Keystone debuts dual bunk trailer, sleeps 14!


Based on press release (with a little commentary on our part)

Keystone debuts dual bunk trailer, sleeps 14!Bigger is better, and “more” is better in the RV world (at least that’s what RV manufacturers think) so here’s a new development to report. Keystone RV has debuted a private quad bunkhouse in its new Passport 3400QD. The wide bunks in the Passport 3400QD can each fit two children.

Total sleeping capacity is 14! So now you can pack in four kids, 10 adults, and then duke it out over who gets to use the lone bathroom.

“We’ve seen two important trends that this unit addresses,” said Ryan Shuff, Passport product manager. “The first is that people are waiting to get married and have kids. This includes campers. Second, we see a lot of interest in groups of friends going on camping, fishing and hunting trips. The 3400QD is one RV that can accommodate everyone. No one gets left behind.” Although it might be tricky hauling 14 people in an SUV!

The 3400QD can be towed by a full-sized SUV or half-ton pickup and features a walk-in pantry behind the entertainment center and a double wardrobe in the bunkhouse.

Keystone debuts dual bunk trailer, sleeps 14!

Outside the bathroom sits a large linen pantry. The rear cargo door provides room for oversized camping items such as bikes, firewood and large totes.

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just think if they marketed houses this way: 3 BR townhouse. Sleeps 200.

Patricia Ruth

Please delete both Great Woman and Dennis Senecaut. No need to see that stuff here.

Captn John

I agree ~~ a minimum of 2 full and 1 half bath would still be crowded.