It’s in the bag: One with a few basic tools can handle most simple fix-it jobs


    By Bob Difley

    You can make life a bit easier by keeping some standard fix-it tools in a canvas bag which you keep in a handy and easily accessible location inside your rig.

    When you need to do a simple repair or task it is easier to grab the bag than have to find the individual tools among many others in your outside tool compartment.

    Include in the bag:

    •  screwdriver with two sizes of interchangeable Phillips and slot heads,
    •  wrench set with both standard and millimeter sizes,
    •  adjustable wrench,
    •  compact flashlight,
    •  duct tape,
    •  Allen wrench set,
    •  rag,
    •  WD40,
    •  knife,
    •  sandpaper or file,
    •  small scissors, and
    •  disposable latex gloves.

    With this small set of tools — and some others you find useful — you can perform the majority of small jobs without it becoming a major production.

    Got the tools, but no bag? Make a quick trip down to your nearby Harbor Freight Tools — they have a variety of tool bags you can pick up inexpensively. Missing some of these tools? The same outfit can set you up with nearly everything on the list. (Editor: There are lots of tool organizer tote bags around $20 on Amazon.)

    You can find Bob Difley’s RVing e-books on Amazon Kindle.

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