Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Keep waste where it belongs with Sewer Saddle Bags


By Bob Difley

Sewer Saddle Bag

If you’ve been RVing for more than a fortnight, many of the chores connected with RVing have become automatic and second nature. But to newbies, and many spouses, some of these chores might not be so automatic or simply part of the routine. If you guessed dumping the waste tanks is what I am alluding to you would be right. It’s not second nature (more like “yucky”) if you are the person that hooks up the dump hose.

The Sewer Saddle Bag has come to the rescue for those who fear reliving that scene from the Robin Williams’ film “RV,” where the unmentionable spills out … well, that’s enough description. The Sewer Saddle Bag is a saddle bag-shaped weight that lays over the dump hose where it fits into the dump station or campsite drain, preventing it from popping out at an inconvenient moment (would there be a time for it to pop out that was NOT an inconvenient moment?).

The weight of the saddle bags keep the hose firmly fit to the drain. No more spills. Newbie happy. Spouse happy. Camping trip successful.

To learn more or buy visit the Sewer Saddle Bag website.

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