Is a traditional or convection oven best in an RV?


By Chuck Woodbury

Gail and I have a combination microwave/convection oven in our motorhome. Our Winnebago Adventurer also came with a traditional oven. We did some research and decided we could do just fine with the microwave/convection arrangement. So we removed the traditional oven and installed three drawers.

It was a wise move. Gail does most of the cooking and is very happy using the convection oven. We still use the microwave for heating things up and some cooking. I am no expert on this sort of thing, but wanted to bring up the topic after reading the following question at our Facebook Group, RV Advice:

“I need to know which is better in a class A motorhome, an oven or a convection oven? We have an oven and a very small microwave, but are concerned that an oven may heat up the rig too much. We can refigure to put in a convection microwave but not really sure it’s worth the $$.”

I can personally answer the question about a traditional oven heating up the rig too much: That has never been an issue with me with my current motorhome or ones before. On hot days, we’d simply not use the traditional oven. On cold days, it helped heat the coach.

What do you think? Would you please leave a comment?

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ReneeG from Idaho

Traditional oven for us all the way. We boondock a lot or dry camp at FS campgrounds and an oven, even in July is a must. Heat is not a problem with open windows all around. A convection or microwave for us requires electricity. We have solar panels, but they won’t support running the microwave. When we do have electricity, the microwave is nice, but for us, food just doesn’t taste the same.


Convection Microwave suits me for cooking.
For those who say it’s to hot, maybe not properly vented, guess how I know.
Too hot and burns things, adjust temperature or turn during cooking.


We have the convection/microwave. It’s all I use, no gas oven, when I did have in prior RV, it was storage.

Marilyn Grange

I wonder how convection\Microwave do when one is boon-docking?


We have a convection oven in our RV and I really dislike using it. It gets TERRIBLY HOT and generally sets off the smoke alarm (not because of smoke but just the heat). It takes hours to cool off which means the fan in it runs automatically that whole time. I’m so sorry I don’t have a traditional oven as I did in our last RV


I always thought we needed a regular oven in our RV but the current RV we have now has micro/convection & an oven and we just don’t use the regular oven. It is a pain to light, we don’t leave the pilot light on & a pain to clean. As a matter of fact we just purchased a convection oven that we use outside as another oven. So much easier to use. If we purchase another RV it will be without a conventional oven but I would like a dishwasher!

Ed K

Wife wanted the conventional oven, so I installed one in place of some drawers. Convection Microwave is used as a Microwave. Wife is happy and I am well fed.


We have a traditional oven in our camper and of course it is a small one. I just needed to figure out how to use it without burning meals in it.
Luckily I use to be a chef for many years and solved it quickly. We keep a pizza stone in the bottom to spread the heat properly with no hot spots.
Yes a convection oven would be nice but having room for one in our tight space.


It all depends on preferences and if the convection oven works. Mine does not work well. I have used commercial convection ovens so know how to cook with them, but the one in my MH, which is 19 years old, has never worked right. Not to mention all the heat it puts out. I prefer my regular oven. I use it at least 3 times a week even in hot weather. When it is hot out I turn the stove fan on which sucks much of the heat out.


We have a Fleetwood Pace Arrow with both types in it. The wife loves the convection style and here in Fla, the day time temps make the use of the gas oven problematic due to the heating up of the coach. Cookies to roast, they all come out fine.


We have a Newmar with a microwave/convection oven and love the extra drawers in place of a traditional oven. Really like the convection oven but don’t use it much in hot weather due to the heat it generates inside the coach which the AC units cant overcome in 90 + sunshine . If motorhome manufactuers would vent the units to the outside instead of inside the coach it would solve a lot of the problem


Have a GE Advantium 120 and it is fantastic. Be careful some manufacturers have door latches that are not suitable for RV use. The door will fly open unexpectedly and cause damage to the microwave and any item inside the microwave. IE glass plate.

Barbara J Pattison

Not all convection/microwave ovens are created equal. I currently have a Sharp in my Winnebago Journey motorhome and it does a very nice job. I had a different make/model in a Newmar Canyon Star, and it was a piece of junk. A small tray of cookies would be burned on one side of the tray and raw on the other side. Newmar did replace it for me with a different manufacturer model. The only small issue I currently have with the convection / microwave combo is that when I use the convection oven to roast meat, I have to wait until the oven cools before I can microwave the steamable veggies. I usually just stick them in a pan and steam them stove top.

Colin Grant

I have been using convection/microwaves for 30 years and some are really good but it seems most of the smaller ones leave a lot to be desired. My first was a Sharp 1-1/2 to 2 cubic feet it lasted 25 years and the current one is similar in size Panasonic for the last 5 years and both have performed flawlessly. The amount of heat they generate in a small space seems to be a problem for the small sized ones plus they don`t have all the controls of the bigger models. The selection of small sized ones is poor and I have been looking for several years to purchase one for my RV. When you roast with combination cooking (microwave/convection) it is very quick with better results than a regular oven. I plan on putting a circulation fan on the cabinet to keep it cooler if I ever find the right one.

George Newsome

We also have a convection/microwave and drawers where the oven used to be. Works great for us.

To further reduce unwanted heat inside the coach, we cook on an 3 ring induction cook top.


We use a Panasonic Infrared Counter-top stove ($120). Heats up immediately, toasts evenly, cooks/heats great, takes little space. Typical toaster ovens always gave us less than stellar results. Don’t like using microwaves for health reasons. Our large convection works ok, but is better used for pan storage.

Carol Lennon

Our first 40 ft, motorhome, I had a micro/conv. We decided to have more storage, since we were full time. I absolutely hated, not having a oven. I cook, a lot and the conv. oven did not meet my standards for proper baking. We have since owned 2 other trailers, and I made sure I had the large oven. Works great. When it’s really hot, I use my Ninja Foodi.


I have a 2000 MH – the convection part of the microwave does not work well. Before someone says -‘you don’t know how to use them’, I used them in restaurants for years and love them. When we bought our MH the first thing I did was remove the stove top and have an oven/stove top put in. Was fine losing the 2 drawers as the oven is more important. I bake in it probably 2-3 times a week. If it is hot out I either delay baking or turn the fan on to suck the hot air outside. Having the oven on only changes the inside temp a few degrees. When I would use my convection oven it put out as much or more heat – which I have not tried using in over 10 years.

so for me – the oven is important. Plus, inside of it is bigger than the convection oven.

Coralie M

We have had our 2004 Dutch Star for 4 years, and I only use the oven for storage. I got an air fryer oven for Christmas and it will be going with us next summer. It browns and reheats much better than the convection microwave!


When ordering our 2011 Cameo 32FWS we chose a combination microwave/convection oven and had a cabinet put in place of the gas oven. I do a lot of cooking and I never missed it. Our current rig has both and I have used the gas oven only once. One caution is to make sure the microwave/convection oven in your rig is large enough to be functional.