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What we learned about you last week (October 13-19)


By Emily Woodbury

Howdy! Thanks for coming back to “what we learned about you, our favorite people, last week!” *read in loud, obnoxious game show host voice*

Photo by Motorhomes, Wikimedia

Last Saturday the drivers and the towers nearly tied in our poll. The majority, 54 percent of you, drive your RV, while a close 46 percent tow. Reader Ed is a lucky man! He commented, “Both. Have a Motor Home and Pick-up with Travel Trailer depending on the mood.” 

On Monday we learned that you don’t ever plan on becoming a full-timer, well, at least 64 percent of you don’t. We asked: Are you a full-time RVer, or do you plan to be? A decent chunk of you, 19 percent, are already full-timers, 4 percent of you would like to go full-time sometime within the next year, 5 percent would like to go full-time within the next five years, and 9 percent of you aim to full-time sometime in the future. How many times can I say full-time? Whew! Done. 

On Tuesday we were curious to know how many of you carry spare tires for your RV. Thankfully, 67 percent of you do; however, 33 percent of you do not. Reader Chuck Dunn says, “I have a Class A with 22.5 tires. They are heavy and big. I can’t move them even if I wanted to. They won’t even fit in any of my storage spaces. I have no back bumper and no ladder to the roof and no place up there even if I could get there. I do have a toad but not all the time. The size tire is very common and most, if not all, roadside dealers carry them. More bucks? Of course, but no choice.”

Puff, puff … don’t pass? Wednesday posed the question: Where recreational marijuana is legal, do you, or will you, use it? Nope, not 77 percent of you. However, about 650 voters, a combined 23 percent, said they would use it, some would often, while others infrequently. The comments about this were a little … shall we say … blunt? So we’ll leave it at that. 

Photo by Card Karma, Flickr

On Thursday we wanted to know how many times a day you check your email. The majority says, *shrug*, every so often throughout the day. We have a few important people out there: 21 percent of you say you check it regularly throughout the day and 28 percent answered they check it once or twice. A small 5 percent of you check it every day or two, and a teeny 1 percent say you only check it once a week. What you didn’t know is that this was a trick question. We really just wanted to make sure you were reading our newsletters every day. Kidding … sort of. 

All right, kids. Have a wonderful week, get out in that rich October sunshine, and we’ll see you again next week. 

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4 years ago

On the poll listed above I was curious how many people have their RV on a permanent site. We do. It’s about hour and half away from home.. Fully equipped with water and septic. We use this about 12-15 times a month. The poll was about driving and pulling RV’s. Some of us don’t pull, but enjoy the RV’s. How about a poll on this way of camping.

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