RV salesman spills the beans on Camping World’s sales tactics


If you think Camping World is just another RV dealer, one where you can get a great deal, then think again. While you may get a good price, it may be far from a good deal for you after all is said and done.

Here, in part one of a two-part series on the RV Show USA, an ex-salesman reveals the tactics salesmen use to get as deeply into your pocketbook as possible.

Watch part one of the two-part series: We’ll have part two next week.

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Susan hall



I have owned 3 travel trailers. All bought used. I had a full timer friend that helped me buy the first. A no brainer, Argosy by Airstream for $2500. Yes it had issues but nothing that stopped it from getting down the road. A great start for me. Had 2 Holiday Ramblers. Both bought from private parties. Looked up book on kelleys, offered lower to give wiggle room for unseen problems. No regrets. I’ll mention that I tried many dealers and they were snake oil salesmen. One wanted way over book. When I called him on it he said those… Read more »

Dry Creek

I blame the public indoctrination centers, errr, Public School System. In the “Olden Days”, we were taught how banking works. How many Millennials can’t even write a check nowadays, much less balance a checkbook? We were taught how compounded interest could triple the cost of an item, and were forced to create amortization sheets. We learned about consumer credit and how it *could* be a useful tool for travel and emergencies. Revolving credit has its place, and its pitfalls. We were even taught how to research our purchases. Remember the Pace Guides to car prices? It seems to me that… Read more »


We sold our retail business 10 years ago. We were third generation. When I read any posts to articles like this come even close to saying anything but the fact that these businesses should be prohibited I get angry. The fact other businesses operate this way should prove that there needs to be more regulation, not an excuse for these practices to continue.

Mellow Man

Wow! I tell of a true account dealing with Camping World and this sites comment algorithms decide that my true story is spam. Shows the true value of this site.

RV Staff

Hi, Mellow Man. “Wow!” is right. Are you the one interviewed on The RV Show USA? We posted it as a “true story.” If we thought it was “spam” or “fake” we wouldn’t have posted it. And you make the statement that “This sites [sic] comment algorithms decide that my true story is spam. Shows the true value of this site.” Say what?! Some of our readers (minority) didn’t agree with what you said, but the vast majority did. Your reaction (unless I’m interpreting it incorrectly) sounds bassackwards to me. —Diane at RVtravel.com


My daughter went to camping world to buy a certain camper. The salesman talked her into buying a bigger camper. He told her that her vehicle could pull it. It turned out the camper was 500 pounds over of what she could tow and that was with not a thing loaded. She ended up having to buy a bigger vehicle to tow her camper

Ron Lane

Not to condone the CW salesman, but the old sayings: “Buyer Beware” and “Ignorance is No Excuse”….. kinda falls into play here. Anyone whose contemplating a purchase of this magnitude sure needs to do some pre purchasing research first.


Also not sticking up for camping world but a buyer should know the weight a tow vehicle can tow and KNOW that it includes whatever is on /in the towing vehicle including people and the weight of towed vehicle and everything in it (luggage, food, water in tanks, everything!) Do some homework! It reminds me of the boaters that go out because they could get financing and have no idea of how to operate safely.

John T

I’ve started receiving unsolicited, spam email from Camping World. I’ve unsubscribed multiple times, but it still keeps coming. How they got my email address, I don’t know. I’ve never been in a Camping World or Gander, and I’ve never had anything to do with Good Sam. I bought my RV 2 years ago, and prior to the purchase, I gave my email address to only 2 dealers, both of whom were, and still are, family-owned businesses. I can only think that CW got my email address from a campground that gives a Good Sam discount. This is a disgraceful way… Read more »


People do need to be aware that these same procedures are the approach taken by Sales at most Car and Truck dealers as well. One has to understand the implications of sales all the time when buying anything big ticket anywhere. .. IT is a fact of business that Dealers (cars, boats, rv’s, etc) all have the same issue. Low profits on New vehicles. Profit in financing, and used vehicles. It does not excuse abusing the customer.. but the motivation is profit and it is not unique to the RV industry.. Finding a less selfish approach to sales for anything… Read more »

dennis kogler

didn’t watch the video, don’t have time, i have delivered rv’s all over the usa, last 2 times i bought one, i had one hell of a time finding a trustworthy, reliable dealer, living in california at the time, caught dealers in california, utah, lying to me, altering msrp invoices, etc. I finally got pissed and called Grand Design back in 2016, and told them about what i had experienced, they pointed me to a dealer in Idaho, because i refused to work with the dealers that had lied to me, have bought two rv’s from them since then. mine… Read more »

Patrick Granahan

The finance flim-flam…smoke & mirror scam used by Camping World is no different than the game played by most car dealers. This industry attracts the worst of characters. The last job on my bucket-list was to sell cars treating customers with honesty and respect. I warned them about The financing and scams awaiting them in the “F&I office “ after the “deal was set with me. Their guard was down….after all, all they had to do was show proof of insurance and arrange the financing….the F&I guy took his toll and cost them plenty. The fault is not with the… Read more »

Eric T.

This guy is an idiot. What a load of nothing. Shouldn’t Mr. Cheyenne Camping Center actually be working instead of having this fake radio station. It’s a simple story kids… You’re an adult, this is a major purchase and if you don’t know what you’re buying lets call it —“caveat emptor”. I’m with the people who spoke up last week: This program needs to find a new towel to cry about ENOUGH of the CW story.

Sharon B

I bought my Dometic A/C, had it installed and bought the extended insurance policy. One day it did not work. I called Camping World and they told me that I had only 1 more week left on my warranty policy. I brought it in and it was fixed at no cost as was expected. I have no experience buying an RV there other than browsing through the store. Like anything else I would prefer to pay cash…when I have the funds. But if I was considering to buy an RV that was out of my cash financial range I would… Read more »


This interview showed nothing. Mr. X said nothing of substance, it was generic and non specific, and Mr. X was ultimately fired! He stammered and stuttered his way through explanations that he should have been able to relate clearly IF he was familiar with them personally as he claimed he was. Sad, because we have all heard horror stories about camping world and other dealers that are unscrupulous but Mr.X did nothing, in my opinion, to shed any new light on this situation. I respect the RV Show and the RV travel newsletter but please make sure that you do… Read more »

John Sargent

Clearly dealers sell the longest time financed, possible – to get the monthly payment down -sometimes out 12 years, thus the interest paid, whether to the finance company or to the dealer is humongous, while creating an ongoing upside down condition for the buyer. The buyer owes it to themselves -their responsibility – to be aware of the interest rate, the amount of interest to be paid, and the depreciation schedule for the rv they are purchasing.


I feel sorry for any elderly person or persons who were taken advantage of by such tactics. But lets be serious, if u and ur spouse would actually sign anything without seeing actual terms or numbers or actually seeing the rv that ur purchasing…. thats on u. Not so sure this Mr X is even who he says he is. My wife and i, whether its a car or an rv, demand to see all the numbers, all the figures down to the dollar, before we sign anything. We ve negotiated to the point that the salesman gets visibly upset.… Read more »


I watched this video the night it was posted.

IF THE WORD could get out to simply NEVER BUY AN RV from Camping World, it would be a huge step in the right direction!

The only time I go into a Camping World (And that is Extremely Rare) is when I have to have something quickly and can’t wait for Amazon to ship it too me! Other than that, I avoid CW like the GREAT PLAGUE!

I wish that message could be advertised LOUD AND STRONG TO THE RVing Community! “STAY AWAY FROM CAMPING WORLD”!

Pete Almasi

I have tried to give CW a chance , but it seems every time we go it’s worse than the time before.
The latest trip was so unbelievable that I won’t even bother to reveal it because people would call me an out and out liar.
But it was so bad my wife forbade me from ever returning now even for emergencies.
What I don’t understand is how they find people willing to do these things and not have a conscience about it ?