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Keep your starter battery charged this winter with Battery Tender

This is the time of year when RVers are either storing their rig for the winter or thinking about the warm sunny campgrounds and boondocking locations in Southern Arizona or along the Texas Gulf Coast. Whatever you do, if you plan on parking your rig for a month or more, you might want to consider a battery tender to keep your starter battery fully charged.

You can harness the power of the sun with this Battery Tender 10-Watt Solar Panel Charger and Maintainer with built-in 3-step automatic microprocessor controller. It’s 100% portable and ideal for battery charging and maintenance, and for storage space without power access. Battery Tender solar panels are the only panels available with a built-in charge controller to prevent overcharging.

10-Watt Solar Maintainer for your vehicle’s batteries – Charge your battery with the sun
This battery maintainer is completely portable and maintenance. Perfect for storage space without power access! It isn’t always possible to store a vehicle close to a power outlet. Boats and RVs are most susceptible to a dead battery because power is not always easily accessible. With a Solar Tender, that isn’t a problem. It will charge your battery anywhere the sun shines.

  • 12V Nominal Voltage 540 mAmps
  • Sparkproof
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Includes: Alligator Clips and mounting hardware

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a charge controller?
Deltran Battery Tender is one of the few manufacturers that mount a controller onto the solar panel frame. This is for safety purposes. The controller converts the direct solar energy into a “smart” charge and maintenance device. The microprocessor controlled program limits the voltage to avoid over-charging and then maintains the battery at a proper voltage level for extended battery life.

Will the Battery Tender Solar charger operate in extreme weather conditions?
The Battery Tender Solar chargers are waterproof in design. The controller is epoxy filled and is protected against all weather conditions. The solar glass panel will continue to operate in temperatures that range from 120 degrees down to 20 below zero Fahrenheit.

How long does it take for the solar panel to activate?
All Battery Tender Solar chargers activate immediately upon exposure to sunlight. Direct sunlight during peak sun hours will maximize efficiency. However, the solar panels will still operate in less than full sun.

You can find the Battery Tender on Amazon.com.

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4 years ago

How is a small single solar panel going to keep my batteries charged when the 4 panels on top of my Newmar King Aire cannot keep them charged?

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