband fixed this bypassing the Maserator. We now dump on the wrong side of the RV causing much discussion by neighbors at RV parks. )

*problems with the slide out requiring new gear tracts. (Husband is helping fix this by “general contracting” the project directly with manufacturers rather than simply dropping it off at camping world saving us over $1000 ).

*the front curtain track is pinched and the hooks that go into the track were rusted when it came from the factory. Now when the curtain hits that pinched spot they slice the little cords that attach to the curtain and we have to replace some of those everytime we travel. Like I said above “silly stuff”. why would those be rusted in a brand new unit? Camping world would not replace them .

We think this is a lot for a relatively new unit.
But we love our time spent in it so we suffer the issues of our problem child and just complain when the opportunity arises. like this.

Looks like Thor is taking over the intermediate price range of the RV market. This does not make me feel good about the future.

marty chambers
4 years ago
Reply to  Susan Leonard

Thor and Camping World, two names to keep away from when buying an RV!

Captn John
4 years ago

I’m 70 now and will probably not buy another unit. We like our 43′ 5er but my wife says if we would ever get another it would probably be a 40′ DP. I’m always reading about everything RV and have come to a few conclusions. 1st is the Dynamax of interest a few years ago is off the list. 2nd no Thor product would be considered and 3rd Tiffin would probably all I looked at.

marty chambers
4 years ago
Reply to  Captn John

I agree totally with you, especially about Thor. Most people do not know that Thor own the majority of known brands these days.

Tiffin seems to be the best bet for a well made reasonably priced RV. Happy trails.

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