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Hubby wears same clothes for a week; what can wife do?

Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
Now that my husband and I are on the road full time, I have a hard time getting him to change his clothes. He says we meet so many new and different people, no one notices he has the same clothes on for a week.

He doesn’t wear work clothes while he is doing his constant maintenance on our rig – he wears his good clothes for those chores because he doesn’t bother to change. He has dozens of outfits, but he is just not fashion conscious. All his outfits end up turning into work clothes. I think I need to paste a post-it note on his forehead but he would never notice it.

I don’t mind doing laundry, even though many laundromats we stop at are the pits. We work as a team and can usually knock out our washing and drying duties in a couple of hours.

I don’t think I am writing you for any advice – I just need to vent a bit. —Dirty Dozen in Denton

Dear Dirty:
If your husband is happy and keeping your rig in constant repair, I think you should put it into perspective. You can buy a lot of new clothing for the cost of having your rig repaired at an RV service center. For every hour your husband clocks on the rig, ring up a hundred dollars on the clothing register.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be upset about him ruining his good clothing, but don’t make a federal case out of it. Buy him some nice clothes at a second-hand shop, hide a couple good outfits so you can take him out in public on occasion, and think of his outfits as disposable work clothing.

As for laundromats, I agree. Many are the pits, with little or no management. There are websites that review laundromats so you can see what others have discovered before you commit your money to thieving machines that steal your money and deliver no hot water.

If you are the type of travelers that stay in commercial RV parks, you will usually find better-maintained machines. If you do have a problem you will be able to find management to correct it.

The only other thing I can think of to solve your husband’s lack of clothing concern would be to get on the RV nudist campground circuit where clothing would be optional. Then you would just have to make sure he showered on a regular basis. Good luck. —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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John Koenig
3 years ago

Does hubby at least put a tarp (or piece of scrap carpet) down on the ground before crawling under the rig? If not, pick up an inexpensive tarp (<$10 for an 8'x8'). Said ground cover will help to keep his clothes cleaner and, the tarp folds into a small flat package for easy storage.

3 years ago

Your complaint is ironic because my wife complains about my sartorial habits as “exploding laundry”… I do change clothes many times each day (dress, shower, redress presentable for morning, redress for dirty jobs, redress for presentable, swim or whatever, redress for hike, redress again for dinner, redress for cool evening, etc…). To avoid washing absurd amounts of all these worn-for-an-hour clothes, some weeks I juggle several “worn but wearable again” outfits. This keeps laundry to a reasonable average volume, but you might see the same 5 outfits daily for 5 days and then I release it to be washed in sudden massive surges… Because we travel in big loops back to our house, we may save up washing even further and arrive home with a dozen or more large loads of “ripening” laundry…

So, do you prefer hubby change more often or ruin more clothes? Prefer smaller loads frequently, or spend a day washing periodically? Unless he’s offending folks by odor or greasestains, I’d say leave the poor guy alone… 😉

Liz Wharton
4 years ago

We’ve had some surprisingly great experiences in laundromats.
How about Marfa, Tx and the amazing locally made ice cream and espresso café, each machine had a name. I loved Brenda- she put the clean on our clothes.
We google laundromats and read reviews of the local offerings. Now, if you’re freaked about the other very diverse patrons or are not willing to take a damp rag to check the cleanliness of individual washers, you are out of luck.
One washateria we went to in, I think – Scranton, was so fun I hated to leave the area! They had disenfecting spray and used it after washers were vacated. And – telenovelas and nature shows on the TVs!
Break out your sense of humor, put on your adventure panties and go meet some amazing Americans!

Sandy Frankus
4 years ago

All the things I worry about with my hubby while we travel seems to be alot of everyone else’s worries. Sometimes it seems like I’m bringing a mountain man into the world of

Susan F
4 years ago

Ha ha ha! I hear ya Dirty Dozen! My guy sort of does the same. If a shirt has reached the point of becoming too stained/smelly I have been known to sabotage it and blame it on a laundromat. (My apologies to the good ones!). He did mess up a couple of his favorite shirts and has now taken to wearing the less desirable things while we are traveling so no problem if they get messed up during breaking camp or setting up. Frankly I do the same. Too much fun finding new shirts and stuff in our travels to remind us of the good times!
And Dr Shrink…kudos to you! Mentioning the nudist lifestyle as an alternative! I can attest that it sure cuts down on the laundry leaving more time for adventures! Some of the best, most grounded people we’ve met!

4 years ago

Unless his clothing becomes dirty from working on the rig, or the clothing smells of sweat then no big deal.

Alaska Traveler
4 years ago

When we travel we probably wear the same clothing over and over… But we finally bought a washer/dryer combo and wonder why it took 3 years for this decision! It probably washes clothes better then any other machine I’ve owned.

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