Reader photos: Another ugly RV park


By Chuck Woodbury
We’ve established this fact through the last few years: RV parks around the USA come in three versions: Good, bad and ugly.

You figure out the category for this one. The description below and photos came from a reader named John (last name withheld because it doesn’t really matter). He wrote:


We pulled into this campground in Chokoloskee, Florida, yesterday. I thought I would share a few photos. First, our electric box connection:

I had to use two power cords to get to one that works. The breaker is only a 20 amp and it trips off all the time.
You can see that the neighboring sewer connection is under our awning. The next lot over has a nice foot rest under the picnic table from the neighbor’s sewer hose.

The cable system only has one channel and how that is possible I don’t know.

The sad thing is that this place charges $69 a night plus taxes. I would complain to the management but their office is closed on the weekends with no contact information.

We have been seeing a trend of increased prices and parks in poor maintenance. We are seasoned RVers and thought we had seen it all.

This is Saturday and according to their website they are booked for the weekend. It will be interesting to see how things work out with a full campground and these kind a facilities.

From editor Chuck:
Good luck, John. Thanks for the photos. We invite other RVers to send their “ugly campground” description and pics. Post here.

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I would have never hooked up to an electric box looking like that.


Hi Chuck,
Have you considered providing the name of these campgrounds? I would most definitely prefer to avoid them, rather than roll in and find these deplorable conditions. It might encourage the owners/management to clean it up a bit. Thanks!


More RV’ers will have to leave comments in the large/widely used sites to let others know NOT to stay…until they get hit in the pocketbook with an empty park, they won’t fix.


It’s common in commercial parks (even those with national affiliations) to have picnic tables and sewer connections close to each other. Whenever sites are close together, they don’t have many options.


I agree that it’s not only ugly, but also repulsive. But then, the poster said it would be full to capacity on the weekend, so aside from local code compliance, what motivation would the park owner have for improving their standards? After all, it’s been in the family since 1972, and they still fill it up. In the month since the post has been up, has anyone contacted the Perrine family? What was their response?

Rory R

I see and understand the problem, but giving the location without the name does not help us avoid making a reservation or registering @ this RV park before we find these conditions. One way as another commenter said would be to send pics and posts to the owner and let him respond. But to put some teeth in that complaint post the Name and location of the offending park, so fellow RV’ers can make the decision as to whether they want to do business with this park or not… I think that is fair. It would save RV’ers time and frustration and inconvenience and the owners of such parks would either have to clean up their act or sell to someone who might just do that…


Please start publishing the names of offending campgrounds or say why not.

Terri R

We had looked in to camping at that park a couple years back … we love to fish & if they had had decent rental boats available we would have been there…feeling rather sad right now because the location of this park looks outstanding …

Ron Easton

We feel your pain and will never try and add to it.

Don Kostyal

The best thing that could happen with these is for Chuck to forward the link to the owner so they could see not only the complaints but how many readers are seeing it. Also, give the owner an opportunity to respond (although what possible excuse could they offer?). Maybe even forward to the county code enforcement office.

S M Jenkins

Two things are common almost everywhere:
1. Pull-thru sites with hookups at the back so that you must unhook the dinghy in order to back the motorhome to the rear and park the dinghy up front. Even though it’s a one-night stay, and you have no need to unhook.
2. Sewer ports raised so high that stuff needs to flow uphill. Not likely.

We even parked in a city park where the sewer port was not only elevated, it was to the far right side so that we had to extend the hose under the rig.


I hope that people post reviews when they come across a bad park. I check reviews (campgroundreviews, Google, facebook, tripadvisor, etc). If it has bad reviews or no recent reviews, I pass.

Bob Godfrey

Having lived in Fl since 1969 this is all too often the case when a restaurant or RV park is near the water or has a water view. They will charge enormous amounts of money and sadly people will pay just to be near the water. We have been in many RV parks near water where our awning will “reach out and touch” our neighbor and restaurants that have a great view of water but lousy food at very high prices.

Ed & Robin D.

I think it was poor journalism to not name this particular park. Giving the rest of us a “heads up” would be the right thing to do, so we can avoid making the same mistake John did by renting there.


Why didn’t you name the campground?


Go to It has to be this park and marina. You can tell by the picture on the home page.


Just did a Google Map Search on Chokoloskee, Florida!

It’s an Island off the Florida Coast in the Everglades!

Couple of what look to be RV Parks, but couldn’t find any names.

Doing a Good Sam Search you come up with 545 parks. So it would be nice for the person who posted this to Identify the RV Park!

I think Mike Sokol would love to see that photo of the Power hookup. YIKES!

Bill T

Unfortunately a lot of campground owners know they have their customers by the wallet when it comes to commercial private owned campgrounds. If they can fit another rig in a spot they will and charge as much as the market will allow. Too many RV’s with not enough spots is campground economics 101.


This place is so bad, why didn’t you demand your money back and MOVE… The other thing I see with this article is, where is the campground name!?!?! To help readers from landing in this awful place!