Monday, November 28, 2022


Keystone recalls 5,236 trailers: Electric brakes may fail

Keystone RV is recalling 5,236 model year 2016-2019 Keystone Impact and Fuzion travel trailers. The wiring for the electric brakes may contact the tires or wheels, causing damage to the wires, potentially reducing the trailer’s braking ability.

A loss of braking ability can increase the risk of a crash.

Keystone will notify owners, and dealers will inspect the wiring for damage, making repairs as necessary, install wiring protection and re-route the wiring, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin November 19, 2018. Owners may contact Keystone customer service at 1-866-425-4369. Keystone’s number for this recall is 18-330.


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Mike Sokol(@mike)
4 years ago

Since I’m a road-dog who has driven trailers full of sound gear all around the country (sometimes up to 50,000 miles a year), I’m careful to do a daily walk-around of whatever trailer I’m towing, and check to be sure all lights are working. It’s pretty easy to make sure the running lights and turn signals are working, but sometimes you need a helper to stand on the brake pedal if you have independent brake and turn signal circuits as most modern vehicles do.

I also do a trailer brake test anytime I’m pulling a new trailer by going to a big parking lot and adjusting the brake controller while watching the trailer brakes in the mirror. I try for an adjustment that will allow me to just lock the trailer brakes if I stomp the vehicle brake pedal to the floor. I’ve only needed to do a few all-out emergency stops with a trailer in the last 30 years, but I was really glad that my trailer brakes were adjusted properly, and the trailer brake lights were working. Towing ANY trailer is serious business…

Norman Knutson
4 years ago

I had an open wire issue that affected all my brake lights, tail lights and turning signals. This was on my brand new 2016 Cougar 5th wheel that happened a few months after I bought it. It was intermittent and it took 2 repair trips to the dealer to fix it. This is a very dangerous issue not having brake lights or turning signals and not even realize it. I just happened to always drive with my truck and trailer lights on when I noticed my trailer lights were off. This is one of several sloppy issues of their work in my trailer. I agree with the previous person the assembly process is very sloppy.

Nelson Mosley
4 years ago

Keystones should look deeper as my wiring on my 2018 Keystones Cougar 28 RLS was about the most sloppy work I have personally seen. The wires were bare with enough slop to allow them to get between the leaf springs where they were being crushed and the coating on the wires were already being stripped off of the wiring. Mind you this was the case on 3 of the 4 brakes. Everything coming out of Elkhart Ind. Is nothing but junk built by people who simply don’t give a damm. When will we start getting imported RV’s trailers in that are not made like junk? Worked great for the autos from Japan to show American customers the junk coming out of Detroit in the 70’s wasn’t worth buying.

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