Saturday, February 4, 2023


I want this! Have you ever seen an RV so cute?

I just found this photo on a website called Glamper Life. It’s the cutest little motorhome I have ever seen.

Actually, it’s not an RV at all, but a golf cart disguised as a classic Winnebago motorhome. I want to buy it, then enter it in parades or maybe just to drive around the campground.

If you know anything about this, please let me know.


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3 years ago

Hi! This is my golf cart! My husband built it to cruise around the campground

2 years ago
Reply to  Brandi

Hi Brandi! So in love with your golf cart Winnebago!!! I own a 1990 G8 electric golf cart. Not sure if it matches yours as it is hidden by the corrugated siding. Can your husband get me dimensions of the cut pieces and assembly? Can I pay him for a cut list?

Dave Yates
3 years ago

This golf cart is owned by seasonal campers at our campground in Massachusetts… email me for more information

2 years ago
Reply to  Dave Yates

Can you get me more information about the cute Winnebago golf cart makeover?

3 years ago

Oh, my. We live in golf cart central in Georgia and haven’t seen one of these but I’d love to fix our cart like this!! Our little city has 100+ miles of paved cart paths and ~11,000 registered carts for 35,000 residents. Most cart owners don’t golf. They use them for shopping, going to school, work, church, etc., and just to ride around the lakes, golf courses, and other green spaces. Love it! Thanks for the photo and article. Wheels in my head are turning . . .

Nina Soltwedel
3 years ago

I can imagine this would be a delightful addition to grandparents’ backyard … without a motor, of course. The chair, table, etc., are obviously child-size. I think the grandkids would have a fun time pretending to be like G’pa and G’ma, who travel in their adult-size RV! They could sleep overnight outside and feel like real campers.

Michael Logan
3 years ago

While passing thru Mayfield, KY we found a small RV similarly to the one pictured. I sent a photo of it to the editor and hope they post it for all to see.

3 years ago

Build one it wouldn’t be that hard once you have the golf cart it’s all square angles really.

Donald N Wright
3 years ago

Why not build one with a slide out ?

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