Is it okay to play Taps in the evening at an RV park?


An RVer named Darrin has posted in at least two Facebook groups about his patriotic playing of Taps each evening in an RV park. He uses his outside speakers to amplify the bugle call while he lowers the large American flag he flies over his RV. He asked the question, “Is that rude or is that acceptable to most?”

More than 2,000 people commented on one of his posts – some saying it was perfectly fine, and in fact it was a wonderful way for him to show his appreciation of our country and the military. Others replied that while they, too, loved our country, it was not an appropriate place to play the traditional military call.

HEAR TAPS. Click the play button.

What do you think? Please answer the poll below, and feel free to leave a comment.

And, by the way, according to Wikipedia, one version of the origin of the word “taps” comes from the Dutch taptoe, meaning “close the (beer) taps (and send the troops back to camp).”

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I camped last March for a week on the North Platte River on the edge of Guernsey, WY. Between the river and town there is a sizable Army National Guard Training Center and Camp Guernsey Army Airfield. Every morning they play revelry and in the evening they played taps over a loud speaker(s) system . The first evening I was thrilled to hear the bugle. It played every morning and evening for a week with the exception of Sunday; have to tell you I missed not hearing it. It gave me goosebumps and an overwhelming sense of pride to be an American. It was a very small campground and nobody complained about it.

I wouldn’t have a problem with Darrin if I was camped beside him but possibly he shouldn’t use his outside speakers out of respect for others for a variety for reasons.


Taps isn’t played to lower the flag in the evening. Retreat is . taps is played for lights out.


I am retired military. Playing amplified taps every night is obnoxious behavior.

Do NOT amplify it, and save it for special occasions.

< FISH <

I being a Combat Disabled Veteran I consider myself being very patriotic at all ends and believe in ” Merica Fist” and i totally resolve to ” for God and country” state of mind. When I hear taps it brings back some thoughts of what I have seen and what happened to so many of our son’s, daughters friends and families. Sometimes I just cannot handle it as what I remember and feel I have been trying to put to rest attempting to rest my mind from the horrors. I will never tell anyone not to play taps but I might ask if he could do it a bit quieter and might state why. If I had a problem I’d inquire at the office and if they said it was ok I’d have to let it ride or leave that area and relocate to another area. That is just my take and I do hope it has not offended anyone. “All gave some but some gave all” God bless our fallen heroes as they earned that title by giving it all to our country. Please never forget an American Vet! < FISH <

Rory R

Not everyone is on the same wave length. It may be patriotic for some and annoying or nerve wracking for others.

Mike & Cathi Stark

That was actually a “yes, but. . .). I don’t think it should be so loud it is heard three or more sites away. Keep it down as you take it down.

JR Thornton

Not everyone is on the tap player’s schedule. They aren’t standing around a flagpole at attention. Very presumptive to think everyone will enjoy the well meaning gesture.


Playing music on your outside RV speakers is ok before quiet time hours. However if he’s playing a trumpet, or cranking up his outside speakers, he’s encroaching on neighbors regardless of what he’s playing.

Mark B

If the “taps” is as well played as above, it would be a treat.

Considering all the assaults people make on my eyes, nose, ears and sensibilities, sometimes for hours and hours on end, a taps of less than a minute is no worse than one mosquito.

It would be an extra special treat if all campers took the queue to bring their voices down to a whisper level (and for those who just can’t whisper – well, shut the heck up), turn off their music and respect the quiet of the night after taps.


Retired AF officer, 31 years. I agree that the SGM said it very well. RV park simply is not the place for this on a daily basis. Rude & inconsiderate of other’s schedules.


I agree with the SGM an others. While patriotism is good, imposing on others is rude.

Phil & Peggy

The Shady Creek RV Park in Cedaredge, CO plays taps every evening over a loud speaker that can be heard throughout town and the whole town loves it — people stop what they’re doing and stand with hand over heart in memory and salute. It’s a truly beautiful moment every evening.


Playing Taps would be fine by us so long as it is not in amplified, just as all music and TV and load gathering should be.


I’d rather have Taps than the loud Hip Hop crap and “F” this and “F” that we put up with at our last stay at Lost Dutchman a month ago.

Mark C Schaffler

I just love it. Most AF bases play the National Athem at morning flag raising and then again at the end of the duty day at flag lowering, then Taps around 2200…..I love being caught outside and come to attention and salute!! I am honored and proud to have served and have no problem at all paying attention to the National Athem or listening to tap. ( Now, some of military campgrounds play reveille, and that can come a little early!)

BTW I fly the US flag at my campsite every time I stop for the night(weather permitting)….guess that would bother some other campers too. Sad.

Gary Suckow

Being an Army Veteran (28+ years) I have heard Taps many times, some at 2200hrs and 2400hrs. Myself I don’t mind at all Taps, cause I do know the meaning but for the campers that are beside where taps are played could be another thing. When you say “amplified”, that could be an issue. If it’s just for his listening then ok but not to push on others. Next thing one could here are what others think is traditional music.
Can you see where I’m going with this? I could play Retreat every evening at 1700hrs, I’m sure some would draw attention to that.
In closing, if it was a Veteran rally at a camp group or a Scouting function then all would be good. But to force ones agenda on everyone there would mean they could do the same with their music and then you know what would happen.

Army Sergeant Major Retired
God Bless America


Perhaps because I am a veteran I love the sound of taps, another name is RECALL or nightly RECALL. On a military base recall with the lowering of the flag marks the end of the work day.


The civil liberties and freedom i enjoy living in this country are due to the men and women that protect our nation. without a doubt, i am ok with hearing taps every day!!!


Retreat is played at about 4:30 PM Or dusk at flag lowering and TAPS around 9:30 PM to signal the start of quiet hours and Is also played at Military funerals and wreath ceremonies as a sign of remembrance. He has every right to play why he wants but not everyone wants to hear it! Playing TAPS may bring back sad memories for some. Personally I love the sound of TAPS it gives me a sense that I made through another day.

Phil Atterbery

As the running result shows, yes, it’s okay to play Taps as he lowers his flag. As long as it isn’t played at “11”. If I was next door to him I would probably join him. In my 24 years of active duty service I never once ditched Taps.