Monday, September 26, 2022


No need for human writers, says Johnny Robot

The words highlighted below in boldface were written by a human. Everything else was written by artificial intelligence using an inexpensive service we named Johnny Robot.

Why humans are no longer needed to write articles about RVing

By Johnny Robot
This is because artificial intelligence [AI] can do it just as well – if not better. This means that people are losing their jobs to machines, which may be seen as a positive or negative development, depending on your point of view.

Copyright 2022 by R.L. Crabb

RVers can find out about the best RV parks in their area, as well as tips for RV maintenance and repairs, all courtesy of AI-written articles. Want to know the best trailer for your needs? There’s an article for that, too – and it was likely written by a machine.

So, the next time you’re reading an article about RVing or camping, remember that there’s a good chance it was written by a machine – not a human.’s articles are written by real people, all RVers. But other RV websites are using AI to generate their content. You might not even be able to tell the difference.

So how can you tell?
Check out the byline. If there is no byline, that’s a pretty good indicator that AI was used. Also, look for articles that are short and to the point. Machines can write decent articles, but they’re not yet able to replicate the creativity and style of a real human writer.

Are articles written by artificial intelligence correct?
They can be, but they’re not always. That’s why it’s important to do your own research before RVing or camping – don’t just rely on what you read online. After all, even articles are written by real people and may contain occasional errors. [Oh, that hurts, Johnny! —CW]

So, the next time you’re reading an article about RVing or camping, remember that there’s a good chance it was written by a machine – not a human. But don’t worry, as long as you do your own research*, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a machine-written article and one written by a real RV expert.

*NOTE FROM EDITOR: If Johnny were real, we’d ask him how we are supposed to know if the source of our “own research” is from humans or robots like him.



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1 month ago

I try to always do my own research even when it comes to the news. Finding verification or getting more than one opinion is important for most matters.

1 month ago

Does anyone else detest the phrase “do your own research”?

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