Saturday, November 27, 2021


Try this! Labeling your supplies will save you lots of time

By Nanci Dixon
We store a lot of our cleaning supplies, spray lubricants, fluids, etc., in a large plastic container in one of the storage bays of our motorhome. Before, every time I wanted to get one of these products I was lifting each bottle or can out of the bin to read the label. It was frustrating and time-consuming!

storage bin with assorted cans, bottles

One day I had the idea to label the tops with a marker, or if the tops were too dark for a marker, a piece of tape. Now, I spend hardly any time at all hunting for the product I need!

Close up container with labels

I also labeled what they are for on the sides of the can – somehow I can never quite remember which RV part that T-9 can is for versus T-3.



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11 months ago

How about using less of the toxic chemicals and use a few basic cleaning formulas? Then you don’t need so many spray bottles and containers.

11 months ago

I label every single one of the typical wall warts as soon as I purchase anything that has a wall power supply. After going a little crazy trying to remember what plug goes with what item, it is much easier now.
I do use a label maker for a neat legible print.

Jeff Arthur
11 months ago

My wife’s favorite pastime seems to be putting products in spray bottles & not labeling them ; (
I keep telling her OHSA is going to come in here & fine us ; )

my tip is buying spray bottles ( empty) buy good ones . Some are rated for certain things. My current favorite are Zep professional bottles. They always work and can spray up to 30’ .Totally Adjustable spray pattern .

11 months ago

Just wondering how you prevent everything from freezing if stored in your bays.

Eileen Brown
11 months ago

Nice – I do this with canned goods, too. If the tops are too dark, I use a silver sharpie. 🙂

Ellen L
11 months ago
Reply to  Eileen Brown

I do that, too. Mine are stored in the big drawer under the dinette seats. Saves a lot of time.