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Eau Good Duo: Water bottle + Filter + Fruit Infuser


By Bob Difley

Eau Good Duo water bottle

Anybody who lives an active RV lifestyle today knows the importance of staying hydrated. The most popular way of staying hydrated is by carrying a water bottle so the bottle is always present and hydrating is easy.

Now Black + Blum is trying to ratchet up the ubiquitous water bottle a notch or two with their Eau Good Duo, BPA-free bottle made from premium quality polypropylene and silicone Tritan™, a brand of co-polyester made in the USA by Eastman. It is durable, taste-neutral, lightweight, and will not leach nasty chemicals into the water.

Typical of Black + Blum products, the bottle has a unique and stylish design. The Duo in the name comes from its dual use, as a fruit infuser water bottle and as a filter. An activated stick of Japanese Binchotan charcoal in the bottle softens the water, adds good minerals such as calcium, removes contaminants, balances PH, and absorbs unwanted tastes and odors – such as chlorine.

To use as an infuser, remove the filter stick and fill with your favorite fruits and herbs, add water, let stand overnight for maximum infusion, and enjoy the clean, fresh-tasting water.

The cap has a pop-up to enable drinking or if you prefer, remove the top and drink directly from the bottle (they placed the threads on the inside so it feels like drinking from a glass or cup). I also found the silicone strap and ergonomic shape of the bottle made it easy to carry and use.

I took the bottle with me and used it for a week on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands while hiking, snorkeling and sightseeing and found the water refreshing with no chemical aftertaste. However, I did have a problem with the pop-up top in the lid. I found it difficult and often impossible to pull it up to drink. It was not only tight (it did not leak) but had too little room to get my finger under its lip to pull it up. I emailed the designers and explained my problem and this was the reply I received: “This is a pre-production sample as they hope to launch in full early next year after Kickstarter. The spout will be fixed.”

Product Features

  • Filter or infuse water
  • Each filter lasts for 6 months
  • Fast-flow leakproof spout
  • Ergonomic design that’s easy to hold with the dual silicone strap
  • Soft-touch finger loop for casual carrying 
  • Fits into most cup holders and bike bottle holders

To learn more visit the Eau Good Duo YouTube video

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