Thursday, December 8, 2022


How many RVs have you owned in your lifetime?


It’s often reported that the average RVer will buy four RVs in his or her lifetime. After conducting this same poll question a few times through the years, we find that to be about right.

We last asked this question almost exactly one year ago, on August 11, 2021.

What we’re curious about now is whether the number of readers who have only owned one RV has increased. About 600,000 people purchased RVs last year, many (if not most) of them first-timers. We wonder how many of those newbies have found their way to the website and, more specifically, to this newsletter.

So let’s see how things have changed in the last 52 weeks. After you answer this poll, click through to last year’s poll and compare the results.

Finally, as we always advise, if you are on a slow internet connection, the poll may take a few moments to load. So stand by. It’s be along soon, that slowpoke!

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3 months ago

This is our first RV 15′ tear drop equivalent to 5 rooms my wife and I have been on the road for 5 months of a 3 yr trip we’re loving it just came out of 3 months in Alaska rest of US to do probably won’t go home again for any length of time

3 months ago

pop up for 17 yrs with the family until the mice got it…now a Flagstaff FBRS21 for my wife and I with the dog…no kids

3 months ago

I started camping on the road in my Nash Rambler station wagon back in 1959.
Put a mattress in the back, pack up the groceries and hit the road. Life was so simple then…at 18.

3 months ago

Started in ’79 in my VW camper pop top-18,000 miles in 3 months at 22 years old! Next a Sportsmobile some years later, to 24′ class C to 24′-5th wheel pulled be a Toyota Tacoma to a 32′ Class C to a 30′ fifth Wheel to a Class A DP to our current 2011 Leisure Travel Van that fits in the driveway! Like I said before ALL viewed as “my glorified tent” with bed made, fridge and my toilet!! Happy camper!

Neal Davis
3 months ago

We got #1 at the end of July 2016. We downsized from 43′ to 36′ after numerous trips, including 4-months to Alaska and back, and 48,000 miles. We got #2 33 days and 5,000 miles ago. We expected to trade #1 at some point, but didn’t have a set plan for the timimg. We anticipate keeping and using #2 until we stop traveling via RV.

Dale Hammons
3 months ago

what do I count? 2 class As, 2 tent campers, 3-4 tents, 1977 GMC van. slept in all of them, cooked in most of them.

Roy Davis
3 months ago

I have actually owned more than one at the same time. We bought a smaller trailer for quick trips, then got a class B for tailgating and parents’ weekends all while owning of big trailer. We also owned several tents throughout the years, but I have been camping/RVing for over 60 years.

3 months ago

1- Timeout Tent trailer for a GoldWing motorcycle, for 8 years
2- Lees-ure Lite tent trailer for a newer Goldwing motorcycle, for 9 years
3- Cargo trailer with tent for our GoldWing motorcycle in Europe, for 3 years
4- 1985 Toyota poptop camper, for 5 months of touring in Australia
5- Newmar Bay Star 35′ motorhome (now full-timing it now), for 4 years
This doesn’t count all the years of tent camping in between these times, 43 years minus what’s above

Sally Harnish
3 months ago

First was 1974 Viking tent trailer, 2, 1976 Prowler 21′ TT, 3, 1988 Terry 29′ TT, 4, 2004 39′ Alfa 5th wheel which is now setup on our RV lot in Yuma, AZ. Then in January 2021, we bought a 2005 30′ 5th wheel to travel with during the summers. The first four were bought new.

3 months ago

The one I have now is my first and probably last. I plan on using it as long and as much as I can. So far, I have enjoyed every minute I’ve had it.

3 months ago
Reply to  TScott

This is my answer also. First, last, only.

Jeff Craig
3 months ago

Still on our first, a now 15 year old 35ft Class A, Georgetown Class A. When I decide to retire (a third time), we plan on getting a new diesel pusher (but I also think about a toy hauling 5’er) to F/T around in.

3 months ago

4. One slide-in, one 12 foot TT, one 18 foot TY and on 28 foot 5er. That’s enough though some days I wish shorter but not paying the price.

Skip Floraday
3 months ago

1974 Dodge Surveyor van conversion
2002 Chinook Concourse
2017 Sunstar 27N

3 months ago

1- 1985 25′ Winnebago Chieftain (1986-2000)
2- 2000 35′ Itasca Suncruiser, 2-slides (2000-2014)
3- 2015 39′ Itasca Suncruiser, 3-slides (2014-present)

we’ll be selling our MH this year as health issues are forcing us off the road. it’s been a grrrrrreat run.

Last edited 3 months ago by rich
Bob Weinfurt
3 months ago

Had a Smokey TT in the late 70s. Bought an old MH in 2016. It’s still going, better than I am most days.

3 months ago

2 boats and now a motorhome. So three total.

Dick Hime
3 months ago
Reply to  Gary

If we’re counting boats, too, then my answer goes from 4 to 6. If you count airplanes, motorcycles, and ATV’s, then it goes to 16.

3 months ago
Reply to  Dick Hime

I agree with Dick if we’re counting all then 14 with boats and motorcycles.

Ron T.
3 months ago

Two motorhomes, but before them and when I was single, it was my ’74 Vega hatchback followed by a FWD Chevy Luv pickup with an over the cab topper.

3 months ago

Forgot to add the truck camper but the change vote link isn’t there. So it’s 5, not 4.

3 months ago

2 self-converted horse trailers; 30′ Jayco and 26′ Toy Box for hunting; 40′ DP for full timing. Didn’t count the 2 tents.

3 months ago

My first rv was a hightop Ford van that I converted to a camper. Queen bed with bin storage underneath. 12volt deep cycle battery cabled to 12v charge while driving. Small invertor/convertor to operate lights, microwave, mini fridge when dry camping. Tower ac unit when shore power available. Traveled all over the country and into Canada with this rig (when we were much younger). Eventually moved up to 2 5vers, 2 class A’s, and then another high top extended van that I also converted. And now our third motor home! The vans were great for primitive camping areas and I still have the 2nd one for that purpose. But now as very senior citizens I definitely prefer all the comforts of a nice Class A which we are currently traveling with. The van has the advantage of going anywhere including rough dirt roads to nowhere. But dam, a Class A with all the bells and whistles is much better suited for my creaky old back and knees! Owning and operating costs have sure gone up over the years.